The Long Voyage Home Continues

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I know, just... I doubt sometimes. Heck, sometimes I don't even read my own posts ;)
---[Sarah Wood]---

With each step Sarah took, she felt even more alone than before. The revelation of Sasha's survival didn't feel like Sarah thought it would. She hadn't counted on their relationship staying at a childish level. Why would their relationship fix itself? How silly to think that their problems in highschool would disappear as soon as they both graduated.

Time alone couldn't help them, that much was proven. It would take work. Forgiveness on both sides. It would take tough conversations, explanations, and grace. Though it would be tough, it would be worth it. Sarah wanted her sister back more than anything. And if she were honest, it would be harder for Sasha than for her.

A staggered deep breath of warm air blew through Sarah's nostrils before she opened the door to the medbay and looked around.

OOC: CR, mind giving Sarah something to do?

---[Natasha Kale]---

A peaceful sleep had almost overcome Tasha's conscience. After Sarah left their room, she was quick to hop in bed before her mind could set to thinking. A whole twenty minutes had passed before Dan's call came in.

Natasha's eyes shot wide and she jumped out of bed. What was the meaning of this? Was she in trouble? Was he asking her on a date?

{I'm sorry, sir, come again?} Maybe there was another Natasha and he meant to contact her? She'd be a lucky girl...

In any case, clarification was in order.
Is that possible?
Get comfortable while I warm up the neurotoxin emitters.
{I.. I was just wondering if you would join me for coffee.}
I say again.
{But if it isn't a good time then I understand.} I say quickly.
I wanted her to say yes. I was hoping she would say yes.
I stop searching the brig and let off a groan. We hadn't even been on the ship for long and I wanted to shoot something. I wanted to shoot something a lot but that wasn't an option. "Get a hold of yourself Kor. It's not like it even matters that you ... just get a grip and do something useful." I grumble to myself while heading to the hangar where we had boarded the ship.

I practically glare laser beams out into space through the view port while waiting for a call to go somewhere do something. I preferred to be and work alone since almost no one liked to be around a psychic that couldn't keep her mind out of your head. He's gonna try and get me to work as a part of the squadron of fighters we have isn't he? I wonder to myself.
OOC: Permission to offer constructive criticism again, Morph? And this time a legit question comes with it :P

---[Natasha Kale]---

Natasha was stunned. Utterly shocked. What was this? Nothing formal, that was certain. He referred to himself as "Dan" instead of "Officer Flint" and he called her "Natasha" instead of "Ms. Kale" He can't possible 'just want to talk'.

Still, Tasha refused to let possibilities fester in her mind. He probably just wants to clarify a few things or something. It would take a psychic to know her deep conflicting emotions Wait....

"Wait... What is this about?"

If Dan really wanted Natasha's company, she wanted him to explicitly state why. If this is about my record of fraternization or assault, he can forget it.
{Well.. I just thought you might want some coffee... Also thought you might want to get out a bit.}
Internally a massive plague of self doubt and irritation with myself in my head. This was a bad idea and I shouldn't have even tried it. However now I had to either keep with it or play the part of the fool which wouldn't really bode well especially after the incident earlier.
*shrug* sure why not. honestly at a bit of a loss for what to do since pretty much any rper who is actually available their character(s) is/are already busy with interacting.

Cool. It's clear in post #107 you're trying to communicate Kor's grief or... Something... But you never told us what she was angry about! As a matter of fact, I couldn't even guess! That's how much I don't know your character. She wants to murder something. You gave us two sentences for emphasis. That's great. It even got to the point to where she was talking herself off the ledge. Very dramatic. But we don't even know whyyyy!

Simply put, from that post alone, you told us Kor is angry. But you lacked several key elements that make character development and make a character blossom like a flower to the readers.

Sorry, IC coming soon.
If I may Mark, it's called suspense. There's more to a character than immediately laying everything out there.
hehe. what zarkun said.
OOC: And if Kor was a character in a book, that would work great. But this is a RP. All you do is make us read that and go. "Kor is angry. Cool."

You have to make us care about your character before suspense can take place.
Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it doesn't work for others.
OOC: Fine, but do you at least see my point? Nobody cares about Kor's issues until you make us care. Connect the heart strings before you pull them. People are generally too self-absorbed to dive into someone else's character even if they are amazing and well written. Of course, I was offering my humble advice. What's that worth, right? :)

KO or CR, I would love something for Sarah to do medical officer-wise. :)

---[Natasha Kale]---

Also thought you might want to get out a bit? What, does he think I've got no life? Tasha paused for two seconds without moving or thinking.I don't have a life.... She instantly retorted to herself.

"Y-yeah, okay." Tasha replied, pulling her hair out of her face and into a ponytail, already preparing to be in public.

The thoughts of an intimate relationship were completely foreign to Tasha. Her only friend throughout her whole life was Tilly, her house cat, and Sarah. If Tasha was thinking clearly, she would assume Dan simply wanted something from her and just wasn't letting it on. Maybe something to do with his psionics?

But Tasha wasn't thinking clearly. She didn't even change out of her jumpsuit she wore under her Hardskin. Just upped and left, quickly finishing her ponytail.
"Alright I'll see you soon then?"
I mumble a few things to myself before going to get more coffee. After I refill it I stand near the entrance wait for Natasha there.
meh ... honestly I understand that no one is really 'connected' to Kor but oh well and I'm experimenting some.
---[Natasha Kale]---

"I'll be right there." She replied, lacking any hints towards any enthusiasm or lack thereof.

Leaving her room, the door closed behind her and instinctually, she turned to lock it. Tasha checked her pockets and found no key.

"Right..." She mumbled to herself. I'm in service again. No such thing as privacy.

Finding her way to the mess hall, she walked in and immediately spotted Dan lingering by the doorway waiting for her.

"Officer Flint." She threw up a salute. The whole thing happened on impulse. She knew this wasn't official business, but what else was she suppose to do? Besides, it probably was official business in disguise.
"Relax Natasha, this isn't official business. And you can call me Dan. Remember I was listed KIA so I really don't have a rank anymore besides Chief of security, which after we make it home is void and I would still be with out rank until the official paperwork is filed for me to not be listed as dead." I say with the last part being a bit of a nervous ramble.
"Sorry... bit of a nerve racking day for me.." I quickly say while starting to focus on keeping myself from reading her mind.
Oh why did I do this....

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