Error with Brutal Achievement

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Ingame it says I've completed all of the missions on Brutal but on my profile it says I've completed 19 so far.

I happens that I sometines get disconnected due to my bad internet while I'm playing, then I get reconnected and It may have caused the problem, now I don't know wich mission I have to repeat on Brutal again.

Can you help me with this, please?
Andretjz, I've reset something in your account.

You'll also want to reset these things, and see if it helps:

1) Reset your network to clear any residual connections and cache.
2) Flush the DNS Cache.
3) Delete the Variables.txt file from C:\Users\<username>\Documents\StarCraft II
4) Delete these files.
5) Run the Repair.

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Hi Velnrak,

Step 1 - Done
Step 2 - Done
Step 3 - Done
Step 4 - Done
Step 5 - Done

I just did everything you asked me to do, but nothing seems to work.

In-game it shows, I've completed all 20 missions on Brutal, but on my profile it shows 19 so far, what can I do now?

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