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Sizing up the hand a moment before shaking it firmly, I shake my own head in frustration. "Unfortunately, no. All I remember is a name the this recent revelation. Well, and how to disassemble someone's spine vertebrae by vertebrae, among other painful things. Do you?"
Oswald's eyes widen greatly at the disassembly portion of Jerus' answer. "Um, uh, n-no, O-only that I might be ex-military..." Oswald replies, clearly cautious and somewhat fearful. Pulling his hand away he looks up slightly, but keeps Jerus in his vision. Upon seeing the falling debris Oswald's eyes try to widen more so. "What the hell is going on?"
I follow Oswald's gaze up towards the falling rocks and frown behind my faceplate, shaking my head again. "I don't know, but I can't shake the feeling that we're in a bad place right here. Let's get up in the trees, use them to move towards some smoke I saw just a little further south. With any luck," I look back towards the smoke, though it was invisible in the darkness, "we'll find other people there who might have a better grasp on what's going on than we do."
"Probably... Though I may have a little bit of a problem get through the trees." Oswald looks around, not seeing any smoke in the night sky. "Uh, do you know which way it is? 'Cause if you don't, I think I might be able to find it out."
I look around, finding my earlier perch in the trees before the migraine because of the disturbed snow.I then point south of it. "Yep. Thankfully there was some snow on the branch I was resting in when you came across me. We go that way from it and we'll be fine."
"Okay, good... Now to tackle the problem of me trying to leap from tree to tree without slipping and doing a face plant into the snow. Again." Oswald sighs, looking at the nearest tree and then down at himself.
"You're long and gangly, perfect for it. All it takes is a little trust in your balance." Taking a running start at a tree, I swing my scythe back up and hook the lower branch, swinging around and onto it again then holstering the weapon. I then offer a hand to Oswald. "Now or never."
Oswald inhales deeply before letting it out, taking Jerus' hand, coming up onto the branch he attempts to jump at the next one, hitting it with his chest, beckoning an "oof," though luckily not hard enough to wind him. His arms lock around the branch and he begins pulling himself up, having a little bit of trouble until he manages to get one of his legs up and onto it.
"Climbing is the tricky part, moving from branch to branch like running on the ground," I watch Oswald climbing the tree, "should hopefully be much easier for you."
"Time. Night fell."
I say to the fellow on top of the wreaked gunship. Catching sight of fall debris behind him;
"That doesn't look good."
"Right..." I say looking up. "Yeah. Doesn't bode well with me... Maybe we should try to set up a camp, I myself feel cold... Think we should go get some firewood?"
"Its still pretty warm in here ... though some sort of heat source would be nice ..."
"Yeah... finding dry firewood in all this snow is going to be fun."
I say with a disgusted growl;
"However, the wreckage should stay warm enough till morning, after that though, we're going to need to find somewhere a little more hospitable."
"Works for me." I say sliding down.
"I just hope this place doesn't have an unfriendly nightlife..."
I mutter under my breath, gesturing to him get inside.
"Hope only gets one so far..." I say to myself walking in. "I don't believe we've made proper introductions, I am... well, I remember going by Korozain." I say, trying to think afterwards.
OOC: yeah sorry guys i've got finals coming up next week so i can't really RP, feel free to control my character if you need to advance the plot or something like that.
OOC: Alright, the whole forums are moving really slow anyways so its fine. I'll prob have your guy meet up with us if SF actually posts...
"Did you not just watch me slam into this !@#$ing thing?" Oswald retorts with a bitter tone in his voice. Standing up he tries to jumps again, his feet landing perfectly on the branch, but the snow gathered upon the tree branch causes him to continue and fall off the tree into the snow. Getting up throwing curses around the Harris begins just stomping across the ground. "I'm not trying that again!"

I was actually waiting for Sneak to post, so I could deal with two situations at once. But because of this, I suppose I shall post now.
"Jeremiah Williams-Smith. Call me Zeb."
I say, offering Korozain a hand.

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