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---[Natasha Kale]---

Natasha's eyebrows raised. She could hardly believe what she was hearing. Had the impossible just become possible? She wasn't ready to believe it yet.

"Wait... Are you saying you're attracted to me?" Her fingertips hit her chest for emphasis. You clearly haven't met Sarah yet.

She quickly realized it was a stupid thing to say and kept talking so that it wouldn't be the last thing in the air.

"I... Uuh... Well... You're the first person who's ever 'liked' me..." She admitted, her eyes looking around the floor for something to focus on as she stepped aside from his path.
I look at her a little surprised.
"Really? I find that a little hard- to believe. And yes that is what I am saying. It's fine if you don't like me. I know you don't really like telepaths."

I pause for a bit wondering if it would even work.

"Hell I'm not even sure will happen with either of us on Earth... The UPL would probably force me back into service, being a Ghost and all.."
OOC: I hope you don't feel gypped, LeKrog. Though she's a great character, it's going to be a tough romance, if you can even call it that. However, with skilled writing, it might be able to form an... Interesting relationship...

I won't force anything on Tasha and she's just... a butt-head... :P

---[Natasha Kale]---

Natalie scoffed. "Dan... I've only ever been attracted to one man." Her gaze was fixed on something in the distance.

"That was in high-school." She said, making eye contact. "I'll see to it that never happens again." She sighed then tension of the situation was getting to her.

"I just don't have those kinds of emotions anymore."

She scoffed again, "Besides, even if I felt that way, now? Really? Right now?" She asked, fingers pointing to the ground for emphasis on their present circumstance.
OOC: No I don't feel gypped I figured a complicated/interesting relationship would be what would happen.

"That's fine Natasha." I say as start to retreat both mentally and emotionally. "You're right, now of all times just wouldn't work. Hell it probably wouldn't have worked out anyway." I start walking down the hall not even bothering to look a Natasha.
See Dan you should have just kept all that in and it more than likely would have gone away like it always has.
---[Natasha Kale]---

Tasha hesitantly followed from a distance. She had opened a huge wedge between them. She shrugged inwardly and followed in silence.

Silence was comfortable for her. Though Dan might have thought it to be an awkward silence, Natasha actually didn't mind it one bit. It was a time for Natasha to appreciate the craftsmanship in the walls she built around her emotions, effectively subduing them to her mind's will.

And Dan's confession was no skin off her back. She didn't have to worry about saying something stupid to the wrong person at the wrong time. Dan's expression of his feelings and his obvious backpedaling after Natasha rejected him made her feel prideful, almost superior even.

And so, she enjoyed the silence.
I quietly keep walking foreward already having mostly repressed most of my emotions and what had just happened. It wasn't my first time being rejected though it was possibly the last, especially with the risk of this mission.

I could sense Natasha enjoying her moment of feeling superior and her revealing in the silence. I guess that was just who she was and probably the way she will be. Least she didn't hide who she was.
---[Natasha Kale]---

"So where are we going?" Tasha finally broke in, more chipper than she usually ever was. It seemed as though she had forgotten about all her troubles and worries from earlier on on the day. She had also temporarily forgotten Dan's telepathic capabilities.
"Well I'm trying to get a better read on people's minds to find the traitor. So far I'm not getting much." I say blandly as I walk on not really paying much attention to Natasha's words but start listening more to her mind. I personally thought that it was odd that she was happier now than earlier.
---[Natasha Kale]---

"So you're just walking around the ship, reading people's minds?" Natasha inquired with wrinkled eyebrows. What a job... It would be damn convenient though, to just be able to read someone's thoughts like a book. Wait... Damn*t, that means... Get the Fekk out of my head, that's an order!

She didn't know if Dan was really in her head, of course. But if he was listening in on her mind, he would know she was paying attention and didn't appreciate his talents being used on her.
"Yes that is what I am doing it's one of the few things that I can rely on. Besides if the traitor is using a psi-screen that makes them easier to isolate. So unless you have a different, better way of doing this I'll listen." I state rather bluntly and not really caring that she didn't want me using my talent one her. What was she going to do anyway? Threaten me or reject me again. Hell I've already died once and am pretty sure that she didn't even know for sure I was reading her mind.
---[Natasha Kale]---

Natasha raised her hands in surrender, "I've got nothing. I'll follow your lead. What do you want me to do, help you arrest someone you find suspicious?"
"Well that is only part of it. First we need to catch them then we detain them. After that is where I really fall back on some old skills I was taught."
I keep walking but a slower pace than usual. I had a feeling was close but couldn't be sure.
02/01/2014 11:47 PMPosted by SpacePirate
We're actually waiting on Zarkun, believe it or not. That's a first.

Actually, we're waiting on Morph. He's also part of Ember Squadron.
Sorry ... just ... been lazy ...

{Flare launching.} I say as I pull my wraith out of the hangar and form up with the rest of Ember squadron. I also prep my cloak and two Gemini Missiles just in case.
Nodding to myself once the whole squadron was up, I run over the holo of the ship that I'd been sent so we could take care of the unwanted hitchhiker. {Alright, your target should be somewhere near the aft end of the ship. Reports say it's...} I frown when I read what the scans had said and shake my head. {Reports say it's a Dominion Viking. Blow it up, return to the hangar. How copy?}
---[Natasha Kale]---

"... What skills are those?" Tasha carefully asked.

She hadn't thought of how twisted Dan probably was. He seemed like someone with his head screwed on straight, especially for a ghost. She hadn't considered some of the freaky things he knows how to do to someone.

---[Sasha Wood]---

"Copy that." Sasha replies, leading the way to the bogey. She intentionally blocked out Kevin's face from her mind. He was probably wringing his hands right now. He always was a bit of a control freak.
Ian watches the screen, his eyes flicking back and forth between the status of the fighter squadron and the status of the Viking. He is startled out of his concentration by a voice.

"Captain, we're being hailed. It's the Viking. It's voice only, sir."

He frowns. What is this? "Put him through." At Dale's nod, he addresses the pilot. "I am Captain Ian Aspen of United Earth Directorate Expeditionary Fleet Koprulu. Surrender to me at once, or face immediate termination."

{Ah, see. There's the problem.} The pilot speaks with a grating rasp, the sort brought on by a lifetime of inhaling unpleasant things such as drywall dust or cigarette smoke. {I was actually calling to discuss that with you. Well, not so much a surrender as an... arrangement. I'm sure you can understand my reluctance to just let your boys round me up. You being UED and all.}

"Do you think you are in a position to give me terms?"

{At first glance, eh. Probably not. Oh, but I will have to request that you call off the fighters you've inevitably dispatched. Negotiating and dodging at the same time is difficult to say the least.}
"Information extraction for one. Most the time my telepathy would work but then there are things like psi-screens and also people with capability of blocking out psionics. With those people we revert to some old fashion ways of getting info, well aside from those that use psi-screens as they tend to start suffering from mental damage after seven hours of use." I pause for a bit as I focus on someones mind only to yield that the traitor wasn't near.
"Anyway that is if the captain wants them alive and picked for intel. If he wants them to be gotten rid of then it will be the airlock for them." I say rather coldly.
---[Natasha Kale]---

"Gotcha." Natasha affirmed with a single nod. "Okay, where's our first stop? Oh, and should I armor up for this?" She asks, continuing to follow and taking note of where they are in the ship.

---[Sasha Wood]---

{Foxtrot 1 approaching bogey, requesting permission to fire at will.} Sasha radioed to the Flight Chief. Her thumb was already hovering the red button that was to release her missiles. She was ready. She wanted to be the one to blow the Dominion fighter into oblivion and be a hero back on the ship. Kevin would be wanting her to loop again and cloak. She was doing the exact opposite.

If she continued her course, she would be in range of the Dominion fighter in less than thirty seconds. Excitement began to bubble in Sasha. She suppressed it best she could and listened for the reply.
"I doubt the use of armor would be necessary but if you feel more comfortable in armor than do so."
I keep walking on listening to people's thoughts with probably all of them not knowing that I was.
"If by stop you mean our next area to patrol, then that would be the maintenance area."

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