Day Infected. IV

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Omega team is now relaxing in base after they sent a message to the Umojans but made it seem like a fail transmision. If you want your Character(s) to do something just check in with Kain in the CC, Charlie/David in the Civ hall, Dr. Schmitt in Labs, Scarlet in the Armory and yes Isaac who is still in the CC but you need to ping him on your PDA. Boris is also round if you want some Loyalty missions to do just look around for him in base.

Current Moral 24%

Current Loyalty 25%

Might post character information below this bout doubtful as I am forgetful.

At the south end of the base, I start setting up a small house, laid out with four rooms; kitchen/dining room. bathroom, bedroom, and a workshop/garage room. (OOC: Not that I will be parking vehicles in it!)
Good to hear it. Anything you need me to bring back? I'm going scavenging. Stopping by my house, I watch the gate for a few seconds before opening a com channel. {Command, this is Jake with Omega team. Permission to head out and scavenge around for metal and food?}
Not right at the moment. I've got what I need for a quick project I've had in mind for a few days.
"Yeah if i can get the heating system working plus will need something to use to brew it." Scarlet says working on the PDA again.

{This is command permission granted get geared up and good luck.} A comm officer radios to jake.
"Some real coffee would be good for a change." I say in a joking manner before taking note of the PDA.
"If you even have software issues let me know. I've got a knack for dealing with those rather well and quickly." I say motioning to the PDA before I start to head for the door with my new items in hand.
"I'm getting some stills operational over at the armory. And last I checked this is MY area." I load the engine on the buggy and turn to the person that didn't seem to remember me despite the fact I'm probably the single most recognizable person on this base.

I walk up to the commander. "Something wrong sir?"

Finished, I head back to the Civ Hall and ask Charlie, "It is all set up, what now?"
"No its ok I'll be finished with this in a day or two." Scarlet says working on it still.

"bad news is all. What do you need Kirk?" Kain asks looking away from them.

"Yeah just wondering is all." The man says to Riala before working on his project.

"We will put a work order in and try to get a scv to build it when they have time. Or you can gather the supplies to build it and well build it yourself." Charlie tells William before he walks back into the hall.
"Right. Well the sames goes for any other software issues you might come across. See ya later Scarlet." I say exiting the armory and heading back to my workshop to work on the new device I had in mind.
{Copy that, command.} Heading for the gate, I nod to the guards as I pass through, drawing my plasma rifle and sweeping side to side as I walk. You sure there isn't some kind of food or electronic or something you'd like?
If you can find it I suppose a transformer would be nice. The one I got from Scarlet is good but I think when I go to upgrade I will need something better. If not then I can utilize them both. Also if you could find some kind of soda or something like that would be nice.
Once in my workshop I lay the part out over the bench and begin searching for the schematics that I had for the device.
I nod and climb into the buggy before heading back to the Armory. Pulling up near the Armory the buggy dies. "Great I'll have to fix that later ..." I get out and grab the engine before heading back into the armory.

"Know where Isaac is? We're trying to set up a movie night and he apparently has all the actual movies on the base."
Scarlet looks up a little shocked. "Where in the world... What are you going to do with that thing honey?"

"Isaac.. Here let me give you his email." Kain says forwarding the information. "I don't know how you will be able to set it up for everyone with stationed troops and civ population we are looking at over 20,000 people on base."
"I'm pretty sure not every single person will attend, but I'm sure we'll figure something out... Thank you."

Well, I am no contractor, I had better leave it for the SCVs. Heh, if I tried to build it, I would probably end up with the toilet in my kitchen and the wiring and plumbing on the outside of the walls, I think as I walk toward the CC.
You do realize how big a transformer usually is, right? Hearing moaning just a little ways ahead of me, I duck behind a piece of concrete and peak over it, looking for the source. It appears after a couple of moments, a trio of infected wandering around the area with no intended goal. Counting to three, I pop out from behind my cover and blast them with my plasma rifle, the burst putting an end to their lives. Shaking my head, I continue on.

I was heading for another city just a couple miles from the base that hadn't been annexed behind the wall yet. From what I seen of the orbital pictures we'd gotten from the Alirite, the place didn't have a high infected concentration, making it prime for scavenging. Or as prime as you could get. I'd still want to be fairly quiet to avoid getting swarmed. Retreating infantry lines got really good at running a few miles from Zerglings though, so if it came to that, I could. {Hey Riala, you need anything from outside the walls?}

I head into the CC and start looking around for Kain's office.

OOC: Am I doing this right? Or is his office labeled, or should I ask someone, or what?
"I can use a combustion engine to generate power. Might need regular maintenance but I'll be happy to help if need be. though do you have a generator I can hook this up to?" I ask Scarlet heading back towards the stills as Jake comms me. {Hmmm. Any tech you can find and bring back. Preferably stuff still mostly works.}

"Thank you sir. Anything else?"

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