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could always use another WarWOLF
Ik you need a WarWOLF cause basically our entire team is made out of techies and nightwolves BUT I CAN'T THINK OF ABILITIES FOR HIM... WHAT DOES A WARWOLF HAVE FOR DAMN ABILITIES
*shrug* was leaving abilities up to you all mostly. I guess something like stim, surpressing fire, Concussive shot(Stolen from ME2&3 yeah but meh tis useful) or other stuff. idrc.
Name: Alex Black
Race: Terran
Age: 19
Appearance: Dark hair, red eyes, standard build and height.
Class: WarWOLF
Weapons: Hot Mamma Plasma AR, Mk. 8 'Fang' SMG, 'BlackWOLF' Pistol, M-8 Xane Combat Blade


Vortex Shield(Active): Using the power of his suit Alex projects an immobilizing field from his hand that suspends all bullets and projectiles shot/thrown at him in the air and shoots them back.

Clot foam and stim (passive): the suit patches up minor injuries sustained by Alex so he can remain in combat longer

PowerDizer(passive): Alex's armor is customized to have improved movement with extra pistons and servos in the arm section to have his melee blows deal more damage, this can also be used to break weak doors as well as combat.

Backstory: Alex was brought up in the slums of the fringe worlds with his parents being addicted to powerful drugs. Getting into fights often Alex usually struggled not only in education but to even get food on his plate. at the age of 16 Alex got a part time job and ceased relations with his parents. Managing to finish high school he joined a motorcycle gang and became one of the most wanted people on his fringe world, even though he dealt drugs and got into illegal dealings he never used any of his "products or services" before finally being arrested. After the government gave him the choice between enlisting in the WHC or death he decided a life on the other side of the law wouldn't be so bad.
Add the pistol too, D. Primary, Secondary, sidearm, melee is the weapon list.
Name: Epsilon 22-7
Race: Machine
Age: Unknown.
Appearance: Pointed helmet similar in design to a Spartan SCOUT helmet, minus the visor. A small antenna points up to the side of his head, and four small slants are visible on both the upper and lower ‘points’. Shoulders also has a box with an antenna on each side of the base. Body design gives it a vaguely humanoid design, with some parts of it, like pistons and servos, visible up close. Dark grey color scheme with five-finger hands with two thumbs, and the bottom thumbs on each hand closes below the pinky. Large, two toe feet give it a decent surface area, more than a human’s foot. Large attachment frame on back closed off, plus on forearms, thighs, head and chest, allowing for more spots to add parts. Walks strangely sometimes due to missing parts.
Class: WarWOLF
Weapons: M-114 'Seeker' DMR, Mk. 8 'Fang' SMG, BlackWOLF pistol, MT-8 Xane Combat Blade
Hyper-sensor Network (Passive): Epsilon’s sensor suite is expensive but extremely useful. Can pick out cloaked and burrowed targets with little room for error.
Wraith Combat Fiber (passive): Epsilon is equipped with a system of tough alloy plates and artificial muscle fibers, strong enough to break the neck of unaugmented and unarmored targets with one hand. It has good resistance to damage, and Epsilon declined the use of armor, but agreed with the Jetpack installation.
Impact (Active): After jetting into the air, Epsilon can temporarily pour more energy into the jetpack and divebomb to a target, often smashing whatever was unfortunate enough to be the target. Jetpack temporarily offline as a result.
Backstory: All past history is currently under lockdown within Epsilon’s hard-drive. It appeared one day on the WOLF’s figurative doorstep, offline. As it was restarted (on accident), it seemed interested in learning about the WOLF’s Head Commandos, and requested to take part in training. A few quick tests showed that it had potential, and a strangely adaptive system which allows for easy integration of technology. It was shipped over to the Olympus Base almost two weeks ago, where it waits for it's team and assignment.
so when is this going to start again?
Dunno. Waiting on a couple characters. but perhaps this weekend maybe next.
Both are up and finished.
Name: Terra Corven

Race: Terran

Age: 22

Appearance: 5' 4" tall, with bright red hair and emerald green eyes. Her HES is violet in color and her mask consists of a pair of goggles that have various HUD displays and view modes.

Class: Rogue Ghost

Weapons: Modified C-20a, Brace of throwing knives, Twin silenced P45 pistols, Twin combat knives

Abilities: Psycho-Adrenal Boost (Passive)- Releases a burst of adrenaline that's supercharged with psionic energy, boosting reaction and movement speeds to six times that of a normal person for a short duration. Approximately long enough to clear two small rooms or one large one. Requires new adrenal rush to refresh.

Psionic Reversal- Terra can turn a Ghost's, Protoss' and Zerg's ability to sense other Psionics in on itself, keeping them from sensing her presence. All other nearby Psionics remain detectable. Requires focus on target to be effective. Less effective when more targets to focus on.

Huntress' Grace (Passive)- Moves silently at all times due to extensive stealth training and a childhood spent staying unnoticed. Harder to see in shadows.

Advanced Cloak- Uses an advanced cloaking module that, while not as effective as the Nyx-class module, drastically reduces the amount of energy required to stay cloaked. Not compatible with upgrades.

Mind Shredder- Unleashes a focused Psionic blast on an opponent's mind, turning it to mush. Stronger foes must be worn down first.

Backstory: Terra Corven's first memories of her early life are in an orphanage where she spent her time watching the other kids play and avoiding the other girls just to keep from being picked on more than she already was. As she got older, she only felt more and more lonely, no matter how many children were near or around her. One of her most common tortures was to wake up as one of the other girls would finish tying her to her bed, the rope all across her. Often times she spend two and three hours escaping that alone, resulting in a missed breakfast almost every day.

As Terra reached her teen years, she asked the orphanage owner what her mother had been like. She was about 13 by this point and had grown very curious. The conversation, recorded by the security cameras in his office, went like this:

"Mister Moro, what was my mother like when she left me here?" The man, one Donovan Moro, looks up from his paperwork and frowns for a moment, obviously considering how to reply, something the thirteen year old girl facing him notices right away. "Mister Moro?" Sighing quietly, he sets his pen down and clasps his hands in front of him, facing the young girl.

"Well, Terra, I...I don't think you'll like my answer. She was short, curt and very rude. She was very clear that she didn't want you knowing her and she didn't want to know anything about you." Terra's eyes begin to cloud up with tears, causing Donovan to frown deeper. "I'm sorry Terra, but those are her words. She said if you ever asked," he took a deep breath, "to tell you you were a mistake she would make disappear." At this, Terra let the tears flow, but not only did those flow, her Psionic power did as well, a single burst of it sending Mister Moro into the wall.

Panicked from what she'd just done, she fled the room.

The next nine years were both interesting and hell wrapped into a big bundle. With in two days of the incident involving Miss Corven's powers, a wrangler and two marines arrived at the orphanage and took her away from the place she'd grown to know forever. Attending the Ghost Academy, she established a regular training routine to learn how to control her powers for the first year.

In the second and third, she was trained in manifesting her powers in ways that felt comfortable. It was during this time that her ability to turn a Psionic's ability to detect her in on itself. In the fourth and fifth year, she was trained in the fire arms and then, in a sixth year, moved to a separate facility for testing of her Psionic Reversal, as it had come to be called. The testing was inhumane and painful, eventually prompting Miss Corven to escape with her equipment and disappear. A single marine, a mercenary called Jake Hunter, recounted the events in a debriefing. Here is the recording:

"Mister Hunter, you were contracted to help guard the facility subject 0325 was in, correct?"

"That I was. Good job too. Shame sh!t hit the fan like it did."

There's the sound of shuffling papers before the first voice speaks again. "Yes, a shame things did go wrong. However, you did do your job, so you will be paid in full. We'd, uh, simply like clarifications on some of the things you reported." There's the sound of CMC armor shifting before the second voice, Mister Hunter's, answers.

"Well, what things would you like clarified?"

"Let's begin with the part where you watched her kill two very experience Ghosts with nothing more than her combat knives." The sound of armored feet shuffling comes through before he talks.

"I'll do you a favor and go further back. The whole thing started about 0300 hours local time. I was at my post, Guard Station Charlie 3 on sub-level 33, two above subject 0325. Anyways, the guard station down about two halls received a code yellow warning and passed it along to the rest of us. With in five minutes, we were on code red alert and could hear the lower levels calling for back up. The head of security dispatched me and a few others." The sound of the armor shifting again can be heard. "We split up into pairs to clear the floor below us, where subject 0325 was last seen. After about five minutes of clearing labs, we came on an auditorium where two Ghosts had her pinned. Thinking things were handled, Jacobs and I took up positions on either side of the door we came in and waited. Then-" Mister Hunter hesitates a moment. "Then she saw us and suddenly we couldn't track her. She closed with the Ghosts at speeds I've never seen a Ghost move at before and slit one's throat. Even as that one fell away with a gurgled cry, she rammed her other knife into the other Ghost's jaw, shoving the blade into his brain."

A deep breath is heard taken before the story continues. "Then next thing I know, I'm sailing across the room from a Psionically boosted kick and she's stuck her knife into the top of Jacobs' head. After that, the rest was panicked radio chatter as she fled." The shuffling papers pick up again, accented by the sound of a pen writing.

"Thank you, Mister Hunter. You are free to go."

The recording ends. Since then, Terra Corven, the first Rogue Ghost since Sarah Kerrigan, has hidden under the radar, avoiding Ghosts and Spectres alike and working for the highest bidder to help her stay hidden. She joined the WHC by way of running into one of their ShadowWOLVES during a job. The description she was given piqued her interest and so she enlisted with them.


The C-20a only has a semi-auto fire and has thermal imaging built into the scope.

The silencers are built into the pistols.

Combat knives are designed to be psionically strengthened.
Name: Jason "Three" Crey
Race: Terran

Age: 20

Appearance: 6"7', tan skin, rarely shows his face from behind his mask. Tall, muscular build but not bulky. He has decent strength, easily passing as above average, but is more agile than he is strong. Although his hair can be seen because he does not wear a helmet or accessory covering the top of his head, it is naturally spikey and black. Wears a black long tailed leather coat(not shiny leather, it is matte) with a secondary color of red in the upper chest areas and bands around the elbow.

Class: ShadowWOLF

Weapons: 2 'BlackWOLF' Pistols, modified with suppressors, P-5173 'Hot Momma' Plasma AR(only uses this when he truly needs to), M-7015 'Mosquito LBR' modified with a longer, heavy barrel to accommodate longer distances, and also a suppressor. 3 knives (one in boot)

  • Telepathy (Self explanitory)
  • Mind Shroud - A form of mental screening, for a short period of time, "Three" is able to block his mind from any telepathy, but after he uses it, he is more vulnerable to mental attacks.
  • Ending Force - A crushing telekinetic blow. The force can be projected in one of 2 ways, a conical wave that knocks everything in its path, and will damage the body of any unarmored personnel. The second is best described as a stream line shot that will crush many things, destroying bones, crushing skulls and in some cases denting or even just purely bypassing armor. He has yet to master the use of this way, and the power of it is determined by emotion, and will drain his endurance quickly.

    Name: [CLASSIFIED] A.K.A. "Three"

    Age: 20

    Age of acquirement: 1-

    Ethnicity: Asian decent

    Personality traits: Docile, until provoked. Arrogant, see's himself above others a large portion of the time, very few exceptions such as [REDACTED]. Anti-Social behavior has been displayed over the course of training and observation. [REDACTED]

    Biography: Born to Benjamin and Carol [CLASSIFIED], "Three" lived on a small fringe world until he was [CLASSIFIED]. He was discovered by the WHC due to a psionic incident at a school in [REDACTED] resulting in the [REDACTED] children and teachers/staff. "Three" chose the latter name because that is the number of reoccurring dreams he has. Each dream is different but somehow tie in to one another towards the end. These 3 dreams are possibly why he is how he is, and are possibly caused by his P.I. of 8. "Three" has always displayed signs of some form of "Imaginary Friend, but it is not confirmed, even harder to prove since the age of 16.
SF, Zark and Koro: accepted. I know I told ya'll on DA but wanted to put it on here. will transfer in a few moments.
I appreciate it Morph.
Uh, no. Go read all the stuff on the first page down to post three.
04/08/2014 10:54 AMPosted by Tyrannus
Can I be infested?
No. No. No. Terran, Mozan, or Protoss. NO ZERG.
Friendly advice. Take some of the listed weapons and up the age. Protoss can be much older. And...I'll leave the rest to Morph. Morph, I get it's your RP, but be nice to the new guy.
No way a Protoss would be able to form a coherent psi-blade(Nerazim use Warp-Blades), or Cloak. up the age to like around 200 or so which is pretty much 19-20 years of age on a Terran/Mozan. I do remember stating that you'd have to scale it properly for Protoss. Also while I know Protoss are Psionic by nature I already have a ShadowWOLF and Rogue Ghost. And I don't have enough characters to warrant another ShadowWOLF. Also additional Weapons please.

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