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After awhile I roll onto my side and look over at Carah.
"So what do you think will happen with us?"
Cracking a lopsided grin, Alison shrugs, putting on her jacket and knife;
"Not a problem. Consider it counseling free of charge."
"Dunno ... given our luck so far not likely anything good ..." I say with a sigh.
I nod my head slightly.
"Yeah probably." I roll back onto my back letting off a heavy sigh. "Well I guess that is what we get then huh.... Just for what we have done, for who we have become...." I say trailing off.
Natalie grinned as she finished dressing and headed for the door. Free counselling from a pyromaniac to a murderer. What a bunch we are.

The Silico displayed a timer on the main monitor. It had thirty seconds left. She sat down in the pilots seat and put her headset back on.

{This is your pilot speaking, we have thirty seconds until our arrival at Tyrador.}
The announcement awakens Rob to a grey bleary world. As his vision became focused, he realized it was the ceiling. He pushes himself up into a sitting position while rubbing his eyes.

Can't even nap in peace, huh? Well, better than being woken by another flashback. The thought gives him some comfort and he smiles.

The expression fades away when Rob begins to remember.

Oh right. Tyrador.

He didn't reveal to the other Pigs the extent at which he disagreed with the new plan as he didn't feel it mattered. Rob knew when someone was dead-set on something, and the Pigs had made it clear that they had had enough of Makins. Still, he couldn't see the logic in risking all their lives when it need only be one. Maybe military life had made him cruel, too focused on the end rather than the means.

It's too late to be thinking of these things Rob thought, swinging his feet out of the bed.

{I hear you Nat, thanks for the heads up.}
Following Natalie, Alison waves her attention back to the task at hand;
"Don't mind me, I'm just here for the view."
The pilot cracked a smile at Alison's remark. Natalie loved space. She often times enjoyed just looking out viewports for hours. One of the reasons she wanted to be a pilot was because she wanted to be in the only room where she could always see space.

Her smile faded soon. Her mood wasn't matching the moment.

"So... One more thing..." She rotated her chair towards Alison. "When you're in the business I was in, you needed a few false identities..."

Suddenly, the stench in the room felt strange. She felt like she was lying to everyone her whole life and only just now was admitting it like it was nothing. She turned to Alison with a serious look and locked eye contact.

"My real name is Sally Nuura."
Alison nods;
"Sally Nuura, eh?... My only question for you is this; what name do you want to go by? A name, despite all the meaning behind it, is still just a name. So, what do you want me to call you?"
She says, repeating her question for emphasis.
Coming awake from my light nap at Natalie's announcement, I set the remote down and down the rest of my soda, suddenly feeling in the mood for a glass of rum than a sugary, carbonated drink. Sighing as I stand up, I head back towards the armory to armor up when I remember that my armor was basically shot to hell courtesy of two Ghosts back on Atticus Minor. Sh!t... Giving another sigh, this one of frustration, I instead go to pick up my weapons, mainly the pistols and the my knives. The BOSUN wasn't overly kind to those who carried and used it unarmored.
02/16/2014 02:05 PMPosted by Zarkun
The BOSUN wasn't overly kind to those who carried and used it unarmored.
If you set it up on a tripod or something similar to some current high powered snipers, wouldn't the recoil be pretty manageable?

Darrell's eyes flutter awake and he pushes himself up on his elbows, yawning as he does so. Getting up and looking down on himself he realized he was gonna have to be quick. He would have been fine walking through the ship in nothing but his undies, except for the fact that he'd need to get into his armour, and he did not appreciate the idea of chafing. Mumbling under his breath about how much it sucks to be in armour that really limits agility, when that was his strongest area, but he could manage. With great haste Darrell throw a long sleeved grey shirt on and some sweat pants of the same colour. As soon as he finished Darrell began jogging towards the armoury to get suited up and his weapons.


Mercedes sits in the small cabin she was assigned at the base, whistling a jolly tune as she waited for her next mission. The tune really didn't have any defined song to it, more like a mash up of every jolly music she had ever heard, making it almost completely random and confusing to many listeners. Her precious rifle sitting in the corner, basking in sunlight and shining, just recently having been cleaned up after all the dirt it had collected from its Ghost owner had been sitting in the dirt all day. Right next to it was a locker filled up with maintenance gear for her weapons, her special flash bombs, and her knife, something she absolutely hated losing. She had used it maybe once, or twice. Only because the stupid grunts decided to die on her, leaving her to kill a Zergling that got to close. They are payed to protect us fragile beacons while we shoot things! Miss Harkin shakes her head after this thought and continues on her jolly tune, much to the annoyance of anyone in earshot. She wasn't exactly good at adjusting her pitch.
Natalie paused. She hadn't thought about the natural question which would follow such a declaration like she had made. All the same, she hadn't thought about it. What did she want Alison to call her?

"I... Don't really care." She said with a chuckle as her gaze turned back to the controls of the Silico.

"I've been Natalie Ross for a long time now, I-..." She paused. She's had the name since receiving her last assignment. The name was suppose to symbolize her excelling career and growing romance. Now it was a symbol of her career which was destroyed, her love murdered and Sally Nuura exposed as a cold-blooded killer. The name Natalie Ross was the War Pig side of Sally Nuura.

Her face went frozen with thought. Her body, paralyzed with deep consideration of the truth about her two identities. One was a successful and young innocent daddy's girl. Another was a murderer and a convict -- a War Pig. Only her eyes adjusted themselves. Luckily, Alison was behind her and wasn't able to read them. Her body language would betray her thoughts anyways.
"...that you've forgotten exactly who Sally Nuura is?"
Alison says, finishing Natalie's statement;
"If that's the case, then Natalie Ross it is."
... Yes... Natalie didn't answer. Natalie Ross it is. Her muscles hadn't thawed from deep thought. Her eyes continued scanning around the Silico's controls as if it were the first time she had ever seen them. You are Natalie Ross. Your parents named you Sally, but you're not Sally Nuura. You're Natalie Ross. Your name is Natalie Ross... I am Natalie Ross... My name is Natalie Ross... My name is Natalie Ross...

A fake smile tugged her lips as she imagined meeting someone for the first time. Hi, my name is Natalie Ross. She recited her new name which carried with it her new identity. She was used to referring to herself as a name that wasn't hers; what would take getting used to was no longer lying when she introduced herself as Natalie Ross. That would take some practice getting used to.

With a thunderous silence, the Silico dropped out of warp at Tyrador VIII.

{All hands, prepare for atmospheric descent.} Natalie announced, letting her conversation with Alison fade as she turned to program the auto-pilot down to the city name Steve Svenson had programmed into the navi-computer.


I am very impressed, Warhawk. That's got to be the best dialog I've ever read in Joeyrays. (I don't mean these last few posts, but last few pages.) This has also been some of the best character development in Joeyray's I've ever seen. I think we deserve a couple pats on the back.


Also, you're needed in Objective: Survive. That isn't dead.

Everyone: Just go ahead and post one more "waking up" post before we arrive at the city and meet the starport security. I won't wait on you if you decide against it, but I won't double post. Great job, my fellow RPers, I'm very impressed with ya'll's improvement!
Thanks, and I have to agree; Alison & Natalie really are an interesting pair of characters... And I have yet to drop the two biggest points about Alison ;P

Alison gives Natalie a careful look before jerking her head up in surprise as the blurred lights of warp travel snap into the crystal clear image of Tyrador VIII. Silence reigns for several seconds before she speaks up;
"...Wow... never knew how beautiful space was..."
Alison breathes out, her jaw hanging loose and eyes wide with genuine awe;
"...And now I know why spacers choose their line of work..."
Stepping out of the armory as Darrel rushes in, I step to the right side of the door and nod my head to him. "Darrel. Good to see you." Continuing down the hall, I begin autopiloting to the briefing room before stopping, my mind beginning to grasp that this wasn't a mission for once and was more a vacation of sorts. So this is what freedom, real freedom, feels like. I snort in amusement and then smile. I think I could get used to this.

Heading for the cockpit, I hum a small tune to myself as I walk, debating what this new found freedom would allow us. Tyrador didn't have a strong military presence with as unimportant as it was, so maybe we could eat out. I then quickly disregard the thought. None of us had money for one thing. As I reach the door, I hear Alison speaking inside and sigh. Just couldn't let it lie, could you? Forcing the thought from my mind, I step around the corner and clear my throat.

"How you two feeling?"
Alison whips around a silent feral half-snarl on her lips before relaxing a second later; first shifting through an emotionless void to something a little more natural;
"You know... I'm not really sure. I guess I'm just feeling a little bit of everything right now."
She says, forcing her words out with a chuckle.
"And that's gotta be the single smelliest lie you've told since joining us." I pull out a cigar and light it up, shaking my head at Alison. "Out with it. What's really on your mind."
"Pizza." Natalie broke in as her chair spun back to see Hank. "A nice warm slice of pepperoni pizza." She nodded at the thought.

"Doesn't that just sound swell?"
Giving Hank's cig the evil eye, Alison spins the co-pilots chair around and settles into it;
"Like I said; a little bit of everything. Some of it good, some of it bad. Nothing I haven't made my peace with yet. You just caught my by off-guard, that's all. As a woman who prides herself for her vigilance, I found it mildly annoying."
Alison say with a neutral half-smile.

At Natalie's response, Alison blinks and gives her a look;
"Pizza. Of all things... Pizza..."
She says, shaking her head, a chuckle tugging at her lips.

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