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Two of us here at home would like to play the campaign and compete on independently.

In previous WC and SC games, there was a login screen where several characters could be created so various family members could play through the campaign on their own. Also, in, our two players are at vastly different skill levels and if one earns the Diamond league the other player would like to play at the Bronze level deserved, and have more fun.

I'm not finding a way to do this with SC2, as with WC3 and SC. Is there any such functionality? There really needs to be a way to do this. What's the alternative? Buy another key and uninstall the app every time someone else wants to play?
When you buy a copy of SC2, you are buying a software license for your individual personal use. That is why you tie it to your account, and use that account to log in every time you start the game even if you are playing single-player. Blizzard's policy on accounts is that you are only allowed to share your account with a single minor child in your household. If you and your roommate, s/o, cousin, or sibling both want to play SC2, you are supposed to both buy your own copy of the game. There will be no need to uninstall, because the installation has nothing to do with the CD Key. You can each log in to the game on any computer that has the client installed by using your login and password.
OK - I do share my account with my young son - I have two paid and legitimate WoW clients tied to my one account so that we can play together - and we do that lots. And I expected to be able to do the same thing with SC2 - that is I planned to pay for two SC2 licenses, tie them both to my existing account, and then be able to play multiplayer SC2 games with my son.

But like the OP, I don't see a way to this. Is there any official guidance from blizzard regarding this topic?

Clearly I could just create another account - but that would be annoying after having been convinced by blizzard to combine them just a few months ago.
I am just speculating here, but I would assume that when there are more than one SC2 licenses on the same account you would be able to choose which character you log into - much like WoW and choosing which account you wish to log into when the "remember account" option is not ticked.

My reasoning is simple: when you log into the game you are then asked to push "Enter" under your character's portrait, and I am assuming multiple licenses would create multiple portraits.

Can anybody clarify?
Hey... I was wondering is there anyway to change our login because I didn't know this was going to be our account also right when I first signed up and my friend did the same thing and we both want to change our accounts... can you please let us reset them somehow?!?!?! I'd rather not use my real name.

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