The Very Happy Trio

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Once there was an Ultralisk who had spent his whole life chopping Colossi legs. One day he met a Colossus but he just couldn't bring himself to chop his legs off and stomp his face in. Instead, he gave this one a hug(A non leg slicing one). He gently said "Rghirararathadas", he always had a way with words. The Colossus was taken aback. He had never heard someone say they loved him. Not even his Protoss creators. The two froliced around in the tall grass all day.

One day, while slaughtering thousands of Zerglings, a Thor became deeply depressed. What is the joy in life of crushing Zerg, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the laminations of the Protoss? He wanted a change. While wading through zergling corpses, he saw a happy looking Ultralisk, and an even happier Colossus. He wanted to be happy like them. The Thor felt shy at first. Would they want to play them them. He want up and nonchalant as he could and shyly ask "Hey guys. You wanna play tag?" The two looked at him and then the Ultralisk yelled "phalgf." Of course he was it first! Thor spent quickly caught Colossus. They spent the rest of the day playing hide and seek(Which the Ultralisk always won) and laser tag(Which the Ultralisk always lost). It was the best day they had ever had. To close the day they decided to watch the shooting battlecruisersand mutalisks. They are always so graceful when they fall. They had the whole of next day planned. Until the Thor got his hands sticky with cotton candy and accidentally hit self-destruct, killing all three of them.
Laminations of the Protoss? That would be lamentations...

Lamination is completely different...

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