Blizz, u gotta let us change regions!

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I want to be able to play people in different regions without changing my region or buying another copy. Every other game allows this and we not only get locked regions but only one account per game both these problems need to be addressed now. I wont be buying any more blizzard games or expansions. Not all of us played the beta and followed all the forums we knew all these problems. Being able to play across the world on THE INTERNET (novel concept) is a given for every other game I have ever purchased. Why would I be worried about this one, apparently I should have. Poor decision and I think the "fixes" of changing region and buying a new copy are not fixes but workarounds. These cost YOU the customer not the developer who is at fault.
With server restriction players can't organize world wide tournaments/matches
can't you change regions through cause mine was set as EU and it was telling me i had now SC2 license. once i changed to Americas USA, everything was good to go
No, you cannot change your region in your account. When you buy your game (any Blizzard game) you have a CD key; you use that CD key to activate your game in the account. You have no option there, only to type in your CD key (could be any game). Then you press enter and boom, Blizzard recognize the game and where the game was bought from and automatically set your region.

Now I can see in my account summary my games:
1. Starcraft 2 (with region North America)
2. World of Warcraft (with region Europe)

There is no way of changing the region. So because I was in US when I bought the game, I have no way of playing with my friends at home because they are on different server. And this takes away most of the fun.
has actually anyone gotten on the phone with them to get his account to be switched tothe wanted region ?? I've been trying to get them but the calls keep on dropping....
Use the following link to discuss Starcraft 2 and or B.Net 2.0 concerns.

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