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Ten years ago, I have made a solemn vow to keep our country safe and so I have kept a silent watch over the "Holy Land". I have watched them round up heretics to their grand monasteries, keep them there for weeks on end, and bear witness to the transformation of regular people such as you and I to people who would gladly fight to their deaths in the service of The Coven. I have watched them in their celebration of their patron goddess at their cities, offering a girl and a boy no more than ten to the great bonfire erected in the middle of town in honor of C'zun. And that young girl and boy made their way to the bonfire, willingly, smiles on their innocent faces and not a cry was heard as they burned and burned until nothing but their ashes were left. And when that was done, "Praise the Lady!" was all that echoed through the streets for the past three days.

Why you ask, do I start this letter as such? My King, the seductive power of words is the greatest weapon Hadanbur has. They are not an enemy that can be beaten into submission. I have seen their holy men at work. Their words of persuasion is commendable, if not scary. A single holy man among an ordinary flock of people can inspire them into a frenzy. Most of Haribad, what's left of the people living there, are now part of the Coven. These new converts are making their way south into our state to spread their gospel among our own people.

We must maintain vigilance. The borders are porous and nigh impossible to patrol day to night but still we must maintain vigilance. The enemy we face now is small in numbers, but they are invisible, spreading their cancer within our borders. Though your army is the strongest in the land, should our rank and file be infiltrated with religious dogma, no should our people be filled with religious dogma, our proud country will no doubt crumple from within.

I will continue my watch.


King Adanos placed the letter face down and closed his eyes, exhausted. The embers of the candle flicked softly on the desk. His son, after eight very long hours, came to this world. What was to be a celebration for such an occasion was pushed to the back of his head. The letter's timing couldn't have been any worse.

The King sighed. What he had long suspected was confirmed. The Coven made their plans to infiltrate Adanos. Short of an all out attack on the Coven, how would it be possible to disrupt the Coven's plan?

"A strong King is loved and has the support of his subjects." he muttered. Those were the last word his father told him at his deathbed. To retain the loyalty of his subjects, to what end?

The door opened and a woman, dressed is gossamer, with a sleeping baby in hand, came in.

"My lord, what keeps you up this late?" she asked quietly.

Adanos rested his chin on his hands, "...Helen, am I a good king?"

The woman set the baby in his crib and made her way to Adanos, wrapping her hands around his neck.

"Why such a question? This isn't like you to be so doubtful. You are a good husband and a good and just ruler!"

King Adanos lightly grabbed Helen's hands. They were warm to touch.

Helen took her arms off Adanos and made her way to the bed. "Come and sleep, it's been a tiring day for both of us. It isn't something so urgent that you have to stay up all night pondering is it? Don't neglect your health Adin."

"I'm grateful you're here. You and our son."

"Of course you are, who else would keep your sanity in check?" she said cheekily.

King Adanos made a small laugh, stowing away the letter in his drawer and blowing out the candle before heading to bed. Tomorrow morning, he would make his decision.
...Are... you going to do anything with this? Perhaps an RP please?
03/13/2014 04:44 PMPosted by Warhawk
...Are... you going to do anything with this? Perhaps an RP please?

Maybe. I don't know. We shall see.
"There are 246 of you standing here today and I'm sure you all looked forward to this day. After many years of hard work, it has lead you all to this memorable day. As headmaster of the academy, I beam with pride knowing that all of you, you the graduates of the academy, will do great things in due time. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors..."

Kari Laguna opened her eyes. She found herself lying on her side. The room was dark, save for a sliver of moonlight that narrowly beamed across the floor from the half drawn curtains. She heard the dull thuds of someone's staggered footsteps outside in the hallway accompanied by soft giggles.

It was another dream and once again, it was the same one from the night before, a dream of her graduation. That was nearly two years ago and she traveled the country since.

She pushed herself up, sitting at the bed's edge before deciding to heaver by the window, pulling away the curtains. She found herself bathing in the moonlight.

Kari was a bold looking girl, perhaps 24 of age. Her eyes were like a cat in the night. Her dark auburn hair was tied back though normally is at shoulder length and specs of freckles dotted her cheeks. Without her traveling clothes, her body had a lean look to it as if she ate too little or too poorly-perhaps the rigors of the road was catching up with her. A simple purple sash was wrapped around her waist.

It was a quiet night, a peaceful night, a lonely night. Two years of traveling alone to see the world, helping those in need while many others pursued a relatively comfortable life in the magic city. She gazed at the moon and reached her hand out for the moon, cupping it so that it appeared to her that she was grasping it at her fingertips.

"Am I...happy with this?" she wondered aloud, "This is what I decided on..."

To do great things, was that not what she was doing? All deeds big and small, as long as they helped another fellow man and woman, were they not great things? Then why was there such dissatisfaction gnawing away at her heart?

She sighed. It would be a lie to say that her experience wasn't fruitful but there was something...ordinary about it. To be able to grasp the moon, what a great feat that would be!

"I wonder what tomorrow brings..."

Kari poured herself a glass of water and downed it in one gulp. Another day, another dawn. She went back to bed and pulled the covers over her head, drifting away into a dreamless sleep.
T'would be nice. Could use a good Fantasy RP 'round here again.
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T'would be nice. Could use a good Fantasy RP 'round here again.

See post #1 and #3 for application.

You can go with a standard application like other RPs if time is a constraint. I'll make an off thread for misc. stuff if there's traction for this.
Going for a more open freestyle RP form with long posts, I see.

I'm afraid I'll have to go with a more standard app, as time is a bit of a constraint (probably more than I'm willing to admit...)

Also, what's the setting? Is it that fantasy RP setting thread that you started earlier?
V this one V
03/13/2014 08:53 PMPosted by Warhawk
Also, what's the setting? Is it that fantasy RP setting thread that you started earlier?
V this one V

Yea. Bear in mind it can change though I don't expect the changes to be drastic or anything.
Cool beans. I'll see about getting something written up when I get the chance.
In all honesty, if I do a sheet, it'll be the generic one or one I made for simplicity. Lord knows I have a hard time getting backstory ideas on paper.
The next morning, Kari grabbed her things and made her way downstair to the lobby for breakfast. To her surprise, she found a gathering of people around the bulletin board. They whispered amongst one another; a mixture of excitement and anxiety hanged over their heads.

"...They banned it?" whispered a weary mother to her husband, holding onto her child's shoulder, "Where will we go? We don't have money to travel..."

"It's alright, we'll be discreet about it. No one needs to know."

Intrigued, Kari made her way to the front of the crowd to see what the fuss was about.

"Excuse me, can you let me through?"

A large piece of parchment was nailed to the board. She immediately recognized the royal seal of Adanos on the page.

The King has decreed that The Coven, the official religion of Hadanbur, is hereby banned within Adanos. Any persons caught spreading or teaching its doctrines is punishable by 15 years in hard labor. Those wishing to practice it in peace are more than free to leave the state. This decree will be effective immediately in two days time.

Kari frowned. It was a strange decree the King had issued for he was known to be a man of good sense, a patient man. Surely such a decree would stir dissent among the religious? Should this religion be banned, would others not follow? Where would the persecuted go? In all the history books she read, Adanos was always a tolerant country since its inception.

Kari stepped back away from the crowd to allow herself the space to think. For something to be banned, then it meant that The Coven was perceived as a threat to the Crown.

"We're living in strange times," Kari remarked to herself.
Finishing the last drop of her soup, Kari thanked the innkeeper and went outside. The day was light and a cool spring breeze fluttered in the air. Just as she was about to hit the road, she heard a shout behind her.

"What are you doing? Unhand me! I have done nothing wrong!"

She glanced behind her to see what the hustle was about. A young man looking a bit on the stumpy side, was becoming louder and louder and stood out in the small crowd that was already gathering attention. From where she stood, Kari couldn't help but notice how much the person stuck out like a sore thumb. For one, his clothes was too big for him and it was a faded scarlet color. It looked as if he was swimming in them rather than wearing them.

"I say, I say! What manner of behavior is this? What crime have I committed?" cried the preacher.

"You know what you did on the town hall!" scowled the guard.

"Nonsense! I haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking about!" exclaimed the young man.

"You insulted the good King's name and honor by PISSING on his statue!" growled the guard as he began to tie the man's hands.

"I was drunk! And I said I was sorry! Come on sir, let this one go ok?" pleaded the man.

The guard picked up the man by the collar and began to shove him, "You can't pay the fine so no excuses! King Adanos' name will not be tarnished by a vagrant such as yourself!"

"Vagrant!", the man exclaimed with surprise, "I'm a traveling priest!" He resisted the guard's effort to move him.

The guard responded with a quick slap to the back of his head knocking the man to his knees, "Shut up! And resist one more time this hilt will be pressed hard against your back!"

The man got up slowly, "Someone help! I'm being repressed! Oh I thought this was a fair country but how wrong I was!"

It was not in her place to interfere with the law. Kari knew this much. Yet she couldn't help but feel a little sorry for the man who was going to jail for a very long time simply because of a drunken stupor and a stupid innocuous mistake, made worse by a rather passionate if stubborn guard.

"Excuse me, but can't you let this go?" Kari asked the guard.

"And who are you?" the guard replied.

"A traveler. Don't you think you're being a bit too stubborn? The man wasn't conscious of what he was doing and he already apologized for it."

"No exceptions ma'am. And what's the deal with you trying to help him out? You buddies with him or something?"

"On the contrary, I never met the man. I just think that a little flexibility would be good. I'm sure an exception can be made?"

"You want me to let this sap go? This man broke the law and what good are laws if the enforcers don't enforce them? No one will obey them."

"Oh goodness!" the man interjected, "My prayers are answered! Thank the la-owwwww! That's the hilt..."

"Quiet! And give me a good reason why I should let him go?" demanded the guard.

Kari was silent. She could not give a good answer.

"Feh, figures. Wasting my time. C'mon you shrimp."

"You said he needed to pay a fine. How much?"

The guard turned around with a look of incredulity, "You're paying for this man's fine? Even when you never met him?"

"Yes. It's five silver pieces is it not?" Kari said.

"You have five silvers?" the guard said, surprised.

Kari took out five silver coins from her coin purse and stretched her left hand for the guard to see.

"Right here, five silver pieces," Kari said. "Can you let him go?"

The guard tilted his head at Kari puzzled. He wasn't sure if she should be lauded for her kindness or laughed at for her foolishness. The guard took the coins and undid the man's bonds. The guard turned around once more and looked at Kari straight in the eye.

"Lady, I can't tell if you are a saint or just a fool. Since you paid for his fine, he's free now I suppose."

He looked at the man who was standing besides Kari. "You're a lucky kid. Stay out of trouble." The guard went his way.

"Oh thank you! Thank you! You cannot imagine my gratitude. What is the name of my savior?"

"It's Kari. Kari Laguna. And you are?"

"Keenan, Keenan Valaster."
The day was bright as three trade wagons were moving slowly along the road. Kari found herself sitting inside one of the wagons across Keenan. His eyes were closed and his mouth moved wordlessly. No doubt he was reciting a prayer or scripture of some sort.

“What's your story? You said you were a priest in your outburst,” Kari inquired.

Keenan opened his eyes. “Yes, I am a priest. A devotee of The Coven. A missionary to be precise. I was given a holy mission to spread the message of our lady. I have journeyed south from Haribad for this purpose.”

“You're looking awfully young to be a priest,” remarked Kari.

Keenan smiled, “Age is simply a number. So long as one's faith is strong, anyone can be a holy man.”

“Even a boy?” joked Kari.

“Even a boy,” Keenan said, once more with a genuine smile.

“Well, that's debatable.”

There was a brief pause as Keenan rummaged though his belongings. He pulled out a book and opened it. He looked up at Kari.

“Would you like to know more about our Lady? There's plenty of time before the next stop.”

Kari waved the offer away and spoke, “You know it's not going to be safe for you to do this right? Your timing couldn't be any worse. The King of these lands has just issued an edict banning the teachings of your faith. You should leave these borders, for your own safety.”

Keenan tilted his head at Kari. “You've been quite concerned with my well being Ms. Laguna. Your concern for my safety is admirable. Looks like you have taken quite a liking in this humble priest.”

“Let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's just my nature to help,” Kari replied.

“That's very kind of you. Very kind. To answer your question, such a law will not deter me. I will continue the mission that is entrusted to me. My faith will protect me.”

“Does faith protect one against clubs and hilts?”

“I am not afraid and I am prepared. Even should my bones be broken, should I be casted down from the tallest mountains, it does not matter. Where one falls, another rises to take their place. My brothers and sisters will continue the work I left off.”

“The king's men will be scrutinizing your activities. They won't let you go if you insist on this.”

“Let them, they cannot possibly hope to find all of us. How can he in such a country as large as his? And besides, such an action will only embolden the timid to stand for our cause.”

Kari frowned. She heard stories of the Coven's zeal but this was the first time she had seen in first hand. The devotion he showed to the Coven, the fearlessness in his eyes even when she warned him, it was illogical to her. If this was the devotion of a simple priest...

“What convinced you to join the Coven?” Kari asked.

“I'm very flattered you want to know more about me but why don't you tell me a little bit more of yourself? I know next to little of my savior,” replied Keenan.

“It's rather boring.” There was no need to tell him that she was a mage. Not that she would be seeing him again when they stopped.

“No no no, I think not. For a pretty maiden such as yourself to travel alone without any protection and then pay for someone's freedom? There's more to you than meets the eye. What's your story?”

“Like I said, I'm just a helpful person by nature. As for my reason for traveling, I just want to see the world.”

Keenan was disappointed by the response, “Skirting around the question I see. Doesn't look like you'll want to share details either. Well, I'm sure you have your reasons. It's a shame, I was ready to pour my life story if you had just opened yourself-”

The wagon stopped as a voice rang outside, “BANDITS! BANDITS ON THE ROAD!” cried the driver.

The back of the wagon opened. A masked man climbed aboard, shiv in hand. He glanced quickly at Keenan and then at Kari.

“Ah hah! Boss, we got two live ones in the back! A man and a woman, and she's quite the looker!” exclaimed the bandit.

“Bring them out!” a voice outside yelled.

The bandit turned to Keenan. “Get out! Move it before I stick this in your back! Don't try anything funny...”

Keenan got out of the wagon.

“Come here! Stand over there with the others!” yelled the same voice outside

The bandit turned his attention to Kari. He placed the shiv on Kari's face and grabbed her shoulder.

“Don't be shy, just listen to what I say and you can keep that pretty face of yours intact. Get out, don't try running from us. He he he.”

I could blast this fool right now, but that would put everyone else in danger outside and I don't know how many bandits there are. Best see what happens outside.

Kari got out of the wagon with her captor's shiv pressing lightly against her back. She was lead to where the other captives were. Six captives, Keenan among them were forced to sit down, their hands tied behind their backs. She counted seven bandits, all of them armed. Five of them were already looting the caravans for valuables. The one that appeared to be the ringleader approached her, rope in hand. The other stood watch over the captives.

The bandit with the rope spoke. “She's the one?” It was the same voice she heard outside. No doubt this one was the leader.

“Yes boss,” the one by the captives replied.

The leader moved closer, intending to inspect his prize. Kari turned her face away from his.

“What a catch! What's the matter? You scared? You aren't shy are you?” he laughed.

“I'm sorry, your face is simply too repulsive for anyone to look at,” Kari replied, still looking away.

“Probably a bad idea to piss him off,” Keenan said loudly.

The bandit leader backed off. He laughed again and suddenly grabbed her face, turning it until Kari was looking directly at his eyes.

“You're a feisty one aren't you? Well, I know how to deal with your types. When I'm done with you-”

“When I'm done with you? Funny you are saying that because that's exactly what I was thinking.”

“What can a defenseless girl like you do?” he demanded, his face closer to hers.

“Defenseless? How wrong you are. Good bye, you won't see me again,” Kari said with a smile before disappearing from view.

The ringleader was taken aback. He reached his hands out to touch where Kari's head was. There was no solid sensation in his hand.

“What in the world? What sorcery is this?”

“Boss! The captives, they just vanished into thin air!”

“What? Impossible! Weren't you watching them?”

“They just vanished in plain sight!”

“A trick? No, this is...that woman! She was a mage! Get the goods! We're hauling out of here now!”

A cry rang out behind one of the caravans. The body of one of the bandits was flung over, completely mangled. A look of absolute terror was etched on his face. A shadowy apparition rose from the body, unmistakeably in the form of Kari. It looked at all of the bandits and a wide grin formed. Tendrils shot out and before the bandits could react, they found themselves with a tendril wrapped around their necks

The bandits yelled with terror, hitting the tendrils with their weapons, fists, and teeth. It was no use as the apparition dragged the men closer and closer towards itself, where a massive, bottomless maw awaited them. One by one the men were dragged in screaming while the shadow laughed manically.


The apparition turned its attention to the last bandit, the ringleader himself. No matter how many times he stabbed the tendril, it regenerated far too quickly and its grip was far too strong to pry open.


The apparition pounced on the ringleader.

“Damn it all!”

The caravan was on the road once more and Kari was a little tired.

Perhaps I went a little overboard

Keenan brought her a glass of water, “The owner asked me to give you this.” He was silent as Kari took a sip. “You're a mage aren't you?” continued Keenan.

She nodded simply, not really wanting to talk. “Guess the secrets out.”

Keenan waited for Kari to say something but nothing came, So he continued, “Tis the Lady's work, that's twice you saved me. What did you do to them? They...weren't themselves.”

“An illusion. A powerful one at that. They saw something...unpleasant. They won't awake from it for the next four hours. That'll give us plenty of time to put distance between us. But as you can see, it's a bit tiring,” Kari explained.

Keenan gave a nod. “Mhm, I can see that. So does your stamina correlates with your magical reserves?”

“It's a bit more...involved than raw stamina but for simplicity's sake I suppose you can think of it that way,” replied Kari with a small sigh.

“Hey how are you all doing?” the owner said coming in.

Keenan stood up, “I'm fine. On the other hand, my friend here is a little tired from that spell of hers.”
The owner poured another glass of water for Kari. Still thirsty, she accepted it once more.

“First time seeing it myself and frankly it was a bit scary what you did to them. Unnatural one could say,” said the owner.

Kari made no motion. It was a tired conversation she heard over and over again through her travels. Always, there was a person who decried magic. There was nothing unnatural about magic. Magic is intrinsic to the world. Simply because some were able to shape it and give it a more defined form does not make it somehow unnatural.

“But,” continued the owner, “you define the person you are. Without your help, my caravans would have been sacked and my livelihood would have been destroyed. I'm grateful for that. You're not a bad person and you use your gifts for good.”

“I try to do what I can,” replied Kari.

“Take this,” the owner placed a small bag of coins on her hand.

“Oh no, I really shouldn't take this.”

The owner took Kari's other hand placed it on top of the bag. “Take it, I insist. It as a token of gratitude. It's the only way I can offer my thanks. And seeing as you are traveling, you're going to need it down the road.”

“Alright then if you insist, thanks."
So could I just introduce the character here? Like you did yours?
03/24/2014 03:48 PMPosted by Zarkun
So could I just introduce the character here? Like you did yours?

Shweet. Give me a short bit.
Caron Jenar woke from his sleep with a groan, his head still pounding with the last vestiges of a horrible hangover from a night spent celebrating a raid against the Coven's forces. Many of the people of the little village he lived in had love only for the King Adanos and none for the overly zealus people of Hadanbur. People who, year after year, burned two innocent children, children with so much life ahead of them, in the name of some deity who they didn't have any proof but their legend of existing.

Caron simply shook his head as he remembered things he'd seen visiting Hadanbur over the last two years before the priest had come to his home town, looking to convert them to their "correct and true" religion. Then word reached him. Caron had been retelling the things he'd seen when he returned from his trips. He had military training, his dad had been a Colonel in the Adanos military, but he'd never actually enlisted with the military himself. Instead he attended the Magus school and learned how to create sword blades and other more combat friendly abilities. Once he finished, he had come home and started making trips to other countries, mainly the one closest to his home. He started with a small amount of respect for the nation's choice to believe in the Coven, but that was before he's visited during their three day festival. After that, he despised them and their beliefs.

Back to the priest, he arrived just a day after Caron had returned home and immediately began to preach about his glorious Lady, standing in the center of the small village and yelling at the top of his lungs how the only way they'd be saved is if they came to his Goddess, his Lady. Caron took about five minutes of it before pushing his way through the gathered crowd to the front and seized the man by his shirt. Hefting him up, an impressive feat for a man who weighed around only around 145 lbs, and throwing him to the crowd, he draws a sun-tanned thumb across his throat. Six days later, the priest is stuck on a spit in front of a Coven religious place.

After that, a friend of his from another town said that another priest had been chased out there and that other towns were seeing similar problems, so Caron and some of his buddies took matters into their own hands and started raiding Hadanburian supply caravans. Of course, they were only military. Killing civilians never helped. Bringing his mind back to the future, Caron slowly climbed out of bed, begging whatever deity was out there to help his hangover go away and went and washed his face before strapping on his twin curved blades, one on his back, the other on his waist.

A loud knocking on his door brought him quickly to the main floor of his home, opening it to a panicked Ron Hurlen. "Caron, they're coming! They're chanting and singing and-" His eyes were huge with fear and Caron had to grab his shoulders to calm him.

"Ron, Ron!" Ron realizes he isn't being clear and slowly calms down. Once Ron's breathing evens out, Caron speaks again. "Who's coming and chanting and singing? No one know's we're attacking across the border." A fun fact about the raids is that the military is unaware of what's going on since it's such a remote village. It was the reason Caron's father picked it. Ron took a deep breath before speaking.

"The Coven. Our watchposts spotted the troops a mile from the border and ran back as fast as they could, but...I don't know, most of them just stopped stiff and fell to the ground, dead. We're afraid they have mages." Caron shook his head in disbelief before setting his face grimly.

"Then we prepare for the attack. Sound the alarm." Ron nods and disappears into a slowly forming morning crowd, soon followed by the sound a bell ringing shrilly. Without a word, women children and elderly returned home to pack while the men able to fight prepared. Great way to start the day...
Mother of god, unsanctioned attacks on the borders against the enemy country? Even before the time the King even bans the religion with a grace period of 2 days?

I like this development.
I thought you might. Feel free to take over the attacking force.
In the woods, I'm at home. The trees hide me from prying eyes, but somehow I always know when something's coming without needing to see it. It's like the leaves on the trees are hundreds of little mirrors, each one giving me a little piece of the bigger picture. Each snap of a twig, each breath of wind, each rustle of a foot in the tangled loam tells me what I need to know.

Never would I be so foolish as to think I'm the only one with this gift. I'm one of many humans born to the woods. I've been called a werewolf, a half-elf, a huldra's whelp. Maybe not true, but I don't mind the description. It's not unpleasant to imagine I've some sort of magical gift, but I know as well as any hunter that my gift is far from magical. We just see what we need to see, hear what we need to hear, smell what we need to smell. Perhaps the spirits of the forest just love us, to give us this gift.

I spend all my time in the woods now. I haven't seen a human face in almost six months now, and I've no problem with that. It used to be that I lived but a dozen miles or so into the forest, a few hours' walk away from a town teeming with people and their voices. Living there was convenient; I was just distant enough that I was rarely disturbed, and just close enough to easily make the journey whenever necessary. I won't claim I never sauntered into town to waste my savings in the pub. In fact, that would make the story hard to tell, because that's where it begins.

I'd been sitting there drinking for over an hour when he came in. I knew who he was immediately, though I'd never met him before. The manner of his dress, the confidence and wariness in his walk, and the way people looked at him with a mixture of suspicion and curiosity were all valuable clues. He was with the Coven, and he was no mere worshiper. He was a proselytizer, a missionary... a threat. I had been warned of his kind. Pagans. Demon worshipers. His kind tried to prey on the mind, to turn the heart away from the gods... but yet there was that voice in the back of mind, insisting: why would so many listen if there is nothing to his words? And if there truly is nothing to his words, what harm to listen?

So I listened; or half-listened, my mind was on my drinking. What I did hear, though, seemed fair enough. He spoke passionately of his goddess, of how she would lead people to paradise, and so on. The gentle Hadanburian lilt in his words, the love in his voice, the assurance with which he spoke... though we were all loyal citizens of Adanos, faithful to the gods, and not necessarily the most civilized audience, still none moved to interrupt him or stop him from preaching. We all just sat and let him talk to us. I still can't even remember any of his words, but the meaning, that voice is still burned into my memory.

When he finished talking, he got up, bowed his head slightly, politely murmured "all hail Lord Joan of Adanos," and walked out as someone leaning against the door managed to reply, "may his reign be long." What as strange was that the pub's usual noise didn't resume, as it did when anyone else, no matter their qualifications, spoke. Everyone just sort of sat there silently, staring into their mugs. I didn't like it one bit. I got up and left quietly as whispered conversations arose between the other patrons. I had to get outside, breath the fresh air. I stepped out and stood there doing just that: breathing. The liquor in air could only have been helping that in my belly cloud my mind. I had to think. I was standing there, breathing and thinking, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned. It was him.

"Taal," he said, smiling as though I were his long-lost grandson. "My name is Markan. You are a hunter." A statement, not a question. Almost an imperative, as though he had just mandated my life's work with those four words. I somehow didn't wonder how he knew my name, it only seemed natural that he knew. I straightened up and answered, deepening my voice so I wouldn't seem like a youth.

"Aye. One of the best. Sir." Somehow the title slipped out automatically. Like any child of Adanos, I'd been well trained in addressing nobility. Somehow that's what he seemed like.

His smile deepened somehow. "Good. That is what I like to hear. Are you in need of work?"

I didn't want to seem as though I had nothing to do; that was the mark of a bad hunter! I answered carefully. "I am always willing to work."

"Excellent. Because I am in need of a hunter."
Gah... I'm getting confused... Would someone mind clarifying who the major political powers are and their views?... As well as where poeple's chars are? Thanks.

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