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Seraphim chuckles collapsing the tent back into a bag with a quick snap of the bottom flap and passes it to KO;
"By all means, try scanning it for anything out of the ordinary. I've gotten this thing through so many high-end security searches it's not even funny."
He casts a quick glance at it.

"Wow, that's quite the good proofing. That should be acceptable. Now, you're going to have a partner on this mission. However, the individual I'm planning to send with you is... a little unusual. OK, he's completely nuts. He's not to know any of the mission's real details. He'll be your cover, in a way. We're going to mess with his memory a bit, and he'll think the two of you are actually working for the Guild. Make sure you get him out too, though. Fewer lawsuits that way."
"Well the train way is always the funnest! You just haul somebody over to a set of tracks and shove their faces out until you see the bright light at the end of the tunnel, and shove their entire body in. They always scream, and then the driver screams, and then you laugh at your easy victory!" I educate the door as I show the movement, I had that !@#$ down.
"Wow! That sounds very effective! You must be very good at fighting."
Arching an eyebrow, Seraphim scratches his head;
"So... am just supposed to throw him in with the doc or something?"
"Well... that could work. It would probably be the simplest solution. He might object, but I think he would object more to being interrogate by the Mercenaries' Guild."
Knarled, you aren't thinking this through... You are saying throwing a deranged psychopath in an enclosed space with someone and a bunch of artifacts is a good idea.

"HELL YEAH, I AM! Though punches are boring usually. I prefer my big !@# sword that has sent a few scientists into mental breakdowns." I reply to the door.
"That sounds cool! I tried to get into Iaido (which is Japanese sword training), but I couldn't do it because I don't... have... hands."

It sighs in frustration.

"Does your sword do bonus psyche damage against scientists?"
"We know the roof is poorly guarded and the doors and gate are rather heavily guarded. However, they have three ways in once through the gate with a fourth unguarded wall. Suppose we drop some kind of heavy weaponry on the roof, automated of course to minimize casualties, to take out the guards up there. That will force them to better guard the roof, lowering the number of guards on the ground." I draw a circle around a small point on the wall with no guards remotely near it.

"Once they move all those extra men up to the roof, we can set a small, quiet charge on the wall and blow an entry there. We extract the same way. However, I'll still require the motorcycle to get in over the fence I informed your brother I needed. Plus, as I think about it, does anyone here carry explosives of the grenadular type? Because there's a good chance that's a break room or similarly filled with guards room."
"Makes sense. I'd like the device now, so I can get things set up.. Also, how much space do you think I'll need to transport the pair of them?"
He asks.
GO -

"Hm... that might work. Notice this, though..."

The table flares up into the holomap of the facility.

"The only way into the vault area is in the very center, where the ventilation tube and turbolift go down to the lower levels. Now, don't worry about getting back out again. All you need to do is get to the vault. The vault contains our target. Once you're there, we'll be able to open a portal to get you back out."

KO -

"I wouldn't say you'll need much. Actually, I take that back. We probably don't want to confine a psychopath and a valuable scientist in close quarters. Could you store them separately?"

A human female enters the room and leaves a device on the table.

"There's that. Careful with it, it's quite expensive."
I chuckle, looking between the shaft of the ventilation system and the lift. "Well then, rather than ride the lift, we dive down it's shaft." Putting away from double bladed DITE, I pull out one of my iron strings DITE, made from ruby DITE ore, and smile. "Restoration." It turns into a sword hilt with the blade missing and I produce a string of Kei, twirling it slightly. "Here's my way down, can't speak for the others."
Seraphim nods, expanding the bag back out into a tent in the corner;
"That I can do."
Taking a careful look over the tent's interior, Seraphim changes it up with a few snaps & hand gestures. The shelves & liquid mirror vanish, the walls becoming a metallic concrete like substance, a solid wall of the stuff dividing the interior in half, a forcefield projector over each doorway. Forming a small niche in the dividing wall, he takes the device and carefully stores it in the slot;
"That aught to do the trick."
GO -

He furrows his brow and thinks. "That's borderline suicidal... and it just might work." He looks at the others, and falls into a large, comfy looking chair. "Thoughts?"

KO -

"That should work perfectly. Now, if you don't mind, I'll call your comrade to be in here. Careful with your words."

Lobby -

The receptionist glances up.

"Derek Walters? First door on the left, please."

The door creaks sadly.

"Aw... well, I will see you later Mr. Walters! If you don't get badly killed! It was fun to talk to you!"
"My sword doesn't just do bonus damage, it flat out incapacitates them! Though it may just be because scientists have very low health points..." I look over to the door and sigh. "Good bye, Mr. Door-fu, it was fun indeed and I won't get killed!" I walk over to the left side door, prancing about as I do so. I calmly push through, not wanting to get my !@# whooped again, and see the cyber-roach. "Damn son... That's one nice set up there!"
"Well, if stealth is how we're going to be getting into the vault, wouldn't high explosives set off the fire alarms, and the loud noise would alert any others nearby?" Noct asks, thinking.

"Some Electric Shock Grenades would be much more quiet, and they would not release the smoke that would potentially set off fire alarms. Would your weapons development firm be willing to release a few for our use, sir?"
"For the record, breaching charges, don't release a very loud noise or smoke. It's simply the grenades that will be the issue."
"According to this map and the data represented here, they vent toxic, superheated exhaust out through the roof. As you can see, this is done through the only ventilation shaft in the entire facility which ends in the roof. Collapsing this ventilation shaft and flooding the lower levels with whatever toxic spew that's being pumped out will kill anything living in a matter of minutes. It would also raise the temperature of the facility, especially the lower levels to dangerous levels."

"Of course, this has the risk of destroying the turbolifts and the facility will be something like a radioactive goldmine. But there are stairs and I expect plenty of dead guards so it'll be an easy one way stroll to the vault."

"All we need to do is drop a bomb of sufficient force (I already calculated the necessary amount of force and energy) and detonate it at this point right below the first filter. There should be enough debris from the resulting explosion to choke the air flow and redirect it to the lower levels of the facility."

"We'll still have the upper level guards to deal with but they will have bigger matters to deal with than the four of us such as cleaning up a burning and toxic facility. And treating their wounded. Probably evacuating too. They'll be too distracted either way."
"I can't agree with that, especially since you assume that there's people in the lower level. If you do that, all you've done is made our job that much more difficult, especially if the temperature of the facility rises up too high. Then our objective is useless."
01/25/2014 01:29 PMPosted by Zarkun
"I can't agree with that, especially since you assume that there's people in the lower level. If you do that, all you've done is made our job that much more difficult, especially if the temperature of the facility rises up too high. Then our objective is useless."

"Why would there not be people in the lower levels? Civilians, guards, burning debris, the more collateral damage and confusion, the easier it is to slip in. And besides, access to the vault won't be cut off. As for the temperature, all you need is a suit able to withstand such temperatures. Are you scared of a little fire?"

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