Day Infection II

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"You passed it. Right there next to the door way." Dave says as a marine drags the bodies out of the way and throws them into a sealable room behind the guard line.
I turn back and try to get a quick look at the hole trying to gauge what I will need exactly to fix it enough that we won't have to worry about more infected getting in.
"Jessica you stay here with Kirk, Saiko, Jor-sha and the Guard Squad. Get that hole patched up and hold here. Everyone else with me so we can finish this and go home." I say moving over to the hall leading to the relay control room.
James turns to the hole, firing a few quick shots at any emerging infected before falling in behind Riala.
"My technopathic skills be more useful with the comms." I mutter to myself as I take position ready to get started on repairing the hole in the wall. I did have to remember that not everyone really knew that I was a technopath.
"Got it, boss." I say, mildly sarcastically. I then turn and ask the guards, "You guys got any scrap metal and welding torches? Or maybe just a flame thrower?"
"All three behind those crates." Dave says point over to a large metal crate. "I would hurry up with getting a message out soon. We could use some back up on the planet asap."
"I've got it covered Jessica." I say giving her a look that said I knew what she could do but had everything covered and needed her here. "Right I'll be back in a little bit." I head down the hall towards the comm center.

"I can hold the infected out while you all seal the hole." I say slinging my rifle over my shoulder and stretching a little bit.
"Right... Jor lets get to work." I say as I sling my rifle as well heading to where the metal and the welder was with Jor right behind me. I grab the welding torches while he grabs the metal.
"Lets get this done."
The hole is only large enough for a feral to squeeze though every once in awhile
"So, how is the rest of the building?" I ask, hoping that the rest of it is secure.
I throw up a psi-wall bubble on the outside of the hole and stand there focusing on keeping the wall up while they seal the hole.
"Mostly overran with infected. We have the com techs in a storage room down the hall. Hopefully once the other teams are done with the reactor will can get more back up." Dave says reloading his gun.
"Great... Well they shouldn't be too much of a problem for now. Once we get that message out, we'll be out of here." I say and take a seat and start to tinker with my Exo-Pad.
While I hold up the plate Jessica quickly starts to weld it as quickly as she could.
Sorry for the delay in my post. Losts are papers are due soon and my computer is failing.

The plate welds on easily as a few ferals attempt to bust though it. They give up and crawl away as the guards take a quick breather to get some rations and check weapons. "That should hold for a little bit. I reckon we got about 5 mikes before they push though the stairs again." Dave says eating on a ration bar.

The hallway to the server room is blocked with organic matter and a few infected. The main com station has more enemies in the way of bloats and a large amount of zombies.
I look between the two and frown, weighing our options. "Well, it looks like we've got a couple choices. Split up and hit them both at the same time or hit one then the other. Then there's if we split up, who goes where." I take aim at a bloat. "I vote someone with stealth tech slips by the bloats for the main com room."
I quickly check my weapons after moving back to where the guards where. After that I position myself so that I had a good line of sight at the stairs.

I move back to the guards position and start checking for any other possible areas that might get breached.
There are a few weak points in the walls between the hall and outside. The stairs leading down are weaken and could easily be broken so slow down the infected to the point only two guards would need to stay but the only way down would be a broken shaft.
"No stealth gear right now but I could probably get past them ... might be rather hard though." I say sizing up what it would take to get past the bloats and the infected. The four grenades I had left would deal some serious damage to the infect but not so much the bloats and would also damage the equipment.

I drop the wall I had on the outside and look around. Jessica and Jor-sha could finish patching up the few weak spots and Saiko was busy fiddling with her little contraption. "hmmm not a lot to do here right now ... and it wouldn't be hard for me to keep any infected bottled up on the stairway so long as I have a breather between waves ..."

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