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03/21/2014 07:55 PMPosted by Nukester
You know the nice thing about new mods though?

Fresh meat that will learn the harshness of the forums?
03/21/2014 07:57 PMPosted by xer
Fresh meat that will learn the harshness of the forums?

That, and I suspect my slate is somewhat cleaned, especially is the old mods are out of commission.
Perfect time to turn over a new leaf!

03/21/2014 08:01 PMPosted by Nukester
03/21/2014 07:57 PMPosted by xer
Fresh meat that will learn the harshness of the forums?

That, and I suspect my slate is somewhat cleaned, especially is the old mods are out of commission.

I doubt those old mods are out of commission, but the new mods will learn fast.
03/21/2014 08:06 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Perfect time to turn over a new leaf!


I shall try. Perhaps the new mods will find my methods of amusing me and sometimes others entertaining and will resist banning me like a king resists decapitating the court jester.
Two figures stood in a dark alleyway late at night. Both wore dark clothing that covered their heads almost entirely.

"You have it?" The first whispered.
"Yes. As promised." The second replied.
"And it will do what you promised?"
"Of course. Selling defective products gets people like me dead."
"Hm. Show it to me."

The dealer reached into a pocket and pulled out a small grey box. After a brief glance in all directions he opened the box and showed the contents to the other individual. "Weapons grade, 100% pure. You won't find a sample even 80% pure anywhere else in the system."

The other figure nodded. "Excellent."
"Indeed. But can you pay?"

The buyer reached into a pocket and produced a chip. "This is the agreed upon amount."

The dealer pulled out a small scanner and plugged in the chip. Silence for a moment. The dealer pushed a few buttons. He nodded and held out the device. "Your pin number to authorize the transaction."

The buyer tapped a code into the device and it beeped. "It is done." The dealer handed over the box, turned and left.

The buyer watched him round the corner before raising a wrist to speak. "Note 0009534 to Enforced Harmony. Mission Accomplished. Ready for recall."
{Enforced Harmony to Note 0009534. Acknowledged. Beginning recall.}

The buyer disappeared with a blue flash.
Dun dun DUN!


Bored. If you're not here then either I don't know too much about your bar persona to get a concrete description or I haven't gotten to you. Assume it's case 1.


Dossier: The Tyrant

The Emperor Zanon has acquired many epithets over the years and he is the most powerful man in the sector and the few who rise up against him have been met with swift and cold "justice", for nothing is more important to him than Order. Intelligent, calculating, charming, and above all, confident, the Emperor is quite savvy when it comes to dealing with any problems.

He is in possession of Aiur's Kitchen, perhaps the most powerful battlecruiser in existence. It is more than capable than standing on its own against multiple behemoth class battlecruisers. When supplemented by the A.I Discord, a personal confident of the Emperor, Aiur's Kitchen combat efficiency shoots through the roof. His official record in battle shows him with a 100% win rate.

Many experienced commanders also serve under the Emperor throughout the years though they've been slipping slowly away from the public's eyes since there isn't much fighting going on anymore.

Lately, the emperor's mood has taken a dark turn. He has returned home after a brief skirmish at the bar and he has been silent about the matter.

Dossier: The Teacher

Thundercrash was once an active member of Order before he retired and left for the unknown. He played an integral part in the ascension of Zanon to the throne. Indeed, he was the original bar keeper and gave it to Zanon when he felt it was right. It was the best decision he had ever made prior to his disappearance. Not even Zanon knows where his mentor is. He is the most knowledgeable person in dimensional travel.

Dossier: The Roach

KnarledOne, Middle sibling of Nareld Wun the Younger and GnarledOne the Elder, cares for one thing only. His sole motivation is money. Much of his method of obtaining money involves get rich quick schemes much to the annoyance of GnarledOne who is otherwise running a successful company. The only reason KnarledOne's schemes are tolerated (indeed, it is a miracle how the elder brother didn't put him in a mental institution or choked the roach to death out of pure frustration) is because they generally open up a profitable venture for the company to take advantage of.

The roach is no fighter but for whatever reason, KnarledOne's body is impervious to almost all manners of harm. How the body was acquired is unknown but some say it was a result of sinister modifications of a certain Empire experiment.

Dossier: The Outlaw

The Outlaw known simply as "Nukester" has rose up against Order at every opportunity present to him and every single time, he was captured, jailed, ridiculed, and release simply for everyone to laugh at his expense. He is considered to be an insignificant threat to the empire. He is seen by others as a Fool, and many consider him to be far too egotistical to see that he is in no way dangerous. All those time "escaping" a lifetime of jail has probably gone over his head.

He has tried to make a name for himself at "GD" but his efforts were only met with ridicule too...

Dossier: The Gunslinger

A no-nonsense stone cold mercenary, Zarkun is never seen without his preferred weapon of choice: a 6 round revolver. Deadly accurate with the revolver, he has adhere to a philosophy of always shoots first and ask questions later. In his eyes, there is no diplomacy. There is only lead. Though considered brutish by many, they do not deny that his methods are chillingly effective.

Dossier: The Immortal

Animus, an immortal hailing from the unknown region known as "GD" which is far from the influence of the Empire. "GD" is the most dangerous, untamed, and uncharted region of space and few dare tread there willingly for it is a monster that will break even the stoutest of men. There is no room for weakness in "GD".

This particular immortal has participated in numerous skirmishes and the experience made him stronger. Fighting for an organization called CG whose objective is to establish control of "GD" against three other equally sized organization, he has won all of his campaigns thus far save for 1 against a deadly Zerg foe. Such experiences only made him a stronger commander; he is very versed in full scale invasions.

The most recent activity in this sector was a skirmish with the Emperor. However, the immortal has disappeared, presumably back to "GD".

Dossier: Aspect of Insanity

The first of the three and favors a form of a changeling. In its prime it has seen many exploits across the sector and even splitting itself into multiple clones who contributed to the chaos in their own right. The changeling and its spawns has sowed chaos and anarchy throughout the empire; even the Emperor had trouble containing the changeling's powers. However, it grew bored in time and subsequently hid itself away in the safety of its realm.

Dossier: Aspect of Hate

It is uncertain whether it is the second or third of the three. Favoring the form of a Protoss warrior, it looked up to the changeling for inspiration. The result was a being that hated everything and disposed of everything in the most gory fashion. If every atom of its being was engraved with the word hate would it not equal to the 1 zillionth of the hate it feels for everything. It favors pulling victims to their demise in its realm of destruction. It has challenged the Emperor several times in the past but each time it was defeated decisively.

Dossier: Aspect of Absurdity

The second or last of the three, most will say the second. This one favored the form of a hybrid reaver though it was not uncommon for it to assume the form of a handsome doctor. The most social yet enigmatic of the three, it rarely killed for the fun of it. Instead, it preferred utilizing cryptic and bizarre machinations to carry out its goals. A consequence of this is that its actions are completely unpredictable, ranging from bombastic to absurd to ingenious, much to the chagrin of many. It acquired a habit of gathering livers for whatever reason.

It has disappeared, seemingly permanently, and in doing so, given up its position. A void was left in its place ever since.
Congratulations Animus. You have forced my hand.

The efficiency and accuracy of your post has required that I make use of the "Like" button that is so often forgotten in this sector of the forums.

Excellent job.
Excellent job, Animus.

Zarkun's description is spot on. Just shoot at anything and everything when you disagree. ;)
Le sigh.

I guess I just haven't been around long enough, or participated in the bar's shenanigans enough to get a dossier of my own...

Don't feel bad, Warhawk. He doesn't have one for me either. Then again, I hardly post here much anymore, so that is a given.
I honestly don't care much for posting here either. also ... who the hell left the Dimensional Gates open to the Mass Effect universe and in turn let 10 Reaper Dreadnaughts, 15 Destroyers and 20 Cruisers? And they are now annihilating the zerg and protoss forces attempting to engage them. Wait here comes the Dominion ... and there goes half of its fleet ...
-Watches the incredibly delusion Morph and frowns a little bit-
All I see is a wall.
You know, I remember a time when we were all a little more imaginative with interdimensional combat. When did we all grow stale?
no clue. though honestly I will admit I lost most interest in this series of threads a long time ago ...
Maybe because you guys keep on trying to remake threads instead of thinking of something new or different. You always try the exact same things.
This is the GD of the bar. Well, and the 'screw around' section. It's a miracle this place still stands.
I'm thinking about starting an RP if anyone is interested. I feel like putting PF on hold, thinking over it and seeing what I could do with it as I think of something else.
I, nevermind, Miss Corven said PF isn't a good RP for her to start in. But, shoot the idea and we'll see what people say.

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