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Grunting slightly in annoyance as a gauss spike pings off my shoulder, I pop up and return a flurry of AR rounds back at the marine responsible, growling in satisfaction when I see a shot connect with his shoulder. Dropping back down, I build another inferno grenade and lob it over the wall, hoping to set someone not on my team on fire and buy us more time. "If you're all done screwing around, we should move up soon. Who knows how long before the artillery picks back up."


I'd already been blown up and respawned once, courtesy of a lucky siege round I didn't see in time, and came back just in time to hear my sister. "I agree, the missiles will only keep them at bay for so long."
Moving back up, Vilhelm fires off another pair of Jerichos, these two slipping through the hole in the wall, causing more devastation throughout the base;
{Bette idea. We level the base until all that's left standing is the structure protecting our target. Once we do that, there's not going to be anything to shoot at us.}

I kick the mech Vilhelm's in. "How the hell do you know the base ISN'T the objective?!"
{Because our CO specifically said that we had a 'flag' to capture and bring back to the ship.}
Vilhelm replies curtly.

"Right, so you assume that it isn't necessarily some where in the base that you can collapse." I shake my head and pick off a marine on the wall. "We don't know WHERE in the base this 'flag' is and collapsing the place could cost us the objective."
{Fair enough. I will settle for reducing their walls to rubble instead, as no sane commander would ever put a target of importance on the edge of their defensive perimeter.}
I'd like to point out there is a nice little 'objective' ping coming from the top of the tower. and EVERYONE on the team can see it.
Don't ruin the argument XD


"No, but for future reference, what makes you think we'll be facing the SANE ones?"
[John Jr]
{Stop arguing and lets get moving. Right now they are on the defensive. While bombarding the walls may help it is taking up time. If you want to bombard them try aiming just a bit beyond the wall where the garrison is probably standing.}
I say as I start moving my mech forward.
{Right, let's go people.} I say, reprogramming the Jericho Missile strikes to beyond the wall.

I follow behind my team-mates and us my telepathy to try to find any nearby enemies, or any incoming ones.
I block Three's knife and throw a punch at him. I had psi-blades on both arms.

Two siege tanks start firing on the group approaching the base but the shots are inaccurate and miss though a couple do land rather close to the group.
I don't bother to block, and use the knife in my other hand and jab, powering it with Unending Force.
Try this, you witch...
[John Jr[
I pause just long enough to send to Jericho missiles towards the siege tanks before continuing my advance in the mech,

We use the mechs as cover from anything ahead of us while watching the sides for possible ambush.
Letting John take care of the siege tanks, Vilhelm begins strafing down the wall tops and rubble entrance with auto-cannon fire and grenades, keeping up a steady, but careful advance.
Stay with Quarah and Leah, keeping their heads down as dirt and rounds pass by.
[John Jr]
I pause long enough to fire one more barrage of Jericho missiles into the base before switching over to using mostly the auto-cannon and grenades to keep firing on the enemy.
Several marines and marauders start firing on the advancing Commandos. A few goliaths and vikings also open fire over the heads of the infantry. Two siege tanks take up position on the edges of the hole and shift into siege mode before beginning to fire on the incoming soldiers and mechs.

I barely dodge Three's attack as I watch the effect of his unending force blaze out mere centimeters from my side. "Nice. but don't hold back on my part." I them slam him in the side boosting the force of my punch with psionics and retracting my psi-blades for a moment.
Alfr quickly followes behind John and opens fire on any enemies he sees. "Any idea how many more of them are left?"
Not pausing in stride, Vilhelm fires off a Jericho at one of the tanks, hammering the other one with auto cannon fire and grenades;
{John, see if you can't take down those vikings, would ya?}

My BOSUN rings out twice, dropping two marauders with rounds through their heads. "None, and Terra won't answer the com. But I'm thinking they're on their last legs based on what we're facing."


I lob another inferno grenade over the wall into the midst of the infantry and curse silently when they scatter to minimize it's effects. Keeping steady fire on it, I slide my shield out and use it as mobile cover. "Well, regardless of how many of them are left, we need to get out of the open."

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