"Must Upgrade to access content"

Technical Support
I'm also having a problem with this upgrade to access content thing. I recently moved my SC2 folder to a new HDD and Windows 7 installation though, so I feel I might be a special case. Please look into this...someone?
same here and guess what? i just bought the game 30 minutes ago...

!@#$ THIS %^-*
same here, kinda relieved its not just me to be honest
Just switch to European or other server and play there...
Same trouble here.
I'm locked up too. I played a few games on the korean servers.... that just sucked.
typical blizzard errors im not joking

cant get anything done right
Add me to the list. Son of a !@#$%.
Solve this problem asap plz.
Server corruption, It must be a great gift by BLZ in the new year
I doubt it will be fixed anytime soon. Blizzard is a game company, not a hospital.
I am getting this same problem too.. Well... at least it's not just me. I can play on the European servers with no issue though. xP
Working now.
Argh I'm getting this message again when I try to do matchmaking...
me too wtf this is lame lol #concerndoge
Same here. hrmm.
Just got the message too, wtf! This issuse hasn't been resolved yet?
same here... was working fine yesterday... but not tonight.

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