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[John Jr]
"Yes it is." I say nodding.

"Seems like an interesting weapon. Ever fire it before?"
[John Jr]
"Yes, several times actually, It was the first firearm that I ever fired and taught how to shoot with."
While all the others mingle with one another, I tinker with some of my gadgets. I take off my pack, inside is the mini-fabricator. I attempt installing an overclocker but it's too powerful and the hardware rejects it and a sparks and a very minor explosion emits. "Oops..." I say to myself.
IC: i look over at the techy tinkering with his toys. "You think thats bad? Try hacking into a dominion reaper drone, one wrong move and that thing will fry your body into bits"

"How's it handle? For an older gun that is. Most Mozan tech is...not that old. I think anything that old is in a museum."
"Psionics." I say not even caring about the others around but trying to be a bit ... covert about it since I didn't know if Leah wanted anyone else to know.
Morrigan look at the man who had nearly blown his hand off, before shooting a lethal glare towards the rude man, "Remember my words, swine." The hulking woman approaches the techie. "Please tell me you haven't made this style of mistake before."
OOC: Darka did you read my reply to your person?

My facial expressions falls to a more neutral look.
"I have no idea what you mean by that." I say normally before I change my facial expression to a 'not here look'. I had managed to keep this a secret for awhile now. Even John didn't really know.

[John Jr]
I draw the pistol and make sure it wasn't loaded.
"It fires really well though the rounds are slower than most common projectiles since the it uses a older accelerant. Has a good bit of kick as well."

I smile and nod. "Bet those feral Zerg you ran into back home never saw it coming." I let things fall quiet a moment and continue carving, still forming the first side on the battle ax. After a few minutes, I look at John again. "Any thing about me you'd like to ask? It's only fair."
I was about to ask Leah to join me up near the front of the Dropship when the pilot cut in over the comm {Commencing final approach to Olympus please stow all tray tables and return your seats to the upright and locked position.}
I sigh and look at Leah. "Nevermind for now. I'll see what I can do about finding you later."
[John Jr]
I stop and ponder for a few minutes trying to figure out what I might want to ask her.

"Why did you take up carving?" I ask as I secure myself in my seat

I nod and turn back to the group and lock my seat and make sure I was strapped in all the way.

I make sure I was fastened in and my seat was locked.

Returing to my own seat, Kiba and I store our carvings and knives away and begin to secure ourselves. "Something to help keep us busy mostly, and to test our abilities at something new every once in awhile."
[John Jr]
"So kinda what I do with upgrading tech on my vehicles and or attempting to try to engineer something new."
Alfr is still asleep near some crates two earbuds in his ears playing music as he snoozes.

I chuckle and nod, sitting back and waiting for the landing. "Exactly."
IC: i turn to the other Mozan "Well then puppy let me tell you this. If i don't know about your culture then how about you educate me" i say to her before returning to my seat and locking in.

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D please see post 71
Morrigan's eyes burned with anger, her hands clenching into fists behind her back. The Hellviti closed her eyes and took in a deep breath as she strode professionally over to her sea, unclenching her fists. As she released her breath she began to speak. "Education about our culture has nothing to do with a rude attitude. And besides, it would be a waste of breath to try and teach an ignorant Terran such as yourself, Alex." Morrigan began to buckle herself up, suddenly happy with all the times she spent being taught to control her anger. She was absolutely sure that her beating this man to a pulp would be frowned upon by her superiors and peers.

Rhys cracks a smile at the exchange between the large !@#$% and the jack ^-*, giving out a sigh, "Ah, young love. So beautiful." He didn't even flinch as the daggers were stared into him, piercing through his damned soul. Mr. Ryfel had never moved from his seat, so he had no need to sit back down and buckle up. Even if he did, why would he? There was no fun in trying to sit peacefully when you could get thrown into a few walls upon landing. Well, there would be the problem of broken bones and paralysis I suppose... Rhys pointed out to himself, although I cannot deny it could be really fun.

I smack the Terran who'd made the remark about love upside the head. "Best watch your mouth. Even I've heard of the Gale and she doesn't take kindly to poor attitudes or smart @sses."

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