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Yes, we redeemed him after a long and fierce battle, many of our troops were inquired.
*Transmission from Char*

Khalazar: You Tyranids dare incur my wrath! I will show you what the Heart of the Void can do!

*Shows an experimental lab*

Khalazar: You see, your Dagon Overlord provided us with key genetic sequences to clone Tyranids.

*Shows a Termangaunt being cloned*

Khalazar: If you dare attack me again, I will unleash these Tyranid Clones on you and it will be entertaining to see you be destroyed by your own weapons!

*Transmission cuts*

Hivemind: They think their clones are stronger than us? Fool! Pure Tyranids are superior to their clones. Let Khalazar come, we shall see exactly how Void his heart is when we rip it out!
*Undermind's Hive Cluster*

Undermind: This is going too slowly, I need that army faster!

*Injects adrenaline into drones, but they are still not fast enough*

Undermind: Bah! If I cannot get this Hive functioning faster, my father would be destroyed by Khalazar. Drones on double-time, I need those minerals!

*Suddenly spots something crawling towards him*

*Hydralisk blades appear in the Undermind's hands*

Crawling thing: Found heir to Swarm. Will serve. Army incomplete. Can offer more troops.

Undermind: Abathur?

Abathur: Correct. Acting as host to Anuzarg as well. Anuzarg body stolen by Mentalope. Will take time to re-acquire. Anuzarg will speak to you.

Anuzarg: Hello.

Undermind: Hello?

Anuzarg: Yes, I thought we might start off a bit politely because I need your help. You see, most of my brood has been stolen, so I need your help.

Undermind: Same here. Khalazar stole most of the Zerg Swarm.

Anuzarg: I could help.

Undermind: What makes you think I need your help?

Anuzarg: Seeing as Khalazar has a majority of our forces, I think it is best if we worked together.

Undermind: Fine, but you don't dare betray me.

Anuzarg: You have my word.
We must prepare for a strike against the Metalopes.
I apologize for my absence been busy lately.

One question who is Khalazar?
1: Hes a Metalope (a new villian)

2: Message undermind and anuzarg in game to remind the me of the roleplay,
Actually, Khalazar is not, repeat NOT, a Mentalope. Khalazar is more widely know as The Voice in The Darkness, or The Living Heart of the Void. It is an ancient, chaotic, and nihilistic void-based deity that was the sworn enemy of the Xel'Naga. It hated the Xel'Naga because it believed that the Xel'Naga's alterations of nature was in defiance of the natural order of things. The Xel'Naga, loving all forms of life, could not bring themselves to kill the Voice, but instead trapped him within a planet. It, in retaliation, possibly corrupted Amon into allying with the Void. The Voice eventually broke free, wrecked havoc against the Protoss and Terrans, and eventually disappeared into space. If a protoss fleet perused him, he would not have been able to gather his power and form the Mentalope armada. The Mentalopes worship him, and I believe that they may be Void-Beings, spawned out of the Void and created to sow terror across the Universe. The Voice in The Darkness believes itself to be the One True God of all things, and thus believes that he can use every living thing as a toy or as a puppet. Think Cthulu, except he isn't a humanoid squid drake. In fact, Khalazar has no true physical form, and manifests itself as an endless abyss of Dark and Fear. His goals appear to be the destruction of all opposition to him and the enslavement of all life.
He is actually a real starcraft character. Here is the wiki page.
OK thanks for the information.
The Terror Swarm is ready tell me the time and place and my army and I will bee there to do what we do best which is killing all of the enemies in our path.
Undermind speaks true. Razdual, whom is now dead, touched the crystal and released the Heart of the Void. Razdual was mind-controlled into service. Razdual was only the beginning of their plans sadly enough. The Mentalopes, as Undermind proposed, are not Void-beings however. I believe these creatures are parts of Khalazar himself. Khalazar was named the Voice of Darkness because of the corrupting influence he spreads. Mentalopes can use highly developed mind-control abilities, possibly because they are merely smaller Khalazars. The Undermind faced Khalazar in combat, but the Heart of the Void only needed his energy-manifestation in order to survive. It gets complicated from here. Khalazar requires a physical body in order to unleash his full strength against the Universe, however that body must be strong enough to withstand such power first. What Khalazar needs is an indestructible body. DarkUlrezaj has shown with his X.O.W.G that materials of such properties exist. However, there is a twist. These materials are still destructible if exposed to Khalazar's power, so something is needed to bind it together. This is the reason why Khalazar split himself into an entire Mentalope armada. A Mentalope has to merge with a living non-Void creature to create a dampened Mentalope. This creature is now able to re-merge with Khalazar. When all Mentalopes have been dampened and re-merged, Khalazar is now a weaker creature than he was before, weak enough that the materials of the X.O.W.G can bind together using the powers of the Argus Stone. The merging between Mentalope and living creature also requires an artifact, the Essence Collector. Once Khalazar can inhabit his new body, he can strengthen himself by reversing the effects of the Essence Collector and all is lost.

Summary: Stop Khalazar from gaining the Argus Stone. He has possessed the Zerg Swarm, so the Essence Collector is with him. And he also has enough Tyranids, Demon Zerg and Zerg to merge with every Mentalope. Undermind has the Stone with him now.
The Tyranids will be ready with the remaning forces we have, many have been mind controlled and I do think we should rescue DarkUlrezaj...................if he is still alive.
*Transmission from a distant world*

Anuzarg: Alright, let us assemble our forces and stop Khalazar. Avalanche and kani, I'd hate to say this but pull out of the Koprulu Sector. Track this transmission to our location and we shall rally our forces. Our utmost priority is to defend the Argus Stone until we know the source of X.O.W.G material Khalazar is hoping to take. DarkUlrezaj could probably tell us.

*Transmission cuts*

*Koprulu Sector is abandoned to the Mentalopes and possessed creatures*

*Hive Fleet Leviathan*

Swarmlord: Great Hivemind, we have located the Undermind.

Hivemind: Good bring us closer. Wait, what is coming?

*A flock of Mutalisks and Undead protoss corsairs approaching*

Avalanche: Turn around!

*Possessed Hive Ships and Demon spacecraft appear*

*Fierce battle ensues*

*Undermind's leviathan appears carrying the Argus Stone. It fires a beam of light that destroys an enemy Hive Ship.*

*Khalazar's voice echoes from every Mentalope*

Khalazar: So? You hope to keep the Stone hidden from me? To foolishly try defend it while I grow in power? Haha, I am the One True God, I know everything. And I can do everything.

*Focuses attacks on Undermind*

Kani: Defend him!

*All ships try to defend the Undermind, but the Argus Stone is revealed.*

Khalazar: It is mine!

*A Mentalope reaches out but does not take the Argus Stone. Undermind snatched it first and blasts the closest enemy ship into ash. Before a nearby Mentalope can grab it, he throws it to Kani.*

*Kani, on another ship, fires a shot and throws it to Anuzarg.*

*Anuzarg focuses dark energy through it and resurrects a friendly Hive Ship. He throws it to Avalanche.*

*Avalanche and several zoanthropes focus energies into the Stone and it destroys three ships.*

*The throwing continues until only one ship is left*

Khalazar; Fools! You cannot defend it forever! I will find it and when I do, I will create my ultimate body and make sure you are punished painfully and....

*Undermind fires a shot and destroys the last ship*

Anuzarg: Khalazar was right about one thing, we cannot defend the Stone forever. However, we know how the Xel'naga trapped Khalazar before from Undermind's studies. We know that they can trap him, but we'll do something different, we'll kill him. We would need to manufacture the greatest Nuclear Missile of all time in order to destroy him. We would need the Essence Collector, for what energy is stronger than that of Essence? The Argus Stone is needed to augment the energies. We also need that indestructible material to function as the warhead. Once that is completed, we trap Khalazar in his prison while he is weakened and drop the Nuke in with him. Essence focused by the power of the Argus Stone would destroy him. Undermind, you have the greatest knowledge of Char. Would you like to infiltrate it and take back the Collector? Avalanche, I believe Khalazar has schematics to clone your Tyranids. If you would steal them for us, we would have enough Essence to power the Nuke. Kani, I heard that Tyrael, your arch-enemy, knows where DarkUlrezaj, and as such the source of indestructible material, lies. Please search him out, it would help us greatly. I will stay here and protect the Stone. I will send transmissions to aid you when I can.

*Everyone sets off to create the Greatest Nuke. Or the Bane of Khalazar.*
*at the construction site for the Greatest Nuke, the Undermind quickly swipes the Argus Stone without anyone noticing, and escapes on his leviathan. Without the Overmind to control him, the Undermind has been a warrior with no lord, a destroyer without a driving force. And so, a new agenda sparks within the feral, independent mind of the Supreme Zerg.*


*Unermind laughs maniacally as he clutches the most powerful object in the universe in his hand. The Overmind senses his son s treachery.*

Overmind: No! I must escape Khalazar's control and convince my child to work with my allies. Without me, he has no reason to work with or for the swarm, or for anyone but himself. I must reason with him!

*Overmind begins to plan a way of escaping Khalazar's mind. Meanwhile, The Undermind plans to uses the Argus Stone to create an army of flying, acid shooting brutalisk zerg abominations of destruction (I cant think of a name)*

*Khalazar senses the creation of the new (Brutamination?) legion*

Khalazar: The fool, I knew he would do something like this. Mentalopes! Use our greatest weapon against this threat. This time kill everything. No prisoners, not even the Undermind. KILL THEM ALL!

*Mentalope armada sets off*

Khalazar: Soon, after your son and your allies are destroyed, I will make my new body and destroy this Universe that the Xel'naga have ruined. How does that sound, Overmind?

Overmind: *silence*

Khalazar: Ha, you cannot even say any......arrrrrrrrggggghhhh!

*Overmind 's power lashes out at Khalazar. Khalazar cannot wield his full might and so is ejected from the Overmind*

Khalazar: Fool, I will not be killed! No, no. Arrrrrggggh! If I cannot control you, then you will die!

*Khalazar attacks the Overmind with extreme psionic energy. But even in the face of death, the Overmind does not cower. He never cowered, not before Tassadar. because he had a plan. And he still had one now.*

Khalazar: *Scared* Why are you still smiling?

Overmind: You can destroy my energy form so I can never exist, you can destroy my corpse and my mind, but guess what Khalazar? It does not end there. I have plotted through the ages, laying out great plans. I made certain my death would not go without meaning once, and now I shall again.My death does not benefit you in the long run. I have the strongest essence, so it shall power the Bane of Khalazar. *Tendrils activate the Essence Collector* See you in Hell. *Overmind's essence gets sucked into the Collector and Khalazar destroys the rest.*

Khalazar: At least with his death, the zerg are now undirected. They are now feral.

*Looks around and sees all zerg abandoning Char at once*

Khalazar: They are directed? But how? Oh no.

*In space.*

Undermind: Come to me my Swarm! I am heir of the Overmind and now I will rule in his place. My father has sadly passed on, but we shall avenge him! I am the new Overmind! I will take the name of Undermind until the day I pass on, but now I am to be respected like the Overmind himself! I rule the Swarm now! For the Overmind!
Undermind: Wait, The Overmind is dead.....oh.

*The Undermind realizes he is lost without his master, and begins to panic.*

Undermind: What am I going to do. I am a warrior and commander, not a Master. I am a General, not a Supreme Over-Intelligence. I can't lead the Zerg. I will need the help of my Cerebrate kin. Abathur, you say you modified Zagara to give her greater physical strength and Mental prowess, correct?

Abathur: Yes, but process is slow, and painful. Besides, Overmind modified and evolved you over vast Millenia. Perhaps beyond my knowledge.

Undermind: I don't care. Do whatever you can to make me more powerful. I need to be physically, genetically, and mentally fit to control the swarm.

Abathur: Kerrigan lead without my help, if you insist, will begin work upon command.

Undermind: Begin work immediately.
Hivemind: "Hmmmm, let us defend Char while zerg recover."

Dagon Overlord:" Protect? We should worry bout us."

Hivemind: "Hush child, i will bring overseer Kel'zanud to help with decisions.

Kel'zanud: " I suggest asking the Undead swarm and Terror Swarm to defend Char and use it as a forward staging ground."

Swarmlord: " I will go in with Anuzarg and Avalanche to rescue DarkUlrezaj before his possible execution."

*Kel'zunad's hive fleet, Hive fleet Terror, appears over char, with his personal hive ship named Naxxtramos, followed by The Hivemind's personal fleet quickly warp along with Avalanche's, Swarmlord's, Dagon Overlord's, and Red Terror's.*
*Construction site of the Bane of Khalazar*

*Anuzarg has re-taken his body, but not his brood, after a battle with Mentalopes*

Undead queen: We have received a call from a Tyranid named Kel'zanud. He requests we come to Char.

Anuzarg: Char? What are they doing at Char? Aren't they stealing the cloning schematics for Tyranids?

Undead queen: It is hard to say. But we could assume Char has something to do with it,

Anuzarg: So long as they get back on track. We've had enough delay with the Argus Stone missing. Anyway, this Kel'zanud sounds like the Lord of the Dead's assistant, Kel'thuzad. You think they are related?

Undead queen: That I do not know, but I guess that their names are merely coincidental. He is pure Tyranid.

Anuzarg: I need an assistant. Zasz and Abathur didn't last long. Hmmm......

Undead queen: I will prepare the ships.

*Anuzarg wanders to a graveyard. The place where this world's inhabitants had died."

Anuzarg: O' Lord of the Dead, your servant calls. I am your sword in this realm, to do the deeds you wish, but this sword requires another to aid it. I ask for another of your fine generals, One that can be relieved of service in your realm, so as to continue service in this one.

*Black smoke rises from the ground and the shadow of the Lord is seen. The Lord nods and sends forth one of his generals.*

Anuzarg: Welcome to this realm.... Kel'thuzad.
Undermind: Hmm.. should I work with anuzarg and my other allies, or should I use the stone to forge my own path of conquest?

*Undermind thinks about who he should side with: his allies, or himself.*

Undermind: Well, it is prophesied that whoever or whatever holds the Argus Stone will rule the universe. So, with it, I guess I am unstoppable. So, who needs my allies? I, The Undermind, and my swarm, stand ALONE. I do not need my allies. I will not attack them, and I will treat them with respect, as long as they stay out of my way. I will rule the Universe, and I will TRULY find perfection. The Overmind wanted the stone because it was the one thing between us and perfection. Now, without the Overmind, perfection is impossible. However, I shall now give the swarm a new purpose. With the powers of the Argus Stone, I shall control and create. we may not be able to achieve perfection, but WE WILL HAVE REVENGE! TO THE MENTALOPE ARMADA! THEY SHALL BURN!!!!!!

*Undermind and his flying brutalisk/guardian whatevers travel to the mentalope fleet. The Zerg are wining, with the power of the Argus Stone. Soon, the Mentalopes are in retreat, and the Undermind speaks.*

Undermind: See, Khalazar? I AM IN CONTROL!!!

*Undermind= gone mad with power. Only The Overmind can convince him back to working with his allies.*

Khalazar: The Undermind thinks he can defeat me. He thinks that he is the equal of his dead father. Wrong. My Mentalopes are the undefeated ones. Without his allies, he cannot hope to stop me from building the perfect body that will destroy him. He may have the power of the Swarm and his new creations, but they are only as smart as their leader. He has no logic, no sense, no vision. And so he will die.

*Mentalopes regroup and assault the Undermind*

Undermind: You're back again? You stupid creatures never learn. *Unleashes the Swarm*

*Sudden shockwave of energy blasts the swarming mutalisks back.*

Mentalope: Behold the channeled might of the hybrids! *Slaved hybrids from Amon feed another blast to a Xel'naga artifact. The artifact sends out a shockwave from the power and decimates the Swarm.*

Undermind: Your little toy cannot stop me! I have the Argus Stone and I will reign supreme! *Fires a beam of light at the artifact*

Mentalope: It actually worked! He fell for it! *Adjusts artifact's energy pathing and the Argus Stone gets attracted to it*

Undermind: What?

*The Stone escapes his grasp and the Mentalopes, with their prize, warp back to Char*

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