Day Infection II

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Oook been working on a new inventory system and all going to post part of it now. There is also a weight system and will need people to post what they carry into combat, Armor suits weapons how much ammo and the likes.

Inventory system and abilities

Weapons- This would be gun and knieves


Misc. items- you use these items to build, upgrade, or boost morale in the base. You cannot use them in their items in their raw form.

Usable Items- These are items which you can use. They have a limit and you can only carry so many during a mission. These include but not limited to grenades, health kits, special ammos, serums and normal ammo

Abilities- You can use abilities that are not a normal to life. This would be Psionic abilities, modules added to armor or weapons. There can be more abilities then listed here.

Btw the starting weight limit is 50 points but that can increase with different armors or abilities. I need everyone to post their gear so I can do the math.
Saiko's Inventory
Misc. Items - Crystal Fragment, handheld fusion cutter

Usable - (I assume weapons count for this) C-11 Rifle, Colt 1911 Pistol, and Neo-Steel Knife, Laser Mines

Abilities - Hack, Empathy, her tool I still have yet to name, but is worn on her wrist

Armor - Light CMC armor
Ok Korozain looking at everything you have this will put you at 49 weight. And your ammon will now be cyro rounds for your c-11 and normals for your side arm.

"Ok Honey here some cyro rounds for you... You know if you find some metals I maybe willing to help mod your stuff so its lighter or add better joints so you can carry more." The Quarter-master says with a wink as she hads Saiko's some cyro rounds.
"Thank you." I saw with a light bow, taking the new gear and going to a table to begin loading the rounds and packing my kit.

Misc. items- Scrap metal(2), lighter, Duct tape,, Zerg bio-electric organ,

Usable Items- Rapid Regen serums, Small hand held fission cutter

Weapons- Rusty Knife, C-11

Abilities- Technopath, telepathy, psionic sight

Armor: Light CMC armor


Misc Items- Scrap metal(2), khaydarin crystal fragments, mining drill battery, Xel-naga Crystal fragment

Usable Items- Small hand held fission torch, Bio-plasma grenades,

Weapons- Psi-blades,

Abilities- Psi-shield, Quick repair, Hallucination,

Armor: Standard Zealot armor

I think that is everything for those two.

I ponder on what to take with me on the next mission.
Jessica. Weight limit is 50. Armor takes up 20 her gun 10, knife 1 regen serums .5 hand held fission cutter 5 scrap metal 1-10 depending on how much you take. lighter and, duct tape.. 0 because I believe in the duct tape. 32 current weight. (You need to pick how much ammo you take clip/mag is .5 points Also how much scrap metal you want to take.)

Jor- Weight limit is 75 due to being protoss. Psi-blades weightless armor is 25, psi-blades 0 scrap metal see above post. Mining drill battery 10. cutter is 5 bio-grenades are 1.5 point each maxium of three bio-g atm. 40+ grenades and metal.

"So what can I get you honey?" She asks Jessica with another long wink.
Misc Items(Taking): Duct tape, lighter, old pocket knife
Misc Items(Leaving): Scrap Electronics, Xelnaga crystal fragments
Usable Items: 5 extra Clips of Valitan ammo(Each clip holds about 30 shots), Mini Welding Torch and 5 Shredder Grenades.
Weapons: Steel Combat Knife, L-10 Valitan with one full clip
Armor: Roamer V
Abilities: Form Change (Still working on new ones)

Misc Items(Taking): Old Pocket Knife, Medical Kit, Duct Tape
Misc Items(Leaving): Khaydarin Crystal Shards
Usable Items: 5 extra clips of C-10 Canister Rounds, 5 Shredder Grenades.
Weapons: Neo-Steel Combat Knife, C-10 Canister Rifle
Armor: Standard Issue Ghost Suit.
Abilities: Weak Psi-Storm, Psi Wall, Standard Ghost Cloak
Misc. items- N/A
Usable Items- Fission Cutter, Bio Grenade x1. (Requesting: Shredder x2), Flashlight (Suit, formerly hand-held), Ammo (51 mags.)
Weapons: Wrist Cannon, C-14 Gauss Rifle, Neo-Steel Knife
Armor: CMC Armor
Abilities- Rigger (Active), Optical Enhancements, Nano-Motion Sensor, Armor-Weapon (passive)

James looks at the Quartermaster and holds two fingers up. The external speakers click and he says "Two shredders, if you have any to spare. Otherwise, then just two flashbangs would work good enough for me if you have any of those." He puts his hand down and checks the one grenade he still has on him, from the lab. He nods and sets it back.
Riala- 46 out of 50
Kirk- 48.5 of 50
James 70 out of 75. Over kill much on ammo dude?

Btw a clip or mag is .5 weight points.

"Here you go sugar some shredders. Anything else you want?" She asks with a smile.

"Omega team your dropship is preped and now awaiting you. Good luck out there." The intercom broadcasts.
I finish polishing my pistol and knife. The knife I take extra care of. "Alright, let's go, Kirk." I say, checking to make sure I have everything I need, and I do.
"Alright Omega Team lets get to the landing pad." I say doing a quick check of my ammo before heading out.
The co-pilot was waiting outside by the ramp of the drop ship. "Omega team? Alright lets get in and get rolling we have two banshees and vikings in the air waiting to escort us to the relay station. Get in and settle in." She says before walking up the ramp to the cockpit.
"Yeah we're Omega Team and that sounds like a decent enough escort." I say as I go up the ramp and take a seat near the middle of the dropship.

I take a seat near the ramp to the dropship ready to throw up some psi-walls if I need to.
02/03/2014 03:19 PMPosted by Steelwolf
Over kill much on ammo dude?

"Inaccuracy is a sin. You will always have more enemies to kill than bullets to kill them with."

James follows the rest and boards toward the front of the dropship, making sure his weapons and ammo were where they should be. He clamps the rifle beside the seat and sits down, waiting for the dropship to take off.
I sit down next to him, and go over the mission plan in my head.
The Drop ship takes off and starts to the object. Mid flight the co-pilot walks out into the troop hold. "I believe your CO has something to say to everyone. To make it easier we swept the ship for bugs and we are loyalists to Cain not to the Dominion so feel free to say what you need to." She says before going back to the cockpit.
"Hm, so are we still with the Dominion, or are we going to pull a Raynor and give the Dominion a big middle finger?" I say, not sounding disappointed because frankly, I don't care anymore, just slightly annoyed.
"Yeah I do have something to say. We aren't sending a message to the Dominion. Instead we'll fake a failed message to the Dominion and send one to the Umojans. If any of you don't like it now's your time to say so but honestly I'd rather contact the people that are a bit more likely to help and less likely to nuke the planet ... or try to send me to some lab for 'study'. Saiko I'd probably say the later ... though ... who is this Raynor?" I ask the last bit as I had only been informed about enough of the Terran culture to stay hidden enough.
"Huh, I was sure anyone would know that... He's someone who the Emperor of the Dominion betrayed, severely. Long story short, when the Dominion overthrew the preceding dominant power, the Confederacy, Raynor created his rebel force the Raynor's Raiders. But, I'm with you on the Umojans thing, I can send an encrypted message to them, and I can make it look like we actually sent a message to the Dominion so the higher ups don't catch on. "
"Ah ... and I've already got the message and cover ready. Courtesy of Anton. All we need to do is clear the relay and save all the techs we can. When we're ready to send the message I'll deal with it."

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