Achievement points "lost" while logged on

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I currently have 5680 achievement points. While logged on Sc2 HoTS blizzard NA server, some achievement points seemed to have been automatically deducted.

Logged on, my profile only indicates 5530 achievement points.

This glitch just recently happened a couple of days ago (Feb.25/2014).
same here. EU account, yesterday I had 4990 (lol) and now I have only 4840. Lost 150 somewhere.
Hey folks,

With patch 2.1, there came a bug where for every level that you gained past 30 you were given 10 achievement points. This was not intentional and Bliz stated that they would be fixing it in the future. It looks like they have started fixing it, as I too am missing 140 points which is exactly the 14 levels I have gained past 30 (at the time of this post).

KaNgarOo, you reached level 35 for each race, so you received 150 (10pts x 5levls x 3races) points erroneously. As part of the bug fix, they've been removed.

korsarz, I can't see your EU profile but I bet it's the same story there as well.
yup, thanks for clarification.
Thanks Leviathan.
:) n/p!

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