Network Spikes

I've been getting crazy Network Spikes on my SC2 over the past week or so.

I checked the WoW forums and saw this

Question: Is anyone from New Zealand also experiencing the same issues with Starcraft 2 (I play on the NA server)?
BTW... i found the perfect solution.

This thing really works lol
Well, umm.. You went to the wrong Forum. :P

Tech support more than welcomes you with these kinds of problems. :P
naw, coz this problem is NZ related
Still, you should check into the tech forums. They may have some way to solve your prob.
Typically, when many players from a particular region are having an issue, it has something to do with an ISP/ISPs having problems. If other friends are using the same ISP then that is the most likely cause.

When that happens, all you can really do is wait for the problem to be solved. In the meantime, you can try to connect to a different server to see if you have better luck.

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