Return of the UED reboot (Discussion, Signup)

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I can adjust for each one. I'm just informing you that I have the Dakaron Enterprises if you need.
06/18/2014 12:10 PMPosted by Avikon
06/16/2014 09:37 PMPosted by Jester
I do have a company in mind, Avikon, to use.

Tell me what it is and I'll consider putting it in somewhere

I have most of the setting and plot in mind, I just need to fill in characters and detail and all that other boring stuff.
I think I had more to say, but it slipped my mind

R&D department with a side helping of fleet-building.
And a side-dish of mining.
Difference between side helping and side-dish? None.
Projected amount of cares:
dropping below Zero.

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