Day Infection II

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Koro Jester.. Accepted on new abilities. Zark Lek I need to think more on your alls. and yes Lek you can get new abilities or upgrade old ones.
IC: As we sit down and begin eating, I take a screw driver out of my coat and begin tinkering with the device on my wrist. Taking some bites of my food as I do.
I watch Saiko as we eat. "So what are you working on?"

I stop by the Mess Hall and grab an MRE before heading back to my house.

Kirk gains normal Cloak and his Psi-Wall is upgraded.

Still working on Riala's abilities.
"Just something I've been working on for a few years. Basically a general purpose tool. So far it can scan, process materials and has some other side stuff I added to it. Haven't named it yet, but if I can't think of anything I could just name it after you." I say with a smirk. Tweaking it more, sometimes a small arc of electricity can be seen across it.
"The Kirk Device? Flattering but not very catchy ..."
"Hm, I was thinking of just 'James' but you got a point." I say, i tap the screen and a jolt of electricity sends the screwdriver flying out of my hand as the screen comes to life. A brilliant blue-white light shines as the display comes to life, as well as buttons with a slightly darker blue light behind them.

"Unexpected, but beautiful..." I say lightly.
"Indeed." I say with a small smile. I generate a tiny psi wall under the screw driver and return it to Saiko. "I think you dropped something."
OOC: Alright then, Will have Jessica's and Jor's new abilities as soon as I can think of them.
"Whoa. Thank you." I am surprised as I take it. "Looks like I'm not the only one with some new stuff." I say smiling back.
"Hmmm?" I ask a bit confused.
"Didn't know you were that good with that psi wall thing you do."
"Yeah. I've got several uses for my little psi-wall. Hell if I couldn't do my psi-wall I'd be nothing but ash on Char right now."

After eating and making one last check of my gear I head towards the armory and comm Omega Team. {Corporal Riala to Omega Team. Report to Armory for a gear check and shakedown.}
I raise an eyebrow at the statement, "Really? I can imagine how much of a utility that could be, but on Char... I don't want to step on any toes, but-" I am interrupted by Riala. "Nevermind, let's go." I say getting up and leaving.
James shakes his head, dragging himself up from his thoughts. He listens in, and turns around, heading off from the wall and heading back to the base. He stops by and picks up his motion sensor, hooking it up and testing it. Works for now. Battle will show if the tool works. He thinks.

He exits the workshop wordlessly, heading off to the Armory. As he arrives, he nods to Riala but says nothing. He leans on the wall, and mutes the external speakers, and opens up a recording unit in the suit, talking into it and recording the details of what he had seen so far. Once his ship came around, he'd have it sent to another place, away from Dominion space.
I head out of the hanger and go to the armory with Jor keeping pace next to me. It made sense to go to the armory I guess. Better to make sure we have enough of what we need than to go in and run out completely mid mission.
The Quartermaster walked out from around the corner carrying a crate. "I guess its yalls turn to ready up. Well I have some items for everyone. Let me see, I have some acid gernades, Shredder grenades, incendiary grenades, a laser mine and some other odds and ends just ask me if you have any questions."
"What other odds and ends do you have?" I ask very curiously.
"Some new ammos and tools, like mini-welding torch, acid canisters and the likes. Remeber you can only carry so much." She says winking at Jessica.
"Can I have a mini-welding torch and some shredder grenades please?" I ask of the quarter master. "Careful with what grenades you choose and where you use them. I don't want to cause any unnecessary damage to the relay such as fire or acid bombing a critical area while trying to clear it of any Infected or Zerg." I say to Omega team.

I nod to what Riala was saying as I look over the items available.
"Do you happen to have any Cryo rounds or Pulse rounds of any sort?" I ask, hand on my chin as I look around.

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