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Hi there, I just finish my custom mod name Novastar review and feedback are welcome.

Novastar is a melee multiplayer with campaign unit mod, which consist of Wing of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm unit that was in the campaign play through. Is available on NA, EU,KR and SEA and can only be run on Heart of the Swarm expansion.

Feature for each race:

Wing of liberty campaign unit and there special unit skill are integrate.

Heart of the Swarm campaign unit and there special unit skill are integrate.

Unit buff and modify heroes unit too normal unit.

Thx for the bug report.

Bug Fixed:
Flying Locust fixed.
Bug report: Flying locusts can enter nydus canal. If their timer ends while in canal, they become permanent units. This results in zerg players filling canal with hundreds of locusts, then using them to attack. It locks up a lot of computers too from excessive units.
Just tried using Novastar today (love it btw). But it won't download when i try to connect. It stops somewhere between 55% and 78%, but all other maps work just fine. It worked today at like 2am, but not for some reason. I don't know if this is Blizz fault or something wrong with the map, please take a look.
I just updated Novastar 3.7 because zombie getting stuck close to the high yield mining area, I think the map going get release after 24 hour. Anyway there a lot people reporting similar problem on another map u can check the Bug Report section.
Map does not finish downloading. Stuck at 58%, has been like this for at least five days
Maybe u can try downloading from EU server everything there seem to be working fine, because I was there playing.
still cannot download this map on the NA servers :(
HELP, map was modified so gathering speed is too fast!!... ALL ZERG GET OVERRUN BY PROTOSS AIR HERO UNITS.

The game balance wast lost!!!!!
this is a recent update of the map, now every probe gather 15 mineral. ITS TOO MUCH!

Fighting for bases now lost its sense.

Please restore the map!!!
Sort of +1. I play zerg and destroy my opponents to easily at times.

Yes i agree balance was lost. was much better before the update.
U can try Novastar 2nd for the normal version.
So apparently the zerg can spawn raptors (upgraded zerglings), but I have no idea how. Doesn't seem to be a button for it.
Uncheck "Enable Simple Command Card" at gameplay option. Build a zergling and morph to raptor or swarmling.
Sup Hyper, Been following your map for a long time it seems, I have an awesome 4v4 clan war replay on your map if you're interested to watch. May even spark some ideas for you. I liked the 10 minerals per worker collection more as it allowed quick expansion for the gas and decent armies. Other than that I don't really see anything else you need to change.

If you wanted to talk BALANCE issues, vikings can #%*#%%@@ any air, and I think zerg larva max on hactuary should be at 5 instead of 4. I have a request for you if interested, msg me if you got time.
sooo tough.... should add brutalisk, leviathan and zeratul...... it's hard to survive the map unless hero units can be used
1. you nerfd the air swarm hosts too much ! give them back the options to be underground.

2. why did you remove the rocks thing... and put it back to the old map way... just give the rocks less HP.
so players can destroy them faster if needed. its more usefull then harmfull.
Worker mineral & gas intake tested 15, 10, 2 best is 2 but maybe later i add a function on lobby.

Viking rebalance area damage 360 to 180 front.

Hero unit maybe later coz take alot time too balance and test it.

Carrion swarm host, it will stay that way.

The Rock in the center don't work on zombie mod coz if u block 1 gate the zombie will flood another gate with 2x the number.
can you make a 6v6 version of this map ?
just add the 4 expta players in the gold mineral locations...
Any thoughts on putting this map in legacy of the void. I miss it already.

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