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OOC: Kleebwr you need to have premision to get past the guards also chances of finding jewellery anywhere within a two miled area would be highly unlikely. If you are stealing from homes within the base expect to be heavly punished.

Dr. Schmitt say near a computer looking tired and slightly dirty. "I have some new medical patches made from the silk of these worms you could use..." She says looking at the cage of worms. They seemed to be slugish and color was graying. "Be nice to know what they ate tried everything." She whispers to herself.

"I'm charlie.. Give me a moment to talk to this girl. Let me guess you need to claim a plot of land." Charlie says looking at William. (Maverick one person is not a crowd.)

"Well this guy Isaac likes movies but he is hard to get a hold." Scarlet says soldering a wire into the pda.

Sorry, I knew not how many people there were. Maybe I made another error due to skimming.

"Yes, nothing seems to be happening at the moment so I decided I might as well set up my own living quarters."
Overhearing the whisper, I chuckle as my worm slithers into view. "Did you try algae? This little guy loved it." I sigh as I return to the matter at hand. "I'm heading out to find some larger neosteel pieces and other metal to trade to Scarlet for smaller pieces of neo and nano steel."
"How so?" I ask, crossing my arms.
"No I didn't try that. Makes sense thank you. Here take some medical weaves and a bio-plasma rounds I've been needing to field test." Schmitt says pulling out 2 clips of bp rounds and a plastic bag of what looked to be gaze patches.

"Here take these rods find a plot and design a house." charlie says handing William the rods.

"Well I don't even know where he is stay and he only answears his emails once in awhile... I don't have my PDA working at the moment so either you need to find someone who knows his email or find him." Scarlet says fussing another part the the PDA.
"Hm... Looks like I'll have to put my wrangler skills to work." I look at her, "You seem to be having trouble with that PDA. Would you mind if I tried to help you with it?"
Taking the clips and the gauze like substances, I store them for later use. "My pleasure. Anything else you need from me? Maybe some retrieval of test subjects or different substances? I am going out there either way."
"No just working on a few upgrades.. Chemical analyzer and other scanners." Scarlet says hooking up another part to the PDA "This is just the prototype should have a working model in about 2 days."

"More of these worms would be nice but anything will do. If you can try to find a real bag of coffee. The stuff in the DRD (Drinks ready to drink) Packages is more like sludge with coffee flavoring mixed with sewer water." Annabell says as she types away on her computer.
OOC: OK I edited it sorry Steel.
"Ah, cool. We could possibly trade some components from my Exo-Pad to the prototype if you're interested. I've been looking to upgrade my substance analyzer, and the short-range scan. Maybe even add some new nick-knacks. "
"Coffee. I can do that." Waving at her as I head out, I once more head for the gate, debating how much metal I'd need just to get the pieces of metal I'd need. Jessica, you alright now?
"No thank you.. I like it to be my own make and all. I'm just weird like that sweety pie." Scarlet says with a teaseful smile. "You know I think Kain should have Isaac's information and since your Omega team I think you can go meet up with him."

OOC: Kleebrw will do a post towards you once More people get to kain.
"Oh no, I understand." I say with a small laugh. "But thank you for the help." I turn then walk out, "I feel like this is going to be a wild goose-chase..."
"Maybe. But lets start by talking with the commander." I say following Saiko.

I jog into the motor pool and head over to my work area. I thankfully had a small buggy to use to transport the heavy engine. The buggy still needed a bit of work but it'd be OK for this run.
Sorta just need to work on something so I can get my mind off somethings. Sorry about that, I didn't mean to go off like that. Now that I think about it that will probably draw more unwanted attention for sure.

I step up to the counter that Scarlet was behind. "Hey Scarlet, I was wondering if you had a small transformer, about two feet of wire, a few spare energy cells, something to hold all those things on as well as discharging stored electricity in a focused direction at will. If you don't have it all I'll make due with what ever you can spare that will function the same way."

"Thank you, sir, I shall do that right now, seeing as I do not have much to do."

I walk out and to the south, as the north end seems to be civilian housing, judging by the gardens near the domiciles.

OOC: FYI, Steel, and the rest of you, the things you are saying are being taken as constructive criticism, so do not feel over critical. (Not that you do, but judging by myself).
"I have those parts you need sweety.. Do you have things to trade for them?" Scarlet asks Jessica while she leans back in her chair.

A man working the factories motor pool looked at Riala with a puzzled look. "What are you doing?" He asks her.

Kain walked out of the debreifing room looking paler and he was shaking just a little bit.
"I have bio-regenerative stims, and some extra scrap metal. If it isn't enough I should be able to get more tonight or tomorrow when I go out on a small personal trip."
"The scrap metal will be enough hun." Scarlet says pulling some of the parts she wanted from a scrap pile. "They aren't brand new but most haven't been used but a little bit."
"Good I'll be back in just a minute with the scrap metal." I say as I start out the door then head to my home to get the metal.

I return in a few minutes with all the scrap metal I had. I look over the counter and see the still sitting there looking more done than the last time I saw it.
"Looks like you might be selling some new good soon huh? I say in reference to the still.

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