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IK this is kinda late but i decided why not give it a shot.

Name: Dante Jack
Age: 20
Weapons :

Sky Cutter: a mystical Ring that creates a blade made of holy energy (think halo energy sword but instead of 2 prongs more like a broadsword blade)

Magic Rings: Rings crafted with magic runes which allows them to bend an element to its will to perform a specific task(rings that are in his possession are listed under abilities). they are powerful but take time to change. a maximum of 2 rings can be active at one time.


Defend(active): A wall of Earth comes up from in front of Dante to protect him from projectiles and other damage for 5 seconds

Blast(Active): The ring blasts fireballs at the given direction at a speed of 1 every 1 second.

Hurricane(Active): shoots a strong gust of wind in the target direction the ring is facing.

Freeze(Active): Dante slams the ring into the ground to freeze the legs units in front of him

Backstory: Dante came from a line of craftsmen that didn't hunt monsters but enchanted the weapons of those that did so they had magical properties. through the years the amount of monster hunters egan to wane, giving more time for Dante's father to invent the rings. Magical items that contained a molded rune stone inside them which allowed the user to bend an element to his will to perform a specific task. His father gave the rings to Dante at the age of 16 and taught him how to use them. at 18 Dante ventured out into the world, protecting not only his own town but those in the area. Rumours began to spread about the "magician" monster hunter. Soon after he was contacted by Von Helsing to help them fight the evils that lurked within the world.
Appearance: Black hair, Blue eyes, Standard build. Usually wears a trench coat and jeans.
Alright, now that I remember this, first, ditch energy blade. The whole dark energy thing particularly. In this RP, dark energy is evil, therefore, you'd need a light energy. For True Blade, ditch the increased strength or the material cutting. I can't allow both for a balanced reason. Then for Faster than the Eye, how in the hell does a normal mortal achieve that?
alright i changed it completely
01/31/2014 12:17 AMPosted by Zarkun
there is technically no magic on Darkova. Most of it is dark and twisted

02/08/2014 01:15 PMPosted by Zarkun
I stand by what I said on the magic. It's not that I'm worried about OP. It's that I'd rather we stick to the base of magic is inherently evil because of it's general source, regardless of his magic's source. The only "good" magic is holy magic, which isn't really magic.

There's my response to your magic rings. The sword is fine, I actually imagine the sword from Halo: Combat Evolved, not the Anniversary edition either. The original blade was that right there and you couldn't use it. Bugged the sh!t out of me. I...actually didn't have much issue with the other things, just asked you to tone it down and then provide an explanation.
I look foward to seeing you in the actual Rp Darkra! Hope you enjoy it :)
Name: Richard Tenney.
Age: 28.
Weapons: A small collection of family firearms. Is well practiced with most, particularly the .270 rifle. Is fortunate enough to possess a small stockpile of silver ammunition in addition to ordinary bullets. The stockpile was created by his grandfather and hasn't been drawn on in years.


Marksman (passive): Rich is skilled with a rifle.
Mechanic (passive): The skill to fix almost anything, from a car to a computer, can often come in handy.
Warded (passive): Spending his entire life surrounded by Holy wards has made Rich less delicious than most humans.
Critical Shot: Rich knows how mechanical and biological bodies work, and knows exactly where to put a bullet in either to slow it down.

Backstory: Born on Darkova to Randall and Martha Tenney. Has a sibling named Rachel and a cousin named Tenney. Otherwise, no close relatives remain alive. Rachel is a successful businesswoman who spends most of her time on Korhal (with regular visits to Darkova... yes, she can afford that). Clayton is with the Church, and Rich never asks what he does. Rich inherited the family house, which his great grandfather Calvin Tenney constructed so as to be defensible against attacks from unnatural creatures.

Rich was raised with farming and firearms. He always hated farming, so he's been slowing phasing that out of his life ever since his parents died. He works as a computer technician, fixing people's personal devices in his house and driving into town to perform systems maintenance. He makes a decent living, supplemented by the meager produce generated by the farm's remaining stock.
I suppose he adds up. I'd like one genuine ability, maybe a passive. Gunslinger or something that explains his skill with weapons.
Fixed to fit. Even gave him an active.
Name- Kain Von Blackstock
Melee- Black steel Katana- The BSK has always been in the Blackstock's family dating back hundreds of years. The blade seems to repair itself even when thought to have been fully destroyed. The blade seems to want to find it master even when lost it will be found later by its owner.
Ranged- Throwing knives- Kain has always distrusted newer weapons preferring to be close to the combat but when he can't he throws one of his trusty Knives. He has made sure to carve a seal of Anubis in each knife
Phantom eye- Kain can see invisible enemies during combat and able to see when people are lying or hiding things outside of combat however it only works some of the time when in combat. It also just increases the chances of finding out if someone is lieing. [Passive]
The Black Flame- Kain summons a pillar of black flames from the floor burning enemies to death in seconds[ Active]
Herbalist- Kain understands how all plants can effect a person or monster he also has knowledge of how to find them or grow them himself [Passive]
Backstory (sorry I love making lore’s so this maybe long) The Blackstock family fled to Darkova after being chased from their ancestral home for crimes of black magic and witchcraft. Three generations have been raised in Darkova with Kain being the third. At the age of 15 Kain witness his whole family killing as a Vampire clan attack their farm house. After the attack Kain went to the grave yard of his family and dug out his family's sword only known as the Black Steel Blade (It’s a Katana but still they called it a blade). As he finished digging the blade up a Monster Hunter made a deal with him to Train Kain and gave him the power to kill the vampires and their undead servants that had killed his family. Kain Accepted and started to hunt the undead and anything else that stood in his way. After 22 years Kain meet Alistair at a bar who offered Kain work and a place to stay again he accepted.
Appearance- Kain has long black wavy hair he wears a dark cow leather duster. He has an eye patch over his right eye. His other eye is an almost black brown. For the rest look up old English time clothing. He also wears a black missionary long brim hat with a black raven feather in it.
Zarkun, could I get some info on werewoves and magic? Is the taint of lychanthropy enough for some of the werewolves to have access to magic? Or is it some sort of specific/different thing for creatures of the night?

I ask because I have a werewolf caster that might encounter my inquisitor (again) and I want to know if 'Spellwolf' is more appropriate a term than 'tainted-wolf' or something like that.

EDIT: As you may recall the werewolves of the were-wars had a unique 'bullet shield' magic that let them cast Dalek like shields, in addition to some having the ability to generate flame.
Well, actually, each taint, as I established in the were-wars, is also given a different elemental magic based on a couple factors. The first is, obviously, what clan bit you. The second is the sort of climate, very loosely meant, the clan lived in on Earth. The bullet shield was only the Hi Okami as they were the Fire wolves. But to answer your original question, Spellwolf is accurate.
Name: Relasta (no surname)

Age: 16

Weapons: Dual sentient short swords named Andl’at (Death) and Fyst (Passion). Each blade possesses its own personality and powers, both being made of a foreign and unique metal with unknown properties

collapsible sniper rifle


Life Siphon (active/passive): Injuries inflicted by Andl’at draw on the victim’s life force, healing Relasta’s injuries

Battle High (active/passive): Fyst amplifies Relasta’s emotions, sensations, and combat abilities, turning her into an uncontrollable and unstoppable whirlwind of death, not distinguishing friend from foe.


Relasta: An unusual girl, to put it lightly. Born on the fringe world of Theld, her father was killed in the Guild wars when she was 5, during a raid orchestrated by her mother and her Kel-Morian lover. After moving to Moria to live with her adopted father, Relasta found that she hated her new life, and at the age of 10 promptly forsook her last name and ran away. After spending the next two and a half years roaming from planet to planet, she eventually settled on another fringe world called Danya. There she was taken in by a kindly blacksmith and his wife, who eventually came to care for her like she was their own daughter. The blacksmith taught her forging, and at the age of 13, driven by strange dreams at night, she completed her first sword, which she named Andl’at, an ancient Earth word meaning Death. Much to her surprise, Andl’at spoke to her, though how an inanimate piece of metal could be sentient neither of them knew. Despite the strange occurrence, Relasta was still driven by her dreams, and set about crafting her second blade, which she named Fyst, another ancient word meaning Passion. Much like her first, Fyst spoke to her, bearing a markedly different personality. Taking up her two swords, Relasta finally felt as though she could be happy.

The next time she woke, she found herself drenched in blood, the entire village ruthlessly slaughtered by her blades, at her hand. Grief stricken, but unable to destroy the two blades that she had lovingly crafted, both of whom called her their “Mother”, she returned to roaming the stars, driven by her “daughters” twin hungers.

She now comes to Darkova, having heard rumours of the strange events taking place there, in search of answers for her blades’ mysterious nature, and a means to once again find peace, both for her “daughters”, and her own growing violent nature.

Andl’at: One of two mysterious blades, Andl’at exists only to kill. Her earliest memories are of the forge in which she was crafted, and Relasta singing as she worked on her. She was born with a thirst for life, which can never be fully quenched, and if allowed to go unmanaged will cause whomever holds her to go on a murderous rampage, as Relasta found out. Well aware of her status as a weapon of death, she looks at life through cold logic and reason. Despite this, she is not without emotions: like many sibling relationships, her sister Fyst occasionally manages to get a rise out of her. She also loves her “mother” dearly, and will go to any length to preserve her life and that of her “family”. Holding a certain level of guilt for Relasta’s crimes, she puzzles over how two inanimate blades were able to gain sentience.

Fyst: Her name means passion, and she lives up to it. From the first moment that Fyst realized she was alive, she wanted to live and do things, and as far as she’s concerned, the fact that “doing things” means cutting people into little pieces isn’t her fault. Always happy and playful, Fyst tends to be a little miffed about the fact that her “mother” doesn’t let her out to play very often, and so makes full use of the time that she is. Despite this, she understands Relasta’s guilt better than many think she does, and would never deliberately do something to bring either her mother or sister to harm. She loves teasing her family, and reserves special hatred for anyone who seeks to bring them harm.


Relasta: 5’4”, Long crimson hair, held back by a black leather headband, blue eyes. Tan skin, darkened from weeks spent at a forge. Typically keeps her face neutral and stoic, though if one were to look closely one could see the pain and guilt in her eyes. Wears a black leather outfit, black fingerless gloves and black combat boots.

Andl’at: Pitch black blade, approximately 2’ in length, 4” in width, with a black ash wood handle wrapped in black leather. Indecipherable runes cover her length, but due to the blade’s colour can only be seen when the light hits at a certain angle. Carried in a black sheath decorated with silver runes.

Fyst: Bright crimson blade, approximately 2’ in length, 4” in width, with a black ash wood handle wrapped in black leather. Indecipherable runes cover her length, which seem to dance and wink in the right angle of light. Carried in a black sheath decorated with silver runes.
So everyone else is aware, Thunder and Steel's characters are accepted. Please enjoy the RP.
Name: Sabrina Kabraltor
Age: ?
Weapons: Angelic Blade (Saber), Long Rifle
Fortitude (Passive): Starts with a better-than-normal resistance to magics, and better regeneration from wounds.
Expedite (Passive): Able to move at speeds which seem superhuman at least, and can ‘dash’ through the air if she wants to.
Thousand Strikes: Sabrina rushes at a target, unleashing a multiple blows, some attacks at a speed which causes the air to crack loudly.
Backstory: Sabrina suffers from amnesia, and doesn’t remember much of her past. She woke up in the forest one day, unable to remember why she was there. She wandered around the forest, eventually getting into a fight with some animals. She was rescued in the middle of the fight by Kabraltor-family Hunters, who adopted her as their own.
When she returned home, she met most of the family, becoming friends with some of the family while butting heads with the others. She was trained on how to use a dagger, which annoyed her. When she went out on a hunt with her family, she loses her dagger in a fight with werewolves, and without warning, her saber appears in her hands.
As time passed and she got older, she got a lot quicker, outrunning her family with ease. She had an almost expert control of her speed, changing directions at high speeds with little effort. However, as her powers grew without a source, she felt something horrible coming to harm her family…
When she saw, first-hand, the Curse that was put on Tyres, she felt despair, and a sense of purpose. She fought against her possessed brother and the Imps, and brought Tyres out of it. Her family, watching the whole thing, argued and fought over what should be done with him, but to Sabrina, the choice was clear: Help her brother break the curse.
When Tyres woke up, he was exiled, and Sabrina announced that she would go into exile with him; her family begged her to stay. She wouldn’t listen, and the duo left, wandering the land. When word of Alistair looking for Hunters reached the two, Sabrina promised that she would support him no matter the choice he made. When Tyres made the choice to answer the call, she followed.
Appearance: Young women in late teens, slender physique with light blonde hair. Her armor similar in appearance to plate-mail, covering most of her body without restricting her movements. The Plate-mail-like armor colored mostly white over blue clothing. She could pass for a guy if she wore a helmet, but without it, her soft features and bright teal eyes stand out. 5’ 8”

Name: Tyres Kabraltor
Age: 18
Weapons: Short sword, Canister Rifle
The Calling (Passive): Upon taking enough damage or having enough stress put upon his mind, he breaks down, spawning several Imps around him to defend him and kill anything around him.
Bane (Passive): Similar in conditions to the Calling, Bane calls up a talent deep within him, but at a price: His breakdown causes magic to come forward, but he turns against most of those nearby.
Alchemic: With extensive knowledge, improvised grenades and the like can be made from various ingredients, as well as mixes that can accelerate healing.
Backstory : Tyres is born of a relatively rich family who made their money from their services in dealing with Demons and other supernatural entities. Most of the family ended up becoming Hunters as they got older, continuing the family’s legacy of killing. Tyres, however, would go down a different path in killing the supernatural.
In his early life, Tyres extensively studied methods for wards and traps, ways to best defeat other entities without throwing himself into a head-to-head fight. Part of his studies threw him into alchemy, which he embraced with enthusiasm. He was certain that he would be able to live up to his family’s reputation.
Before he reached his teens, two things had happened, one of which he refuses to talk about. The first of these is when Sabrina joins the family as an adopted child. The two of them bonded, becoming fast friends. The second event was the Curse, brought upon him by demons.
The Curse turned the hunter’s life for worse. Imps were bound to him, and under extreme stress, they were unleashed, along with a violent disposition coming over the child, unleashing magic against anyone near him. Friends were injured and people were killed, and Tyres never could forgive himself.
His adopted sister stepped in one such outbreak, and killed both the demons guarding him and knocked him unconscious, preventing him from doing damage. When he woke up, his family pronounced that he was disowned, and forced him into Exile. His sister left with him, determined to help him out despite the words of her family.
When word began to spread of Alistair looking for Hunters, Tyres, with his sister agreeing, went off to find Tobi’s mansion. The both of them were looking for a way to end the Curse, ready to do what is necessary to break it.
Appearance: Younger than he looks due to his curse, making him look around his late thirties. He has a bald head with a short brown beard with blue eyes. He has very little armor, giving him the look of a traveler. He is lean and thin, and carries a few bags on him, mostly containing books and clothes with some alchemic equipment. He is almost always seen with his hood up, covering his features. 5’ 6”
You is good Jester, to make a public acceptance.
05/03/2014 03:26 PMPosted by Zanon
OOC: Inner me is raging. Very much. Jester, nothing against you at all but a passing 'Angels, aw crap' is not the appropriate response.

That would be kind of like you or me going to an army base and seeing Optimus Prime and another autobot at the front gate.

'Wait, those actually exist?!' would probably be a lot higher on your list of thoughts. Consider that there are only two of these beings on the planet at this very moment and they are both standing within 100 yards of you.

Also, they are in a different weight class as far as fighting goes than anything else on the planet. There is a reason why Angels in the Bible say "Do not be afraid."

Rage over.

That said, you did make it halfway with the nervous thing.

I'll take this into the OCC thread.

Okay, I concede that the response was a bit.... lackluster, and I mostly blame myself for not inquiring to Zarkun how often angels are seen, then I could have made a different response. His response and nervousness toward angels is because of the Curse, for obvious reasons.

Plus, no offense to you.... but I can't see a guy who has fought with the undead, werewolves, vamps ect. being all that surprised by the fact that there is angels, especially since the Curse spawns Imps.

Again, I extend my apologies, but that is just my line of thinking.
Not to argue the point too much, because it is ultimately a matter of how you as an individual view Angels in this RP.

But my own view on the situation is that if a vampire is an an infantry man with a rifle and body armor, then an Angel is an M1-A1 Abrams main battle tank.

Your reasoning is accepted, if not agreed with 100%. To quote a D&D character: OOOONWARRRRRRD!
05/03/2014 04:06 PMPosted by Zanon
an Angel is an M1-A1 Abrams main battle tank.

I was thinking more like an Iowa-class battleship, but that works too.

I will try to post tonight.
Name: Izzie Kenzi

Age: 23

- C-10 SMG Variant Model w/Marksman mode
- Semi-Automatic Pistol
- Dirk
- Cloak w/hood
- Clothing
- Utensil kit

- Uncanny Coin of Luck [Passive/Active]
- Top Priority [Passive/Active]

Backstory: Several generations ago, Izzie’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was a great hunter on Darkova and- She didn’t really know anything about him, he was forgotten within the next several generations as it passed. He wasn’t memorable but he was great, a great hunter who knew people. The family doesn’t have any heirlooms as they were all lost in a fire, or they couldn’t find them under the rubble. Now this is where Izzie was born, in a village somewhere on Darkova, one of the ones that were actually safer than certain ones. But then she was quickly abandoned after her parents disappeared, she doesn’t have a clue of what her last name is and instead has a first and middle name given by her adoptive parents who were store owners in the village. So she was taught how to be skilled at reading body language, counting money, and actually selling an item. Of course with some people you would have to use a bit of grease to loosen them up.
Then when she got older, specifically when she became 18, she moved out and started her own Merchant business… more like caravan business really. The first year was rough, the second year was rougher, but the third? The third one offered some reprieve. Thanks to her knowledge of the trade routes and who exports and imports what, it made the prospect of making a small fortune even more obtainable, and because she learned to hire some caravan guards. She didn’t personally care if they made it, they knew the risks, and she could just get her money back from the dead ones and also sell their gear, no one would care.
Everything was going well; she was 23 now, on her way with a shipment of tools and other equipment for a town that has been plagued by attacks recently… it was odd, usually the attacks weren’t many or that dangerous but they have escalated into a wild fire. Now Izzie would have went to save her life instead but the money she was earning? It was well worth it. Their caravan was intercepted by a pack of savage beasts but they weren’t that savage. Fire burst from under the lead which was the one that Izzie was driving and the force flipped the vehicle onto its roof. The seatbelt got jammed so she had to get her dirk out to cut it before kicking the glass window out so she could slip out. The guard was already dead so she pilfered his SMG from him. What she saw next was chaos; the entire truck was already going to be lost as well as the supplies in it which in turn meant… not getting paid. It was all over in a moment; a claw came out of nowhere and got her across the head, effectively knocking her out near the burning wreckages of the caravan and the dead bodies of her hired guards. That day, she ended up broke with an entire investment literally burned to the ground.

Appearance: 5’ 7” and is a small build that is mostly slender with some curves; has soft, sea green eyes; shoulder length rustic red hair; has a fresh scar across her face that nicks her nose; clothing is a long sleeve shirt underneath a leather vest of sorts and usually has her cloak around her.

Notes of Importance:
- Surname will be RPed out.
- Heirloom has perhaps survived the fire and destruction and is under someone’s care.
- Has a particular dislike for werewolves now, and fire.
- Uncanny Coin of Luck is simply a strange standing where like a flip of the coin, can go between being lucky or unlucky. It is both metaphorical and literal. The cosmos are a mysterious energy.
- Top Priority has given Izzie's priorities being set upon her own well being and success, she finds herself moving with more speed, strength, and dexterity than even the average adrenaline rush would do in the face of danger.
That second note of importance? Can fall off a cliff. I want you to list two minimum. Otherwise I can't give a complete OK. Surname...At the very least note it to me on DA.

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