no sound!

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game itself runs fine but the opening cinematic does not play and i am not getting a bit of sound in the game!
Try changing your sound setting to Stereo and see if the sound reappears. There is currently a bug which no sound comes out of the Surround, Quadraphonic, 5.1 and 7.1 settings.
ok that worked.
Do you have Windows 7?

If so, Go to your Control Panel, Click on Sound, then right click on Speakers. Click Configure Speakers. Change it to 5.1

Go back into the game, Change Sound Output Device to Default, and Change speakers to 5.1 and see if that works. Thats how I got 5.1 to work for me.
I have the same problem. I'll try this stereo fix. Seems like one hell of a bug. I see the year of testing really paid off....
for reporting purposes my setup was

Win7 64bit
HT Omega Claro + audio card

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