Hello, any good clans offering?

First of all, i am very noob at this mp game atm. I just started last Thursday and i have been losing. I might need some coaching if anyone is willing to help me to improve my skills and give some tactics.

I play Zerg most of the time cause it is my favorite race. Will try Protoss and Terran later on the track.

I play ON Southeast Asia server
My recommendation is to join mGG chat on the SEA Server and start hanging out in there, if you ask for help in there someone will usually give it.
Yes. mGG has the most people on the SEA server, usually.

However, if you feel that finding a game becomes too difficult for you, then just transfer to the NA region.
The difficulty here is relatively the same.
A few people are watching this forums. Me, included.
Though I am not so good at this game, I can give you some pointers on what to do.
You may add me in-game, and when I come online, you may message me and ask for a few tips.

You shouldn't worry about your league placement, initially.
This game is kinda hard to operate until you learn the ropes properly.

If you don't know how to add friend, just click on add friends in the friends list when you open the game > add character friend > name and number (example: NoViCE #582) > add friend.
You can find a person/player's number by clicking the arrow pointing down to open the drop down menu beside his name in his post. The arrow pointing down beside my name will expand and show you my in-game I.D. number. (Which is 582).
This number and name is only applicable to the NA region, for the SEA region, I'm going to have to find you (or, you'll going to have to find me) personally, in-game.

Good luck, have fun! :D
i will add u. I might transfer to NA since SEA is just hard players. lol

Thanks. I may as well join the clan if it is possible. How do i join the clan?
Is it possible if i join the clan?
01/13/2014 04:50 AMPosted by xSoulsx
Is it possible if i join the clan?

Yup and it's the best way to enjoy starcraft imo.

The main thing clans do is hold clan wars "most" weekends and it's a really large and great scene to be involved with so if you intent to apply it should really be with the aim of getting involved in the wars. They hold them at all levels including bronze league so it's a good way to give purpose to playing ladder during the week to prep for games and hang in the skype chat etc.

Otherwise just hang out in the clans chat and get to know people in there and be a social member of it.

My recommendation is to hang out in mGG and chat with Nemesis, she's the clan leader and the best person you can ever talk to online ever.

You can also check out sc2sea.com, that's where the clans are organised from.
+1 mGG (no bias haha)
My 2nd recommendation is to chat with Rezyn, he is by far the best person to hang you can ever talk with offline as his Barcrafts are amazing.

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