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ok I edited it and added some powers and removed x factor. How dose it look now?
can you add a description of what Psionic Sight and Psychic attack do?
Actually looks pretty good in my opinion.
Psionic sight is linked. Jessica also possesses the ability.
You forgot psychokinetic, which is more-so telepathy and telekinesis, basically just what you just can't classify under the others, such as Psi-storm.
oh and Kleebwr. you don't specifically have to stay with what the SC wiki has for psionic abilities. one of my favorite sorta-half-psuedo Terran psionics was a powerful electrokinetic that could generate ion-shields and use them for more than just attack/defence.
Would pyrokinesis be op?
for that in this rp you'll need to ask Steel but he will not be around till tomorrow mid-morning to early afternoon at the earliest.
OK. Thanks every one for being so helpful and patient!
Remember when Steel said that our psi-powers would grow through the RP? Well, my character's explanation would be that he was only ever an empathy, but he notices increases in psionic energy and ability after his time in the pod. That said, note that psi-inhibitors only reduce psionic impact, rather than eliminating it. Ergo, specialists in psi-detection (wranglers) would be able to sense you, and the more powerful psionics can sense anyone-or thing (detection).

Now that that ^^ is executed, I'm back!!
You know, it would be greatly appreciated if you didn't try and logic everything to death, Maverick. That aside, welcome back.
School, and work taking up most of my time.. Now I just need to know how he got to Ruusan and also the abilities need more information however most of this looks good. The fusion reactor doesn't need to be fixed for your own abilities.. Once this mission is over people can pick one more ability or upgrade 2 of their current abilities. Spell check is helpful but I do understand bad spelling and grammar.

So changes needed-

Abilities- Need more information for what they do

Background- How did he get to Ruusan. If there are anymore questions ask me, While Zark is a seasoned Vetern of the forum rps he is not an administer for this rp, Questions need to go to me Or Morph.
Ok I added the background for how he got there and the information for the abilities. Also I removed the optical implants and added weak pyrokinesis.
Kain will most likly be hard on your character (just a head up) till he gets clean but everything looks good welcome aboard feel free to pop out of the reactor building just say you got caught up there during the attack or fled from your home to what seemed to be a dominion guard post. OR you can wait till we are back at base and walk in during the debreifing the choice is yours.
Ok thanks!
I think I will wait until till they are back at base.
Sorry about the deathly logic, that's just the way I am.
No worries it didn't bother me.
Thank you.

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