Day Infected. IV

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"If I was you I would pick your first movie to be for the civs.. a family movie would be best something good for the children then something for the older views later." Kain says before looking at William as he walks into the CC. "Yes William what do you need?"

"Well hun let me think I have one of them old generators we could use." Scarlet says getting up and heading to a large part scrap pile. "Yup here is one. I may see later about getting the Alrite to drop a newer one down later."

OOC: Maverick you need to stop skimming. Normally I can't tell when someone is but you seem to be over looking other's rp dialog.

"I was wondering if there was going to be a debriefing, and if not, how would I go about scavenging for materials outside the base."

OOC: I know, but no one is talking to me except NPC's, and I am doing my best to respond appropriately to them. Like I have said before, I am new to this and therefore expect mistakes. Also, how does Kain know my name? I can do it differently if you want, but I figured I ended up in the tunnel system pre-pod, and therefore was never at base.
With a nod, I say, "Noted. Thank you sir."
{I'll see what I can manage.} Closing the channel, I decide I'd asked enough team mates if they needed anything for now. Pushing forward towards the city, I keep my sweep consistent, listening to the moans and chittering growls and loud roars of the normal Zerg. That was one thing more that had started bugging me. First the spores and the infection put in a civilian area, now the appearance of standard Zerg combat units. What was going on down here?

Bah, you're thinking too much, like always. Just like you did with that Ghost that got away and most other jobs like that and this. Shaking my head, I focus on the area around me; and just in time too. I had about five seconds to avoid a charging Feral and holster my plasma rifle, drawing both short swords just in time to catch the thing's claws on my right sword. Countering with a swing from my left, it leaps away, hisses at me, and lunges forward again, slicing it's claws in an X at me. Leaping back from the strike, I lung forward as it's arms cross and ram my left hand sword into it's crossed arms and chest.

As it struggles to free itself, I bring my right hand sword down on it's head, splitting it open. Waiting until it quits twitching, I sigh quietly and pull both blades free, cleaning them on the grass and sheathing them. Drawing my rifle again, I remain focused on the task at hand. {Jesus, this place is crawling. You there, Riala? Might need some help.}
"Debreifing will be later. As for going out and looking around just ask the guards at the gate and make sure you are suited. Last thing we need is for the infection to get into these walls." Kain says moving to his office still shaky and pale.

{Hey someone out there? We are picking up some comm traffic near by.. Listen if you can hear me we are hold up to a building. It has a bright blue roof. Billy's food mart I think this is called. (Away from the mc.) This is billy's food right guys? (Back to Jake.) Yeah Billy's food mart. The front door has some metal rod or something keeping it shut closed and we can't get out.} This random radio message to Jake as he is only a few blocks away from it.
"Will do sir." I nod to the other person and head out with Saiko as I ready a message for Isaac.

{Little busy you'll have to radio someone else if you want back up.} I reply to Jake as I keep working. "Thanks Scarlet that should work well enough for now."
Listening to the message, I frown as I look around before making a gut decision and heading for a fire escape. {This is Jake Hunter with Omega Team, I'll come get ya out.} Starting my climb, I take extra care to clear each window before I pass it.
{Thank goodness someone is trying to get us. Look the only way in is throw the front door sadly.. The back is fused shut. Looks like a firebat melted the metal. Do you have like a fusion cutter or something?} The man radios to Jake.

"No thank you Riala.. Now where in the world am I going to get the stuff to keep brewing I have nough stock piled for he first two batches." Scarlet says looking at Riala as she works.
I glance down at the plasma rifle and grin. {You could say that.}
"Hmmm. Could grow it but that'd take time until you can get another batch out if you start now. The ship in orbit might have some extra grains worth brewing. Probably the best chance of finding more grains is finding them stored in warehouses but any warehouses we find are bound to be infested or at least in zerg territory." I tie in the generator to the engine and hook the engine to the gas feeds though mainly the Hydrogen gas. I set up a new starter and make sure everything is in order.

I walk out of the CC and across the main area. I think I shall go to the nearest abandoned population center, maybe try to find a school and get some edu-holos. That ought to make the parents a little happier, if nothing else. {This is William Errangess, I am heading out to scavenge, please let me out}.

OOC:I am going to assume I have a radio, let me know if I am wrong.
Reaching the sixth floor of the building, I look around and spot the place, a single story building that for sure had people inside, along with a few infected outside, including a couple Ferals, to the north of the building I was on. Sprinting back down the fire escape, I open the radio channel again. {Hey, you folks are gonna want to keep real quiet in there. You've got at least ten infected outside your hidey hole, and that's including two Ferals.}

Reaching the bottom of the fire escape, I take a moment to find an alley way and creep down it, careful to avoid getting spotted by any infected in the vicinity. Reaching the end, I can see the market along with most of the infected, but not one of the Ferals. That made me nervous as hell. {Command, this is Jake with Omega Team. Requesting immediate exfil on my mark for civilians trapped near these coordinates.} Pinging my coordinates to Command, I continue. {Also require back up for the infected both in the immediate area and any that will attack while we're loading up.}

Looking around me, I spot some copper and brass and grab it, stuffing it in a duffel bag I'd brought with me before removing the duffel bag and setting it to the side to await Command's response.
Scarlet stopped her work and moved over to help Riala. "I can taste it already sweety."

{Good luck out there William we have reports of infected in the area. By the way most areas close to the base have been picked clean so you may want to try the more southern areas where there are some old farm houses.}

{Jake this is Rodgers we picked up your transmission and coming over to help if you don't mind some old dogs joinning up with you. We have a modded dump truck we turned into a type of APC and we are heading your way.} An older sounding man radios to Jake. After the transmission he can see some figures moving near a roof top near by the mart. The man looked old and was wearing a combat vest, sun glasses, and some old camo pants and jacket. He has a long white beard and carrying a large huntering rifle with scope. {This is Jacks I see the ferals and have a line of shot on both. Ready when ever young blood up there is ready.}
Making sure the rifle was on it's full auto mode, I radio the guy who'd replied. {Mark.} Charging out of the alley way, I open fire on the regular infected with my plasma rifle, hoping that the guys on the roof would take out the ferals while I dealt with the rest.
The Sniper on the roof is able to take down the two ferals with one shot as Jake charges the normal ones. As soon as he reachs the door an unseen feral pounces at him. Before it lands on him a woman wearing old digital urban camo shoots the feral with her pistol killing it as it lands beside Jake. "How you doing sugar." She says to him.

{Alright guys lets move in. anyone see salt anywhere?}

{I'm here moving the old truck up for pick up. Young blood over there still alive?}

{Oh sugar here. Yeah he still alive and well. Hurry up and get the truck over here.} The woman radios before looking at Jake. "Well cut them civs out."

{Sure thing guys, and thanks for the advice} I head out and take off at a jog toward the south. The area I am running through is open, dotted with bushes and small boulders. Utilizing the WSLAG would be useless at this point, the reason being that it restricts my peripheral vision and I would spot any infected coming sooner without it.

After about five minutes of running, I draw close to a small two-story farmhouse. There is a dilapidated shed that seems to have been used as a workshop by the inhabitants of the house. I could probably find some good materials in there, I think.

I hear a shuffling noise and turn around, seeing a pair of normal infected about a hundred feet away lurching out of a field. I raise my rifle and take aim. No need to go prone this few, this close. I snipe one and it collapses, then shoot the other in the chest twice. It shudders and falls. I had better hurry and get what I can, the gunshots will have attracted more, I think, turning and sprinting to the shed.
Switching the plasma rifle to it's beam setting, I fire it at the bar, letting it run for a few seconds and smiling when it clatters to the ground in two pieces. Cutting off the beam and setting it back to full auto, I open the door and look around. "If anyone's alive in here, this is Jake, the guy you talked to on the radio. You're all clear out here so come on out."
"Yeah can't wait until the first batch is done." I gesture to the starter. "You want to do the honors? Should work."
A man with a short trimmed beard walked out of the door and looked around before waving his hand to for the others to leave the building. A young woman holding what looked to be a young baby walked out of the door followed by a man carrying a small rifle and two other men who looked about 30-40s followed out each armed with some type of gun. "Thanks for getting us out of there. I didn't know infected had trailed us.. We were only looking for food other than those crap rations they giving us." The man says walking to a dump truck with a large gatling gun fixed on top of it.

"Nice work kid." The man on the gun calles out. "Name is salt by the way."

"Not bad for a youngling." The woman says. "Name is crystal by the way."

The roof top sniper jumps off the roof and walks up to him. His long white beard showed his age as did his winkles and scars. "Good work finding them. We'll get them to base. Shame they almost died trying to find some food."

"Na sugar I think you should have the honors." Scarlet says looking very interested in the build.

OOC: Maverick feel free to keep rping that idk what to say for your side mission.
I tip my hat to the group. "Jake Hunter, Omega Squadron. And I'm not that young, been at this for...well, several years now as a merc. Anyways, if y'all don't mind, I'm gonna poke my head in there. Doctor Schmitt is expecting some real coffee and I'm hoping there's some in here." Stepping through the doorway, I look the place over and frown, noticing some others besides the group I'd rescued had already been here.

Not willing to give up, I wander up and down the aisles until I find a bag of coffee. Smiling in spite of myself, I pick it up and find a second, both in good condition. Stuffing them under one arm, I look for Jessica's soda and find a case in the back, grabbing it and testing the weight and everything. Convinced it checks out, I walk back out of the store towards the duffel bag. "Still plenty in there if y'all need anything. I'm going back in for a jar of peanuts I saw myself." Reaching it, I take a knee and open the bag up, stuffing everything in with care before picking it up and approaching the store again. "Now that I think about it, what y'all doing out here anyways?"

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