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Something has occurred to me that should have a long time ago.

What year, approximately, does Darkest Heart take place in? At the time of Wings of Liberty, Terrans had only been in the Koprulu Sector for two hundred years. How long has Darkova been colonized?
I assume that, unless stated otherwise, any story is set concurrent to the games.
It takes place, well, originally we pick up during the New Folsom prison break. I've since amended it to be right as Kerrigan is deinfested. Like, right after. Helps what's going to happen as the RP progresses make sense since if there's one thing Demons like, it's a little chaos.
There it's done. :l
I've been thinking about throwing in an antagonist, but with all the other bad guys on the list, I'm pretty the RP's good for now.
Will this character do?

Name: Kan Ura

Age: 25

Weapons: Soulwell, a lantern that can be used as a whip via ethereal chains. Slain enemies can be absorbed into the lantern, making it stronger. Can emit barriers and create a healing aura, but the whip cannot be used at the same time.

Abilities: Spirit Light (Active): Light radiates from Soulwell, illuminating the area and calling friendly spirits to come heal allies and attack nearby enemies. Captured souls in the lantern let it burn brighter, calling stronger spirits as Kan collects more souls and allowing it to burn longer before it dims.

Shamanistic (Passive): Taking a spiritual calling, Kan is adept at making protective wards and totems, and is naturally skilled in healing ailments.

Untrusted (Passive): Due to his bloodline, Kan is untrusted by both Angels and Demons.

Backstory: A family naturally tuned with the forces beyond our world, the Ura family is both a Blessed and Cursed bloodline. Several generations of making pacts have granted a resistance to paranormal forces to those of the name, but have caused mixed relations with those outside of it. Beloved for the holy men it brings and hated for the dark followers it creates, conflict eventually rose, destroying the family home at Darkova, and scattering the family.

Raised in a monastery, Kan has no relocation of his past, except for the history of his own name. Found in the streets by local priests, the only possession he had was his beloved lantern. Years spent training there has trained him to take a more spiritual path, leaving his monastery home at the age of eighteen to find a new path for the family name. After several years traveling and uncovering the secrets behind Soulwell, he found Aillistar when he traveled to the ruins of the former Ura house.

Appearance: Long, black hair with a full beard. Wears monastery ropes over more casual clothing with leather gloves.
Hmmmmm.....You're missing an active ability....and maybe something not quite OP with the resistance. I mean, you've just made yourself barely harmed by ninety percent of the foes you'll face. Pretty good otherwise.
Replaced the OP passive with a new active. Will that do, or is it problematic as well?
That'll work. Welcome to the fold.
09/11/2014 11:44 AMPosted by KnarledOne
Cuz seriously, the Zerg don't retreat from scary things, they try to assimilate them.

Unless that something just stood in front of the creep and ate everything in a single swallow and wouldn't die when hit.
Name: Ramova Maqai

Age: 19

-Silver Dagger w/leather hilt
-Heavy Handgun w/silver .40 caliber bullets
-Family Heirloom kept in safe location but not in her possession but rather in someone's care.

-Devotion (Passively Active)
-Blood of Maqai (Active)

Backstory: A natural born denizen of Darkova, Ramova was born within the Maqai family. By that time however, the clan had already fallen apart through both inner and outer influences. Whatever it was, it ruined them. So when their family was lost, they were already forgotten by the mass majority until over time the time didn't even exist.

While growing up as a child, she learned to know life as it was without a father who probably died on Darkova before he was able to actually see her, but instead it was her mother as well as other family members who took care of her... it wasn't the ideal environment to thrive and others (including her family except for her mother) looked at her strangely with both distaste and... passionate pride. She didn't realize it just and maybe she would truly never realize it. What she did realize was that blood ran deeper and thicker than water within their veins. Her sins would carry through in life after her first kill.

Finally she had left her family behind and ran away in both the shadows and the light. The light was there for her one day... just waiting there for her. She pleaded and asked of it to forgive her for all that she had done under her family's influence. It accepted her confession as the light burned... it was excruciating but Ramova felt like a new person who was given another chance at a price.

Now she has roamed Darkova for a little while before running into one Tobi van Helsing who surprisingly to her knowledge already knew who she is and who her family is or rather was. How had he known about her? As if knowing her thoughts he made an embellishing statement about how it was his job to discover potential allies. He was understanding and patient towards her during the whole explanation. A favor was offered and she hesitated but accepted it.

The favor was that when called upon, Ramova would help Tobi with whatever he needed help on the condition that she had somewhere to stay. That favor would soon be called upon.

It was almost time to redeem both herself and her family.

Appearance: Standing at 5 foot 11 inches; consisting of a nimble build. Her hair is raven black and is slightly past her shoulders when tied back into a ponytail; her eyes are a light brown color and finally her skin is a pale coloration.

Notes of Interest:
Devotion: Her plead and devotion towards a higher power sometimes benefits her as she blesses herself during the start of a new day but can only do it once per day. Each blessing offers different effects such as being able to ward off against curses that are magically dark in nature or even being able to project a barrier for a short time against said magical attacks though it can be overpowered and break through. The process however for her is excruciating and saps the body of energy that must be restored.

Blood of Maqai: Only sinners can truly utilize the blood of the Maqai clan. Some say it is also through the activation of dark magic that reveals its twisted secrets. No one truly knows for sure except for the fact that only those who have sinned can wield the blood which is dark indeed; it was what helped bring the Maqai clan to ruin... but that's not the only factor. The Maqai blood though has the power to empower the user with renewed endurance and stamina as well as heightening other abilities to supernatural levels. The consequence of this act comes with great risk, however, each consecutive use torments the mind and after awhile it will ruin that person just like it ruined the clan if they don't seek help and atone
for their sins.

Hopefully that is satisfactory.
Handgun caliber and then good.
Wait a second. Is it just me, or did a lot of this just suddenly disappear.?
You mean besides your character portrait?

Wait.... YES! It has vanished!

Edit again... No, it is the PRP. Apparently no one has posted in that long.
Well, yeah. He did just post it today.
Yeah, and I posted something about the Zerg (referenced in your quote, yet mysteriously gone).
Not gone, moved from an old PRP thread. Not only did he miss the idea of the RP, he posted in the wrong PRP.
09/11/2014 09:47 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Wait a second. Is it just me, or did a lot of this just suddenly disappear.?

If you click on KnarledOne's [Player Name] in the quote, the it will jump to said post. Quite useful for gaining context to said quotes.
While you're here Zanon, when might I expect your next Darkest Heart post? There's an Inquisitor and a witch we've not heard from in some time.

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