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IC: "i wish it were a good day" i reply to the female.

I roll my eyes at the Terran. "How about you start with a name, Terran? Then maybe you'll quit being so fatalistic."
IC: "Alex Black, former criminal, drug dealer, murderer, and currently serving in the WHC whilst on Death's Row nice to meet you" i say sarcastically.
Kiba's response prompts a hungry shark-like grin out of Vilhelm;
"Good!... Glad to know at least some of us will have plenty of experience... And family... Family is important.."
He says with a nod, seemingly satisfied.

"You know, try lightening up. You're not on Death Row with the WHC. In fact, you got lucky and got a new lease on life. Try using it." Growling lightly in annoyance, I resume carving and focus on it for a bit while waiting on Leah's response.


"You speak like you don't have one. Are you an orphan by chance?"
The Hellviti's eyes narrow slightly as she focuses them at the red-eyed Terran. "I would suggest you try to keep your melancholic attitude to yourself, swine," Morrigan's lips get a tug at them from a want to grin. "I think you know what wolves will do to pigs, especially ill ones. Even if they are whelps." She took her gaze off the Terran, still a little miffed about the unneeded rudeness. The Gale nodded her head at the Mozan's comment. Kiba she believed his name was. "I am Morrigan Hellviti, I have also earned the nickname of Gale." She didn't move her hands out to shake at all, simply keeping them hand-over-hand above her tail.
Vilhelm pauses for a moment to think very carefully over the question;
"That's... a.. difficult question to answer. I guess you could say 'no' but 'yes' at the same time."
He finally replies, his tone solemn, but with an almost mischievously mysterious side to it.

I frown and reconsider my question before speaking again. "Let me rephrase the question then. Are you a foster child or were you adopted?"
Vilhelm shakes his head, his tone still solemn, but a mischievous twinkle faintly lighting up his eyes;
"Neither. And I don't talk about my past before I signed up with the WHC."

"Ah, but then how can you expect us to fully trust you?"
"Through my word and more importantly, my actions."
Vilhelm replies with complete and total seriousness, his expression unyielding.

"Alright," I resume carving a little bit, focusing on the indent, "let me put it this way. Say your actions up to a highly important mission, involving your past, mark you as trustworthy, but people reserve their trust because they don't know you. Then you turn your back on us when this mission occurs. Because we didn't know, how could we trust you?" Letting it sink in, I smile. "My point is answering my question won't hurt."
"That might be the case, then again it might not..."
Vilhelm trails off before shaking his head and sighing;
"But if you really want to know about it, I'll tell you this much; I have or used to have, depending on if they're still alive, two parents like everyone normally does. About two years ago, we had a little.. argument and I left. I'll leave it at that, because if I go anymore in-depth, things get complicated. Satisfied?"
He asks flippantly.

"Enough for the time being. I'm sure we'll learn more about each other as time goes by. What else would you know about me?" Finishing the indent, I start work on refining the blade, giving it a couple nicks to make it appear more worn. The piece was still at least another year away from finished, but every second counted.
"Nah... I'm good. Like you said, enough for the time being.."
Stretching, Vilhelm curls back up in his seat;
"Besides, I've got a nap to take."
I watch and listen to the pups as the dropship enters the atmosphere. As I watch one seems to stand out to me more than the others. "What is that woman's name?" I ask the Sergeant indicating Leah.

"One Leah Flint/Coleburn. She's slated to be this squads OmegaWOLF." He replies.

"Any mention of psionic potential?" I ask watching her.

He takes a moment to reply. "None according to this. But we don't usually actively screen pups for psionics."

"Of course. Thank you." I say walking over to Leah. "Miss Flint may I speak with you?" I ask. the dropship levels out heading towards Olympus.
"From the stories that I have heard yes. Our father never did talk about it. Hell me and my brother only learned that when our mom told us and that was after he died."

I turn to the man that was addressing me.
"What about?" I pry curiously.

I let off a low growl at Alex.
"Well you are trying to play the fool then you are doing well.. You got yourself to where you are by your actions. And before you judge us maybe you should know our culture." I say practically growling at him.

Letting the ShadowWOLF talk to Leah, I turn to John, a smile on my face. "So, what position was your father in in the UED? Officer, Non-com, foot soldier, you know, the works."
[John Jr]
"From what I've gathered he was a lieutenant and led one of the expeditionary forces. He was also one of their better Goliath pilots. He was a pretty skilled mechanic as well... Not sure if that is relevant to his UED service though. Leah and I are still trying to gather what we can with information on him, which sadly is rather costly."

I frown at the mention of cost, remembering how selfish and greedy many Terrans could be. "That's...rather unfortunate really. I hope you manage to find more information as time goes on. I know you'll be paid well working with the WHC, especially since you have skills you can already build on, much like my brother and myself." Reflecting over the rank, I notice the revolver at his side. "Was that his?"

Terrans were interesting from what Kiba and I had learned. Prisoners sent here from their home system crashed and survived, building their own small empires in the Sector. When the government of one proved strongest, the others allied with each other to survive, a smart, tactical move as Kiba would say. Then planets within that Terran nation didn't like how things were going, so they, what was the word...seceded. The government, called the Confederacy of Man, retaliated more violently than even I think was necessary. After that, I didn't much care, it was another war between Terrans, which have continued to happen extensively. While they fought, we prospered and that's all that matters.

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