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Some random jackass invited me to a clan and I accepted it because I thought it was a group invite... I was too swift there.

After joining he immediately made me the owner.
For whatever reason, there are two owners however. So I cant kick him from the clan and I cant delete it either, because there is a second owner... He and I are the only members of the clan and we are both the owner...

When I'm trying to remove the other guy it tells me: "You do not have permission to perform this action"

The leave clan button is greyed out and if I hover the mouse above it the popup text says: "You must transfer ownership to another member first."

When I'm trying to transfer the ownership to the other guy who ALSO JUST LIKE ME is an owner, it says: "An unexpected error occured." Duh

Now I am stuck with that stupid troll clan tag.
I could do it like him and invite random persons and make them the owner but I'm not such a troll.

All this happened on my EU account. I started this thread several times already all over the blizzard forum. I have been stuck in this clan for I think two months already now and no one ever helped. If there is absolutely no solution, then please, at least tell me so I can finally stop hoping for help.
02/04/2014 03:58 AMPosted by Noc
I could do it like him and invite random persons and make them the owner but I'm not such a troll.

Noc, I've reset something in your account. Please let me know if that helped.

If it doesn't, what you could do is create a Starter Account, and invite that account to the clan, promote it to owner, and leave the clan on your main account.

Rate me!
No, didn't change anything.
Are you sure a starter account can join a clan? I think I already tryed that. But I could try it again.
Thanks anyway.
Just tryed it again. It says "Can not accept invite at that time." I guess starter accounts dont work
I hope this terrible bug will find a solution some day...
SAME here i want to delete my clan which i did not give the name io m the f owner please delete it for me . It make my high blood presser high /. I will die soon if you won t help me.
Hey all,

There's a known bug that is affecting players' ability to leave/delete clans. Bliz knows about it and is investigating.

See here for reference:

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