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The political powers are in the SSS thread. My character is in a small village of somewhat zealous loyalists called Thorton. KO is in another place. Then there's Animus who's writing NPC's.
This aught to spice things up a little bit...

The hooded traveler slipped through the streets of Cambreath, one of Adanos' largest, and most westward cities. While not invisible, no one paid the traveler any heed, which is something he preferred, especially given his current task. Turning down a side alley, the Traveler's thoughts wandered back over his recent journey from a shady and less than reputable inn where he'd acquired his latest job;

"Alright, your letter said that you had a job for me, one of a sensitive nature, something to be discussed in private. Well, this place is about as private as you're going to get. So spit it out."

The well fed and lavishly dressed lord across the table glared at the traveler; "If the safety of the Crown didn't rely on this, I'd have you executed for impertinence."

The traveler snorted; Please, you'd be dead before you could even finish giving the order and your little entourage wouldn't last much longer. So spare me the threats and just tell me what you need done."
He said acidly, nodding to the two goons at the lord's back and the several others scattered around the room.

The lord blanched and mopped his brow with a kerchief before nodding; "Very well then, enough niceties. My spies have recently discovered that one of King Adanos' closest advisors, Lord Malrend, is actually a Hadanburian agent, most likely planted by The Coven itself. While He's an outwardly ardent supporter of the King's policies, we sincerely doubt he's all together very happy about the King's recent ban of The Coven. In a few days time Lord Malrend will be arriving at the city of Cambreath under the pretext of settling some major trade dispute or another. In actuality, he will be there to meet with other Hadanburian agents to plan what we believe is an assassination attempt on the King. As exposing Malrend as a traitor to the Crown right now would cause far too much upheaval that we cannot afford, we need you to remove Malrend from the equation before he can cause anymore trouble."

The traveler nodded, thinking it over. This was obviously a case of lies within lies and Maker knows what else. The only question was, would it worth it? "Right... seems simple enough. Slip into Cambreath, Find Malrend, kill him, and get out alive. How much are you paying me?"

"Five-thousand gold. It's all yours once he's dead. We can meet back here in a week after you've killed him." The lord replied simply.

Chuckling slightly, the traveler shook his head;
"Not a chance. Half now, half when it's done."

"Two-thousand now, three-thousand after?"
The lord countered.

Thinking over it for a moment, the traveler noded;
I'll be double posting. DM post will come first, then my character's post afterword.

Regarding money, paper currency is what I'm choosing because of its ease of handling and familiarity. Gold, silver, and copper coins can be exchanged for paper money where it is accepted. For simplicity's sake, consider gold coin as 1$, silver as 10 cents, copper as 1 cent. As for banks, you will all presumably have a bank account where you can deposit and withdraw money. They'll be located in major cities. Based off your character's bio, none of you are rich so everyone will arbitrarily starts off with $50 in the bank.

Any complaints?

The lord snaps his fingers and wine is poured onto his cup.

"Very well, here is two thousand gold agreed upon. I trust someone of your yolk knows a bank operates?" the lord says, smacking his lips as he finishes his plate as someone hands the hooded traveler several bank notes.


"I need you to help clean up some vermin for me. The task is quite simple. Get rid of the feral boars that live in the nearby forest. This year, they are particularly aggressive at night. They've proven elusive and the hunters I've employed have not done their part. Their damages inflicted on my estate is unacceptable. Kill these boars and I will reward you. What say you?" asks Markan.

OOC: Rereading your passage, I've just realized how brutal Caron is.

Where Caron's father is at your discretion. As the armed forces (#) in your town are spread across the frontier doing hit and runs and in small outposts, this town (I'm going with *hidden* base of operations) is outnumbered. You do not have walls for protection. You have a slight terrain advantage as the enemy approaches up hill.
The chanting and singing grows louder as the war party approaches. Though they are armed with shortswords and axes and short bows, they appear to be unorganized in their formation. Several town guards arrive in time to see the war party stopping at a distance. Their chanting becomes a soft murmur as their leader, a hooded man in red garbs comes out to the open, flail in hand.

"You cowards who dare attack our peaceful missionaries without provocation and slaughter them without mercy and then desecrate their corpses by piking their heads! Heathens, today you will be judged for your sins! You will be shown no mercy, for you have shown none to us in kind!"

The leader leads the charge up the hill.
All good, but I'm hopping back to the present as that was a flashback.

Carefully inspecting each bank note to check for forgeries, the traveler nods;
"That I do. Glad to see your honest too. See you in a couple of weeks."
He says, rapping the notes with a knuckle before slipping them into a pouch. Standing, the traveler gives the lord a curt nod and heads for the door...

Shaking his head, the traveler draws his mind back from the past and to the task at hand. Following the side alley out of sight from the main road, the traveler double checks his surroundings to make sure that he wasn't being followed. Confirming his own secrecy, he begins quickly and quietly scaling the surrounding buildings with his climbing gear.

Slipping onto the rooftop, the traveler double-checks his surroundings again before continuing on his way across the rooftops of Cambreath with light and muffled footsteps.

Please indicate at the end of your post whether you want me to DM or not. That way, I know if you just want to continue writing your post or you want my input.
That this priest, someone of dubious importance, would ask me to perform this task was wonderful. I felt a surge of elation. Not only had he heard of my skills, but he believed I would succeed where others had failed! There was no question in my mind.

"I'll happily deal with these creatures. Will you want to buy the creatures' corpses, or will I be free to dispense with them?"

Sadly, I had at that time no idea of what I was really getting into.

DM requested.
By the time the war party had reached them, the village of Theron had erected several makeshift walls and spiked barricades, not to mention the few nasty surprises they'd set up and down the hill side. Caron watched them charge, measuring each and every person as they charged, noting the obvious lack of organization. Behind him stood the many huntsmen turned archers that inhabited the village, each with an arrow nocked and pulled back. to their cheek, waiting for the signal. Poor sods. If they do have mages, many of them will be too tired from killing so many of our scouts so quickly. Now, we just feather them.

Raising his left hand, he drops it, signalling the archers. As one, they all release, the arrows taking flight into the air, a dark cloud of angry hornets set to descend on the the zealous murderers. "Now then lads, let's show these Hadaburian louts what the land of Adanos and a few loyal men and women can do!" A mighty roar went up in response as the arrows grew closer to their mark.

OOC: DM PLEASE. Also, that was the intent.

03/24/2014 08:42 PMPosted by KnarledOne
I haven't seen a human face in almost six months now, and I've no problem with that.

OOC: This priest has arrived during that time interval and has a small but growing following (obviously, not too many at the bar). More importantly, the local lord has taken interest in him and has given him stable housing where he can perform his services. Your character does not know this of course.

The priest rubs his hands together and smiles.

"I want the corpses of the boars you've killed. Once the deed is done, I will send for people to retrieve the bodies and you will be rewarded accordingly. The more boars, the better the reward. Of course, you have time to prepare for the hunt. Questions?"

42 Theron Defenders vs 93 Coven. By many, that'd mean 25 huntsman.

The makeshift walls are easily circumvented because it was so hastily erected. However, the spiked barricades serve as obstacles, directing the enemy movements in a more linear manner. The first volley of arrows all hit their target and in the blink of an eye some twenty men and women fall.

"There is no need to fear! We will triumph!" yells the priest.

The rabble raise their shields up as they approach the final barricade.
I almost smiled and said I could take it from there, when I realized that would be foolish. Instead, I tentatively answer. "I could use some directions."

DM Requested.

03/29/2014 09:26 PMPosted by Animus
This priest has arrived during that time interval and has a small but growing following (obviously, not too many at the bar). More importantly, the local lord has taken interest in him and has given him stable housing where he can perform his services. Your character does not know this of course.

This was supposed to be an older him telling the story... but it fits here as well.
"Directions? Ah, yes. Look over there! See that barn and the forest behind it? Yes, that forest is where those boars are frequently sighted. Do be careful, the last hunter that attempted to hunt them ended up with a tusk right through his left calf. You don't plan on doing this right now do you?"
"Of course not. This is the wrong time. I'll be out there an hour before sunrise, and with luck have a kill by dawn."

I bow my head slightly, then head for home. Boars. I've not really hunted them before. They're dangerous, not for just any hunter to pursue, but not unkillable. I've killed bears with my bow, and overgrown swine shouldn't prove much more difficult.


Will continue when dawn comes.

03/24/2014 09:33 PMPosted by Zarkun
My character is in a small village of somewhat zealous loyalists called Thorton.

Also known as a small enclave of insanely overzealous and bigoted murderers.

Can't resist pointing this out.

I hope you're not going to be one-dimensional with this. You've got potential here to make things interesting, so make sure you don't blow it by having your character never consider that:

A. His people killed Coven completely unprovoked.

B. He's cutting down not Hadanburian soldiers, but a mix of Hadanburian and Adanosian peasants who truly believe in their religion.
Having snuck past some guard patrols, the traveler carefully works his way across a gently sloping roof to its peak. Peering over the top, he is gifted with a view of the mayor's estate; and more importantly a shot at Lord Malrend who is looking out over a balcony to the garden below.

Setting his boltshot on the roof beside him, the traveler puts on a pair of heavy protective gloves. Grabbing an arrow, he reaches into his pack, and pulls out a small, tightly sealed, earthenware jar of fireweed acid. Carefully opening the jar, the traveler dips the arrow head into the mixture before sliding it into the boltshot and resealing the jar. Hefting the slingshot/compound bow hybrid, he lines up the shot, draws back and fires.

Quickly collapsing the boltshot, shedding the gloves and storing both, the traveler is rewarded with the sight of Lord Malrend twitching on the ground with the arrow through his neck as well as black & red burn marks rapidly spreading from around the arrow wound. Without a backward glance, the traveler slides down the roof and begins making his way towards the city's edge while listening for the inevitable sounds of guards on the hunt.

If you want to throw some guards in his path, thats fine.

World Notes:
- Fireweed: A wetlands plant, fireweed is easily identified for growing in large clumps near a water source and its bright flame colored flowers (red to yellow). The plant's seeds can be crushed to make an incredibly hot spice and small quantities are commonly used in food for flavoring.

- Fireweed Acid: Derived from the wetlands plant, fireweed, fireweed acid is made by mixing the concentrated spice made from the plant with a potent acid. The resulting mixture will burn through almost anything organic, leaving nothing but ashy flakes in its wake.
Oi, loyalists do strange, or sever, point of view notwithstanding, things. And...Animus just said they're Hadanburian...

IC: The taps set in front of the last and second to last barricade go off, the magically charged groups of arrows sent flying out in a half sphere. Then those trained in melee combat drew their swords, axes and maces and braced against their shields. Caron drew his own curved sword and crossed them in front of him, waiting for any survivors to continue their charge.

OOC: DM please. Also, what about the rumors I made a point to spread...
03/30/2014 02:05 PMPosted by Zarkun
Oi, loyalists do strange, or sever, point of view notwithstanding, things. And...Animus just said they're Hadanburian...

I didn't see that, I guess. But still, many Adanosians have converted to the Coven.

I don't mean to go all plot N*zi on you, I just wanted to make sure you knew what you were doing, which you evidently do, so don't mind me.
Don't worry, I won't do anything too crazy yet. In fact, a lot of Thorton is supposed to die soon. Caron will survive, but he'll bear a lot of guilt.
Zarkun, KnarledOne, Warhawk

I got a lot of things going on in this thread so some things are going to fly over my head no matter how hard I I try. For example, two of you are writing in flashback PLUS I have to find time to develop my own characters.

I'm trying to think of a new name for The Coven as it sounds so...plain? I don't know, the name just doesn't quite fit or something.

As to the rumors, I reread your post #16 several times and no where does it mention anything about rumors. Also, no where do I explicitly state that the Coven attacking are only Hadanburian but its ok if your character doesn't know that.

The traps spring forth and it appears to be certain death for many of the Coven. However, several magical barriers are erected around the Coven's members, absorbing the arrows and sparing many of the Coven from death. The mages, hidden among the crowd, appear to still be well and alive. Luckily for the defenders of Thorton, the barrier isn't perfect. Gaps in the barrier allow some arrows in and a few more are struck down.

The surviving Coven continue their charge and reach the shield line.

"A life for a life! They will not get away with murder!" yells the leader as he swings his flail down at a swordsman, knocking him down.

41 defenders vs 67 Coven

Guards are shouting in the direction the traveler came from. Some city folks are beginning to congregate towards that direction.

*I'll copy and paste the flora to the SSS thread sometime later.

Didn't know it was flashback. I'll back off a bit.
The owner went outside and the two were alone sitting across from each other. The ride was silent. Keenan kept to himself, immersed in his own thoughts. He grabbed his book and flipped through the pages somewhat aimlessly.

“You got something on your mind? You look like you want to say something but can't,” Kari said aloud.

Keenan looked up at Kari, "I'm a bit restless. A lot has happened today."

She nodded in agreement, "Can't disagree with that."

Keenan looked outside. The caravan was crossing a bridge and the visage of another town was not too far away. He continued speaking, "I've seen quite a bit of things these past few days. Being outside the walls of the monastery was both a scary and exciting moment for me. I'm happy to see that I was not wrong. I've had some memorable moments so far."

Kari gave a small chuckle, "Aren't you suppose to be finding new converts, not sightseeing?"

Chuckling alongside her, Keenan replied, "Why not both? There's no reason both can't be done together as I acquaint myself with this foreign land. What about you? What's your reason for traveling?"

Kari gave the answer some consideration before she spoke. "To see the world with my own eyes and help those who need it with my magic."

"Sounds rather atypical of a mage to be traveling. Aren't you suppose to be locked up in a room slaving away at arcane texts? Woah! Don't turn me to a frog! It was a jest! In a way, we are kindred spirits in that we wish to see the world and help it."

"I suppose so. Where are you headed?"

Keenan took out a map and laid it down. He point his finger down. "Here we are." He began to race it to a marker on the map. "And there is where I am headed. The port city of Ooacil. I hear the bars are great."

"What a coincidence, that's where I'm headed too. At any rate, it'll take us 2 days and a half to reach there. The roads are much safer too so there shouldn't be any hiccups. Once at Ooacil, I think we will head our separate ways."

"A pity. Well, it appears that I'll be traveling with you for the time being! Fate must be at work here!"
Bounding across the rooftops, the traveler stifles a curse as the shouts of guards rise behind him and a crossbow quarrel buzzes angrily past, ricocheting off of a chimney.

Planting one of his grapples into a lamppost, the traveler swings down reeling in mid-swing. Clearing the ground with just inches to spare, he unlocks the grapple, launching himself up and forwards with near perfect trajectory to bring him back up to roof level.

Clattering onto the rooftops with a roll, the traveler comes up on one knee to find two squads of guards closing in on him, each from a different direction...

I can continue, but intervene if you want.
- - -
Notes about Malkyre's plot/backstory, and please remember it could turn out that any of these ar true...
I figured I'd spice things up with a little more intrigue...

A1) The lord he met in the bar was in fact, telling the truth. Lord Malrend was Hadanburian Agent planted by the Coven.
A2) The lord was lying, because either A: He's a Hadanburian Agent himself and Lord Malrend was onto him; or B: He's simply doing it for more power.

B1) Malkyre is just a wandering assassin and thief, then again he might be an Agent of Mansur operating on some unknown mission, possibly to destabilize the Kingdom of Adanos...
03/30/2014 04:14 PMPosted by Animus
Didn't know it was flashback. I'll back off a bit.


My posts are from the perspective of an older Taal writing down his story (his story being what is happening in the 'present').

I will try to post here soon.

Funny enough, I had those exact same scenarios with some variations run through my head when finishing your posts. As to which premise is true, I guess we just have to keep on writing?

Your character performed a silent assassination and slipped away undetected so there isn't any way for the guards to know who killed Lord Malrend. You could have easily just strolled away in the streets with no problems.

The fourteen guards were on their way to the contain the perimeter before the hooded figure seemingly appear from thin air. The guards are immediately suspicious. They draw out their weapons, approaching the hooded figure from both sides.

"You there!" cries out a guard, "You will come with us for questioning! We will not hesitate to use force if you do not comply!"

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