The Long Voyage Home Continues

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Kelly bumps her head against the metal on her Viking and groans. "Smooth..... Ugh." She says to herself, sliding out from underneath her Viking. She grabs her sidearm off the table and absently checks the ammunition before grabbing her mask. {This is Kelly. I'm ready to get going.}

Mike swears as the alarms go off, and the message blares over the speakers. "More work. Great. How did that thing get stuck on there anyways?" One of the engineers asks, and Mike shrugs.

"Dumbass Dominion pilot probably rammed the hull before we jumped. Just keep yourself ready, we'll have more to work on now." Mike says in reply, gesturing off to the right. "Don't go left, otherwise we need to go another five levels upward. Go right, less levels to climb."
Stroking his beard, Chris looked at Ian. His night got even longer, it seems.

"Well, this complicates things. That could mean that cruisers could be coming in at any moment. Where in the hull did it land?"
---[Sarah Wood]---

{O-okay...} She answered, still dazed and confused. The alarm had sent a surge of adrenaline through her, though. She stood up, then corrected her footing. Her light head tilted in several directions, her body following it's lead. A conscience effort had to be made just to stand up straight. Her hand raised to her head before she was able to stabilize herself.

---[Natasha Kale]---

"Hmph, that one's easy..." Natasha found her gaze at the table before considering the wording she should use. This could still be a test. She would need to tread carefully.

An alarm caused her to jump in her seat.

"What the hell's going on!?"

---[Sasha Wood/Kevin Peters]---

Aww, are you Sasha's new boyfriend?

The words lingered in Sasha's heart. The couple had returned to their room and sat in complete and utter silence. Eventually, Sasha curled into the feeble position and tried to go to sleep.

The alarm jerked them both out of bed. The next thing they knew, they were running for the docks. Again.

"This is going to get old..." Kevin stated as they jogged. Sasha didn't respond. She was still wiping unborn tears from her eyes. Kevin observed the action quickly before returning his attention to the corridor they were running down.

"You going to be okay?" He asked sympathetically.

"I'm fine." She replied.

'Course your bloody fine...

---[James Watkins]---

"... A viking?"

James rose from the captains chair and approached the large central monitor. He always felt awkward being in that chair when the captain was around. Best just stand.
"No idea... we might have to continue this some other time...." I say as grab my comm wanting to figure out what was happening.

{Captain, what's going on?} I ask as my focus on breaks inhibiting my ability to block other people's thoughts out or keep myself from reading their minds.
Reaching the door to the Flight Chief's room, I punch in the incorrect code two times in my hurry. Cursing myself quietly, I take a moment to slow down and then put in the code again, this time watching the numbers. "-8, 6, enter." A green light greets me and the door slides open, allowing me access.

Note to self, make my fingers remember my door code asap. Sprinting into the room, I unholster my C-150 and unsheath my knife to armor up, taking just under a minute and a half to get the whole suit of CMC-330 armor on. Dropping the visor as I step out, I holster my pistol on my right side and sheath the knife on my left, grabbing my rifle and slinging it over my shoulder before stepping out onto the overlook for hangar three.

Below me was buzzing with the pilots and flight crew we had, everyone trying to get everything in order so that we could take off with little to no issue. Merciful lord, but I hope some of the crew from the other stations comes with us. We're extremely short handed right now... I wince slightly as I watch one flight crew member trip over a box of power cells, sending her sprawling and the cells everywhere.

Gulping quietly to myself, I speak loud enough to be heard. "Listen up! There is hostile debris on our ship and the Dominion or Zerg, god have mercy on us should it be them, could show up at any moment! I want all ships ready for take off in ten mikes. From there I want all pilots in the flight briefing room in five mikes! If you're wondering where that it," I hit a button on a nearby console and the sign lights up directly beneath my platform, "there it is. Let's move people!" The bustle resumed and I head back into my office, taking a moment to review what I could of the Dominion's flight patterns from our previous encounter.
I grab my mask from Flare and set it on my belt before heading over to the briefing room. I dodge around a flight crewman taking a box of something to one of the other wraiths. "Why won't you just let me fly on my own ... I work better alone anyway." I grumble to myself under my breath.
Kelly sighs and shrugs, walking off, not bothering to remove the grease on her flight-suit or gloves. "More briefings. Wonderful start to our trip." She says out loud, mostly to herself, as she follows the path toward the briefing room.
"Hell if I know how it got there," Ian says to Wamer and Watkins. "I just want it dealt with. I want a squad out there and that craft destroyed immediately before we make our jump. Mr. Watkins?"
---[Natasha Kale]---

Tasha began sliding towards the end of the booth. She also leaned in towards Dan as if trying to listen to his comm.

At least I can hear it straight from the top if I need to suit up.

---[Sasha Wood/Kevin Peters]---

The two entered the hangar just in time to hear Joseph's quick briefing. They both then climbed into their wraiths and began takeoff procedures, checking all systems and firing up the engines before climbing out and running to the flight briefing room.

---[James Watkins]---

"Sir?" He replied immediately, straightening his posture.

Or did he mean he wanted me to take the squad out there...
Space your pilots are supposed to be going to the Flight Briefing room ...
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before climbing out and running to the flight briefing room.
I notice Natasha leaning in as if she was trying to listen in on my comm.
"Natasha... I respect your dedication however eaves dropping on my comm isn't necessary. If you are needed I will let you know."
---[Natasha Kale]---

With a huff, Tasha threw herself back against the cushion.


She folded her arms and focused her eyes on something else in the room.
ah didn't notice that bit.
Great Dan do more things to make her mad at you and like you less. Just goes to show why you'll always be alone. I think to myself as I wait for the captain's response. I wanted to say something to her but I didn't know what.
When James replies without immediately acting, Ian decides to elaborate. "Get the Flight Chief and get a squad out there now."
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{Captain, what's going on?}

This also needs replied to KO.
{We have a problem. It will be resolved. Get everyone bolted down and ready to jump shortly, Mr. Flint.}
{Copy that sir. Will keep in mind what you had told me earlier.}
I turn and look at Natasha real quick.
"Better strap in. We are hitting warp jump soon." I pause and think for a few minutes. "Also I might have something to do if you would like to help."
---[James Watkins]---

Ian's slow elaboration made it clear that James was to get on it right away. He didn't even acknowledge the order, just went straight to the command chair and pulled up the channel to the flight chief.

{Flight Cheif, this is the First Officer, mobilize a squad and get them locked in on the bogey straightaway.}

---[Natasha Kale]---

"Not like I have anything better to do. What do you have in mind?"

Natasha had recovered from being shut down earlier. She did understand where Dan was coming from, even if she didn't like the answer itself.

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