Day I Night of the third day

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The silk worm looks up at Jake and seems to smile almost as it nuzzles agaisnt his hand. It produces a clear soft silk before it simple curls up.

The disc port opens and a small light turns on. "Please insert OS Disc." The ai says

The feral drops down the stairs but as soon as jor looks down he can see the blazing red eyes of the graveman and the wound of the gernade. It was still trying to get in but was halfway though the door.
"Don't know don't really care right now." I insert the first disk and pick up one of the creatures. I look it over some as I wait for the AI to be ready for the next disk.

I extend my psi-wall to be a flat surface just below the platform we are on. Expending a little more energy I make it so we can fire through the wall from our side but the infected can't get through it. "Wish they would hurry up." I grumble as I keep blasting infected away careful not to further infuriate the Graveman for now.
I stroke it lightly and chuckle. "You know, they aren't so bad. I mean, they were trying to heal the one guy."
The worm just lays there in his hand as the others continue with their webbing.

"Please Insert Message disc in relay server." The AI says not opening the disk drive.
"What are you doing?" A voice asks from the doorway

"Never seen one of those pissed off... What should we do?" Dave asks the team left behind with them. There is an odd wet sound coming from the vents.
"Yeah. Try and pick up a couple more for the Researchers." I say to Jake just before the new person asks about what we are doing and I turn around. "What's it to you?"

"Shield isn't going to last much longer." I say moving back towards the door the strain starting to show.
The woman standing there had a ripped com officer uniform and was holding a pistol. "I'm one of the officers here who run the relay. I don't get it you are in the Main computer relay room. What are you doing? The com relay is below here and across the hallway."
"Doesn't matter." I say as I place the creature I had in my hand in a pocket. I grab a couple more placing them in a different pocket before walking over to the woman. "We're here to get everyone out and send a message. you said the actual relay is down a level?"
Gently resting the little creature on my shoulder, the one I didn't rest the rifle against, I level the rifle with the woman in the door way. "Ma'am, kindly point your weapon towards the ground please, we're here to help."
"R-right... Better.. better stand back..."
The muffled voice nervously replies. Within a few moments the red hot line of a fusion cutter appears in the side of the side of the duct, quickly working its way around.
I parry another attack from a feral and follow through with a jab to it's neck bringing it's head off.

"If it gets any closer we open fire on it with all we have. What the heck is in the vents?" I ask as I listen to the sound and wait for who ever was in ducts to get out.
A few of the worm like creatures drop from the ducts and wiggle on the ground before crawling to the dead ferals. They work quickly to cover the corpses in a fine white silk. The hand of the Grave man quickly picks up a few of the worms and leaves. However when it leaves large amount of infected pour in.

"What the heck are those things wiggling and why did it just leave." A guard asks firing down into the hord of infected.

Mean while in the other team is dealing with a scared com officer.

She lowers the gun and looks around for a few moments. "Sorry just ever since the attack.... Their are two ways to send a message right now. You can go outside and climb to the top of the building and plug it into the antenna computer box or you can go outside climb down thought the zerg creep web and hit the main control room. You won't be a target for the flying things out there but there is a lot of infected in the control room."
"No idea... Lets just focus on these infected right now." I say as I fire into the oncoming hoard.
"Downstairs is a better option. Knifes and short-barrel weapons front, unless someone has a shotgun they'd like to bring in." James remarks, reloading and holstering his rifle. He checks his clips, estimating around 46 left overall. He checks the Wrist Cannon and his knife, glancing at Riala.
"Wall's down!" I yell as I back through the door way and the psi-wall drops. I was panting heavily and I look over at the new guy and gesture for him to get down now.

"Hmmm ... going up leaves us exposed and vulnerable but going down gives them a place to hide ..." My ears twitch and I frown. "Guard post is getting hit hard ..." I mutter and look back at the woman. "Get everyone you can together and get them to the post that is just down the hall and ready for evac. I'm going down stairs ..." I trail off as I look at the bloats that we'd killed earlier an idea forming in my head on how to get down stairs.
I follow Riala's gaze and shake my head, indicating the equipment. "What happens if your big idea melts the rest of the gear?"
The woman looks at Riala for a moment and nods. "Yeah I guess I can get everyone to the hallway... Just please get a message to the dominion as soon as you can.. I don't want to die on this planet. " She says before running off. The bloat blood seems to slightly melt though the steel flooring.

At the guard post the infected continue to pour in as the guards start to open fire on them. "Should we just burn them down there?" A firebat asks.
I nod to the firebat. "I say do it but its Jessica's call."

"Well I was going to take em into the hall and let the acid out of a cut shouldn't do any damage to whats inhere unless there are wires running directly to the that relay without any backups." I say and look around a bit more. "Unless you have a better idea."
"Well, considering the whole place is infested, there really aren't any good ideas. I'd simply take the stairs since those can't melt your arm off."
wounds litter his body and his crumpled form slides down the wall. There only is the slow empty echo of large shells slowly being loaded into a shotgun as light dances with dust devils across the soldiers last look. An abandoned apartment building, floor X.

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