Day Infection II

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"Mind if I send a message of my own? I have a ship in system, with some gear I would like to recover. Should just piggy-back it on the message sent to the Dominion ships." James asks, turning to look at Riala.
"There probably won't be enough power. Maybe later after we get the new relay set up in base." I say looking over at James and shaking my head.
I nod in agreement with Riala.
"I for one am not wanting to wait for the Dominion to decide to come and help or not."
The sounds of the battle are heard in the dropship as they fly over the siege tanks that were firing on the Infected and zerg forces. The Banshees break off to bomb what looks to me creep colonies. "This is your pilot we will reach the com relay in 5 minutes please put your trays in the upright postion and hang on." The pilot says to the team as it speds towards the relay station.
I load a round into the chamber of my rifle and check the safety to make sure it was engaged. I didn't want an accidental discharge to be the reason I die on this blasted planet. Well it was one way I didn't want to die anyway.
I load a mag into my rifle, and pull the action so a round loads into it. I hold it by the barrel in between my legs, and then take out my Colt, I pull the slide back to check if a round is loaded. There is.
There always is...
The Drop ship lands on the roof top and lowers the ramp for the team to exit. All around the building are hords of infected along with some zerg. Alpha team is seen trying to clear Bone Towers and creep colonies. The air is filled with Gargoyle and vikings. {Good luck out there} The pilot radios to the team as they exit the drop ship. There is a single bulk head on the roof.
{Thanks you too.} I radio back as I motion the team forward and head towards the bulkhead. "Stay alert and and safeties off but check your targets." I say flipping my rifle to single fire for now.

I nod and head towards the bulkhead. I keep an eye on the sky and rooftop watching for any infected trying to make a run on the team.
James releases the straps tying him down and storms out of the dropship. He brings his aim to the sky and moves slowly toward the bulkhead, ready to take a shot at any gargoyle that attempts to approach. He kneels down nearby, and says "If the power is out I still have a cutter on me."
I bring up my Colt, I once again admire the black painted metal and antique engravings in it. As I approach the bulkhead I stop behind James and keep it pointed towards it. "Yeah... Let's not have any close calls..." I say replying to Riala.
I quickly flip my safety off and bring my rifle up sweping the bulkhead looking for any infected.
A feral quickly jumps from the ledge above bulkhead, leaping towards Jessica as she sweps the area. There are sounds of gun fire echoing in the hallways of the relay-station as a stray thor round flys over head of the team hitting a Gargoly.
I quickly try to roll out of the feral's path to dodge it's leap at me. Jor-sha quickly leaps towards the feral both psi-blades active and swings at the feral's head.
So...what exactly happened to me in all this?
Zark you are still there just as an npc feel free to pop in anytime.

The feral's head roll off the roof as the body drop to the floor. The drop ship takes off and heads back to base leaving the team stranded on top of the roof for the moment.
I look over at Jessica and Jor-sha and nod. "You two OK? Everyone stay close and stay on your toes ... so to speak." I say before opening the Bulkhead.

I look over at the dead feral and nod. "Always admired the efficiency of the Protoss."
About a dozen standered infected rush out of the open bulk-head towards the team clawing and biting their way to the team. A stray tank round hits roof behind them team showering them with debris.
I jump back in surprise as I switch my rifle to auto and open fire on the infected. "Fekk."

"What the ..." I fire on the infected and throw up a wall between the infected and Riala to keep them off her.
I start making hallucinations of Riala hoping to distract some of the infected while Jessica starts to fire rounds into the group of infected.
I jump back, wiping some dust off my goggles then proceed to fire at the infected distracted by the hallucinations with my pistol. I activate the short range sensor on my device to see if there are any more coming.

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