Day I Night of the third day

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I decide not to say anything.

Gods? What do they mean? "Kirk, do you have any idea?" I say reaching out to him.
"Red and much larger..." I then frown at the mention of the gods. "The Xel'Naga? No, I was told they're all dead while I was with the Protoss some years ago. But..." I remember the look of the pods and frown. "Those couldn't be Zerg, it wouldn't have done any of you any good. Then..." I bring my rifle up, aiming it with one arm. "I say we leave. Now."
There was a odd throbbing sound heard through out the room simliar to that of machinery but some how slightly off tone. The wisp that had guided the team stayed near the door waiting on the team to follow it. The table in the middle of the room was now lifeless and didn't appear to be anything more then a white pillar in which the grey metallic crystal once floated above.

"I agree with the Terran. This place must be visited later by the protoss but we have our mission too." One of the protoss says before heading towards the door. As soon as the dark templars arrived at the door a blue wisp light appeared from the tunnels to guide them. "How odd, are these the machines of the xel'naga?" One Dark templar askes as their team follows it out of the room.

Dm Note- Protoss/Terran relationship on ruusan have now increased. Expect the protoss camp to be willing to work with omega team from now on. New squad power. Dark Templar back up. Can be used once a mission by the the team. A group of Dark templars will bail the team out of danger.
"I don't know, but watch yourselves down here," I call after them before turning to the others. "Well, if we're thoroughly done here, I have this itching feeling we need to go."
James stands at the front, near the wisp. He holds his hand out, zooming in with his implants and trying to filter the light out to get a better look at it. The implants filter the light away, and James saves an image of the wisp, filing it away for future reference. He turns his attention away from the light and out through the tunnel, ready to back the Protoss up as they lead the way.
"It does appear that way." I add with slight sarcasm.
Thoughts of the vision I had just seen start to plague my mind with curiosity about who or what that was and what created this place.

I swing my rifle around to a ready position, and attempt to turn on my night-vision goggles, but they just sputter and spark. Must have gotten some moisture from those pods in the circuitry , I think, I'll have to sort that out first chance I get.

Out loud, I ask, "How much trouble do you think we'll be running into on the way back?"

OOC: How infectious are the zombies? What level of injury can be taken before being infected? I'm asking so I can know if I can let my char get scratched, bitten, etc.
We all have plot armor in the way of infection. And I believe only the spores, the cause of the start of the oubreak, can create infected.
My pleasure. Just glad to see some new blood in here XD
"The Xel'naga." I reply to Saiko.

"Alright lets go. And make sure he sticks with the group." I say pointing to the new guy with the last bit before taking point heading back to the main tunnel.
The team followed the guiding wisp to a new tunnel as they reach another door their coms come alive.

[Watch the right watch the right.]

[I can't see em I can't se---(static)]

[Anyone have eyes on violet anyone see her?]

[More infected coming in the left flank someone get a firebat down there.]

The door opened as the team ventured near it. It open into a large storeroom for show cars, the sound of the battle could be heard.

DM NOTE- The team is about a block away from the fusion reactor and the battle is raging.

OOC: The teams can be infected from a bite or some stings from speical infected. You will be mostly safe and won't become infected with the disease unless you want to... same with becoming infested.
"Sounds like the party is ahead." James comments needlessly, then adds "Where do you want us to go, ma'am? I can go support the other teams in keeping back the infected."
I bring up my rifle, pull the action to make sure it's loaded and nod to Riala.
I check my weapons readying for combat.

I activate my psi-blades ready to fight.
I think for a moment as I listen to the radio chatter. "Jessica take most of the squad and go reinforce the others. Saiko and Kirk you're with me." I do a quick check of my rifle and nod to myself.

"Yes ma'am." I say making sure I had a round loaded into my rifle.

I already checked my magazine, so no worries there, but I ensure that I have additional mags in another pocket. I'll have to get more soon, I think, clicking the safety off the C-11.

OOC: I am not going to be able to reply for a few weeks. Tech issues.
"Yes ma'am. May I ask what we'll be doing?" I ask, making sure nothing is jammed. Also exclaiming inwardly that I get to stay with Kirk. I look at my Exo-Pad, see if it picks up anything.
I give a swift nod before heading towards where the other team in the area, Jor-sha and the others behind me.
James follows behind Jessica, listening to his motion sensor ping as infected pop up. He checks ammo and tests his Wrist Cannon, ready to start a fire-fight.

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