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I frown when the First Officer comes in over the coms, more than a little confused about what he was talking about. {You mind elaborating a bit? We don't have the slightest inkling of an idea what's going on and suddenly we have a bogey?}
---[James Watkins]---

James gave an exasperated exhale.

{Yes. We've identified a Dominion Viking latched on to the cruiser, scramble your fighters and take it down immediately.}
[Fighters 3, 8, and 10. I want them ready to launch and find our wayward viking friend latched onto the hull.] Returning my attention to the com between myself and the First Officer, my voice takes a slight edge. {Fighters will be launched within five mikes. As for that sigh, drop the attitude and stop assuming we know things down here. I don't know anything you don't tell me.} Closing the channel, I turn to the three pilots I'd called out for.

"Sasha, Stellara and Kelly, go out there and clean up that mess. Find the viking and it's pilot and then send him home in pieces. Make sure the pilot didn't cut their way in and report if they did. Security will need notified as quick as possible." Sending them out, I look the rest of the pilots over. "The rest of you get in your ships and be ready to scramble at a moments notice. Dismissed!" As they all scramble to get back to their ships, I head back up to the observation deck. It was gonna be a long trip.
I stand up from the table and smooth out my uniform.

"It's a man hunt. The captain thinks there might be a traitor aboard and we need to find them. This next jump might force them to relay our new coordinates with out realizing we are on to them entirely. That or report in which might also reveal them."

Did she use that line on purpose? I knew that when I said it it didn't sound right.

"Well ready whenever you are."
---[Sasha Wood/Kevin Peters]---

"Yes sir!" Sasha replied after receiving her orders. She quickly bolted out the door. Kevin reached for her far after she was out of reach, then turned to the Flight Chief in protest.

"Now why'd you have to go and do that, huh? Why couldn't you send me? Don't you know what it's like to sit around on your !@# while the only thing you love in life is out in harms way, huh?"

---[Natasha Kale]---

"Well aren't you a mastermind then. What if I was the traitor, huh? You'd be f****d."

Tasha was already climbing out of her booth.
I level my gaze with Kevin, my eyes not betraying a hint of what was going on in my head. "Because I watched you two in the fight at the station. That woman is as good a pilot as you are and you make her hug your wing and not do a damn thing." I turn from my approach to the stairs and instead approach Kevin, my finger finding it's way to his chest. "It's time you let her show what she can do rather than always acting like a protective shield. I need ALL my pilots, and that includes Miss Sasha Wood. You have a problem with that, I'm sure we can find a way to send you back to the Koprulu Sector."
I nod and hurry off to Flare. I climb into the cockpit and run a quick pre-flight check. {Flare ready to launch.}
Kelly nods and sprints off to her Viking. She climbs in, and starts the vehicle up, listening to the thrusters rumble and roar into life, if idling. {Engard, ready to go.}
01/17/2014 12:02 AMPosted by SpacePirate
What if I was the traitor, huh? You'd be f****d."

Exactly what I was thinking.
I stop and think for a moment. Why didn't I all ready think of that? Was I denying it because of my emotions? If that was the case and she was the traitor, after detaining her I would have to detain myself since I would be emotionally compromised.

"You're right I would be. Not only would you have to be detained but I probably would have to be as well." With that I start to make my way out of the mess hall so I could start to focus on tracing the mind of who ever the traitor was.
I'll give the go ahead to the pilots when Mark posts.
---[Kevin Peters]---

"Damnit, man, don't you know what it's like to lose someone you love? Yet you still force me to watch her leap into peril!" Kevin complains through gritted teeth, not breaking the eye contact.

---[Sasha Wood]---

Leaping in the cockpit, Sasha slid the glass forward and sealed herself in. {Foxtrot one, ready to go.}

She smiled at herself as she buckled her restraints. Kevin's going to be pissed he can't come with me. She grinned to herself. He'll get over it. Joseph won't back down.

---[Natasha Kale]---

Natasha had to stop and think about what he said. Obviously I'd be detained... But why would he be detained?

"Wait... Why would you be detained?"
"Well... I feel like I myself could possible compromise the safety of crew.... I also feel that I might also be emotionally compromised." I say in a very sincere tone.

Wait what are you doing Dan! That isn't how you should tell her. You aren't even sure yet anyway!

I quickly clear my throat and harden emotions the best I could. "Actually forget that... I am over analyzing the situation. Besides all the Captain has to do is make sure my inhibitors are on..." I say the last part in a more neutral tone. I was a ghost. A spec ops agent that couldn't have emotion. Showing it could cause problems with missions. Like it did when I infiltrated the Dominion ghost Academy.
"Allow me to make myself VERY clear." I step up closer to Kevin and lift him off the floor by the front of his shirt, my eyes even colder than before. "First, I know very much how it feels to loose some one I love. I watched her cut down right in front of me by a hydralisk. Mere moments before both of us could get off of that nightmare called Char." Pushing all the pain and heartache the memories brought back to the back of my mind, my eyes grow a lot colder. "I'm not asking to you be OK with it, nor am I asking your permission, but right here, right," I indicate the briefing room and ship, "now, I need our pilots to be on top of their game."

I let my sentence hang in the air for just a moment before pushing forward, forcing Kevin to open his eyes. "You flying there, on top of her and keeping her from doing what she trained for years to do, is hurting her. You are holding back a pilot with the potential to pull all our @sses out of the fire when it really counts. She's an exceptional pilot with amazing skill to have survived the battle on Char. Now, report to your fighter and wait on stand by. If you even attempt to launch, I will have your fighter locked down and your rear end thrown into the brig." Dropping him to the floor, I go back to the stairwell and start up, stopping just before I disappear from his sight. "Dismissed." I vanish onto the balcony, and turn on my radio.

{Ember Squadron, you are clear for take off.}
---[Natasha Kale]---

Tasha's pace gradually froze with Dan's assertion. A record player's needle screeched to a halt in Tasha's mind. What did he just say? Emotionally compromised? What the WHAAAT!?

She froze and stared at Dan, begging for an explanation as her mind raced behind her eyes. So wait... He would be emotionally compromised if I was a traitor? Right? That's how that conversation went, right? Right? Dan's amendments to his questionable statement put Natasha's mind mostly at ease. Still, it awoke thoughts and emotions she had a tough time admitting existed.

"But wait... What? What did you just say?" She asks, thawing out her muscles.

---[Kevin Peters]---


The single word echoed through the room as the flight chief's footsteps faded up the stairs. What, do you think that's it? You think this is the end? You claim to know what it feels like, then sit around and do nothing to help another man's pain?

"What kind of a man are you?" Kevin bit off under his breath as his legs turned and walked back down to his wraith. His hands curled into fists and his teeth gritted in anger. He think's he's so tough, lifting me off my feet. Well guess what, fat @$$? You're seven !@#$ing feet tall!

Kevin's thoughts were brought to "Johnny the giant" as they called him. A 6'8" pilot who had a tough time fitting in a standard wraith. He was a helluva pilot though, Kevin thought. If only I still had friends like that.

The leather seat hissed silently as Kevin plopped into it. He closed the cockpit and began preparing for takeoff, in case it was necessary for him to scramble. Not if the flight chief thought it was necessary to scramble. But if he thought it was necessary to scramble. The flick of a wrist turned on the radio.

---[Sasha Wood]---

Ember Squadron, that's me. Sasha thought, as she was the first one to peel out of the hangar. Her muscles synced with the familiar grooves of the fighter. She was ready for anything.
"That all the captain has to do is make sure that my inhibitors are on. Or where you referring to something else?"
I knew she was talking about what I had said about being emotionally compromised if she where the traitor. I didn't know however how she took what I had said although judging by her response she was rather startled.
It was out there now and there wasn't any going back was there?
No there wasn't. If anything owning up to what I had said would probably work out better... Maybe.

I stop and look back at Natasha and let off a small sigh.
"It wasn't the inhibitors that you where wanting me to repeat wasn't it?"
{Engard, launching.} Kelly turns the thrusters up, disengaging the landing gear at the same time. Her Viking rises and roars out of the hanger, flying straight into the vast darkness, then turns, looking for the target caught in the ship.

{Alright engineers, the ship is stopped. Get your asses outside and get working.} Mike says over the engineer's radios. He seals up the SCV, and enters the airlock with the other SCVs. Soon it would be time to get to work, and while they were doing that, the other engineers would work on the drives.

We're actually waiting on Zarkun, believe it or not. That's a first.

---[Natasha Kale]---

"No, it wasn't." Tasha said with a straight face. Even so, a straight face was better than her usual scowl. She moved ahead of him and stood in his path.

"You're going to clarify what you said right now." She demanded, a finger extended towards his chin, "and don't play games, I know what you said."

Natasha thought she knew what he said, and what it implied. But she refused to accept the possibility. It had to have been a misunderstanding on her part. Something she hadn't thought about. Or, at best, Dan just liked her enough to where he would be disturbed if she had to be detained. Nothing more, she told herself, that would be impossible.
"Right.... Well Natasha....." I grimace at myself as I knew I was no good at this.
"For the love of Terra I am terrible in situations like this.... I don't know what it is about you but.... I... I like you... and I. Well i wouldn't want to see you in a situation like that."

Where was John when I needed him. He would be able to help me more...

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