I still get messages from blocked users

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A user was messaging p.o.r.n at me after a game. I immediately blocked him, but he was still able to send messages to me, although I was not able to reply ("you are currently blocking this user, etc").

The fact that he was sending !@#$ to me and asking me to do whatever it was in the video was highly offensive, not to mention the profane, sadistic hate-spam that continued for 10 minutes afterwards (which still came through after I blocked him!).

Individuals such as this detract from the community. Behavior like this would not be tolerated in any other environment, and would be dealt with harshly.

I believe the behavior exhibited by this individual should result in an immediate permanent ban, and if that individual is a minor his parents should be notified.

More importantly, why could he still chat to me after I had blocked him? That's what bothers me the most: The fact that I couldn't block him. Please fix this.

I currently have the offending individual on my friends list, and I can upload a screenshot if necessary.

Thank you!

Good news! Bliz knows about this one and is investigating as we speak. There's no ETA on a fix yet though.

Thanks for the report!

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