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Tier two weapons armor and all. Misc items are allow too.. idk which post it is in the rp but you can get some of those misc items too. Will one day edit the posts and all.
So this is my character. I have some RP experience but mainly table top, so let me know if you think I should change any thing and i will be glad to.

Character name – Bellator Pestilitus
Race – Terran
Weapon – AGR-14 (variable zoom scope, silencer), Combat Nano-steel Knife, T10 Pistol
Armor- Hostile environment suit (Specter pattern), with malfunctioning Moebius Reactor
Misc. Items- matches, cigarets, booz.
History – Ex Spec-ops
Abilities – Psi-inhibitor (reduced Psi power/ prevents psi users from detecting his psi abilities) , Empathy (can discern others emotions easily), Psionic shield (weak personal shield or minor wall if he concentrates), Pyrokinesis (weak, only able to light paper or cigarets)
Former Psi abilities- Psionic speed, Voodoo( voodoo dolls), Psionic sight (allows user to see around corners and through walls), Psychic attack (this power attacks the targets brain and nervous system directly)
( for reference
Appearance – 5' 11'', longish brown hair often tied back, goatee, small barely visible surgical scares at the base of the skull.
Background– A former Spectre assassin, Bellator Pestilitus was captured and held at New Folsom Prison where a experimental Psi-inhibitor was implanted in his skull. This Psi-inhibitor prevents him from using the majority of his psi powers, but also prevents others psionics from sensing him. Upon Gabriel Tosh's discovery of his inability to use his psi powers, Tosh with a heavy heart, gave his former compatriot some combat gear and sent him on his way.
After being sent away he wondered the Koprulu sector for a time as a bounty hunter while looking for his old family. In his travels he discovered that his parents, who had lived on a colony world, had been killed by rough Zerg and that his younger sister had been taken away to be trained as a ghost, since she had inherited the same psychic powers he had. After learning the fate of his family, Bellator became a broken man, and deciding that he was done fighting, made his way to Ruusan, where he lives a hermits life, working just enough to feed his alcoholism.
Sensing not sending. Sorry.
Well, Steel will probably won't fly for the Psi-Inhibitor or the Reactor. Let's see....abilities for a psionic should be different...And...that's all I can think of right now.
I can see the psi-inhibitor as a passive. It would keep him from using his psionics and keeps him from being terribly OP.
It is like what I did with Jessica and having her actually reduced her own PI.
The reactor would probably only pass if it is not fully functional.
Should I change it now or wait to see if steel is ok with it?
Sorry about all the questions this is my first time doing a form bast RP.
That is what i meant by malfunctioning.
You're perfectly fine. Though I suppose waiting on Steel can't hurt. Wish he'd been paying attention before he left and went to bed. Anyways, I'd still give yourself some other abilities and not completely destroy your own powers.
Not a problem. Questions are good.

Just note that you can use the edit button instead of making extra posts.

I would wait for Steel to make the call cause there might be other things he will want changed or he might be fine with it.
Well I was thinking a bit far ahead. my plans are to see if the reactor can be fixed giving me a cloaking ability and slowly over come the inhibitor so i get my former powers back one at a time.
Like what I am doing with my Spectre. She is slowly restoring her own psionics that she had suppressed to making hiding from the Dominion easier. However by doing that she lessened the amount of psionic abilities she had as well as the power behind the abilities she could use.
Well, it can be fixed, it'll just...probably end up taking most of the RP though.
Good point. Any suggestions on more abilities that wouldn't be op?
A psi-blast or something similar. Of course, Spectres have some crazy abilities. Maybe the hypersonic pulse rounds.
Kleebwr there is a nifty thing called an 'Edit button' please us it. Also please refrain from doing 2-3 posts in a row without someone else posting as it eats up space that could be used for other things. And please work on your grammar and what not.

the 'X-factor' is not a Psionic ability. just saying. Rykk Kidd was not psionic even though he had the 'X-factor' so I'm not sure why it is listed under 'psionic abilities'.

04/08/2014 08:52 PMPosted by Kleebwr
former Spector assassin

Spectre not Spector.

04/08/2014 08:52 PMPosted by Kleebwr
Psionics or Psychics
Can I only use Terren powers or do you think i can get away with Protoss powers?
Stick with Terran powers. More plausible for the RP
likely best to stick to mostly terran stuff though delving into a couple protoss powers might be ok. but nothing too big or flashy. though there are plenty of psionic varients. such as being pyro-, cryto-, electro- or hydro- kinetic.

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