Day Infected. IV

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"Maybe tomorrow?" Scarlet says going back to setting her cot up. "You know I have a house but yet to set foot in it."

As they walk up to Riala's door Anton stops. "Whats on your mind? You're normally not so ... quiet."
"Well hopefully you can move into it sometime soon. Anyway have a good night Scarlet. See ya some time after my briefing." I say as I exit the armory and head back home to get some rest.
I shift slightly and look up at Anton with a soft smile. "The Movie was nice. But I feel kind of weird. Like something is different ..." I sigh and turn to my door to head inside. "Just let me think on it tonight OK?"
"Take your time Riala. Good night." Anton says lingering a little bit longer.

Doing a timeskip. Now its 730 in the morning.

Kain sat in the Debreifing room with Isaac and other memebers of Beta Team while he waited on Omega team to join them.
I wake up promptly at seven-thirty and grab some breakfast before I change into a clean uniform and head to the debriefing room in the CC. arrive about the same time as Jor-Sha does.

"Morning Jor. Sorry we didn't get to talk last night, maybe after the debriefing huh."

He nods in compliance.
"Yes we may need to keep it short however. I need to meet with the protoss commander."
Closing the door to my house, I lock it and take a moment to look towards the wall, watching the Dominion marines walk it with some of them stationed at makeshift MG nests. It was incredibly efficient, but it was also only fit for the less armored infected and Zerg units we'd seen so far. Hopefully those were all we'd see.

Stepping off of my porch, I head for the CC, nodding to the few early risers who were up and about at this time as I saw them. As the CC came into sight, I wondered how things would go with the coms back up, so to speak. Nodding to the guard as I walk in, I head for the briefing room, raising an eyebrow at Beta team as I walk in but not saying anything.
I wake up a bit after my alarm goes off, assuming Kirk is already awake, I begin to get ready, also assuming he's doing the same.
I finish getting ready for the morning and set out some coffee for me and Saiko as I wait for her to come down.

I get up and get ready dressing in my casual clothing for now but keeping my knife with me. After dressing I head down stairs to meet Anton as we head to the command center for our briefing.
Coming down, wearing black pants, a white jacket with black skull designs on it and my jacket I smell the Coffee. "That smells good in the morning..." I say, walking over, taking the cup and hugging Kirk with my free arm.

“The situation is grave now, Beta Team listen up. Boris has gotten his hands on a recording from off world. He is going to start playing it today at noon on every radio and TV that he can broadcast to. I know some of you were with the raiders and I’ve done my best to hide that information from the Dominion but you need to steel yourselves for now and not lose your temper. James T Raynor was captured and executed a week ago and Boris plans to play the recording from the media about his death. Between you and me, this is most likely not true. He would be more of a value as a prisoner than a corpse. That is not all the Alrite has sent word that the Queen of Blades has returned and starting to bring the swarm back together. While this is not public knowledge AND will not be repeated outside this room it is a worry.” Kain say looking into his coffee. “Our biggest problem is the recording for now. I can’t stop Boris nor will I allow any action to be taken against him. Beta I need everyone to keep rebel sympathizer or rebel from rioting right now.”

“Sir are you suggesting we start killing them or imprisoning them?” A random Beta member asks.

“If I wanted them to be removed I would contact Alpha team when they are not busy kissing up to the Dominion. I want you to reason with them, if you have to, bribe them.” Kain almost yells out. He was clearly in great distress from this turn of events. “While some will celebrate Jim’s death, many will be outraged or sadden. I will also need Beta team to start a project from Dr. Schmitt’s Lab. Apparently we are not the first inhabitants of this planet and the old ones have left us some information on new tech. Beta team report to Dr. Schmitt now. Dismissed.” Kain says to Beta team as they get up and leave. “Omega hurry up and get coffee and a seat. I need to know what happen during your mission to the relay station and Jessica I need to know how your personal mission went too.”

Anton enters the room with JJ and Mao. “Boris locked himself in a Com room with Alpha team guarding it sir. I will not repeat what he told me to tell you Sir.” Anton says.

“That is fine Anton. Isaac go fine the Twins and give them their orders. Mao I need you to lead a cleanup crew to these locations. JJ Go and keep an eye on Coms, Mainly Umojan’s emergency and relief frequencies.” Kain says looking ever more tired. “Anton take a seat too.”

“Yes Sir.” Isaac, JJ and Mao say before leaving.
I pour a cup of coffee as I turn to Kain.
"Mission went better than I expected. The Alrite cleared the area rather well." I say as I head to my seat and pull out a data pad handing it to Kain.
"When we scouted out a few of the hangers we found a few ships we couldn't get to, Mostly due to the number of infected around. There was a couple that where under lock and key, perhaps personal ships or ships that belong to officer couldn't say for sure. On the way back I drop probes marking a few mini-marts and mechanic's shops as potential areas to have teams gather supplies or as areas that people going out can go to with out needing to search each building." I say pausing to take a drink of coffee and to let someone else say something.

I look at the commander curiously as he said to get some coffee. I wonder if he even knew how we protoss got the nutrients that we need to survive.
I take a seat without getting any coffee and recline. "There was a high number of ferals there too, at least in the area I went to. Might have just been my unlucky day." I chuckle and remain silent for a few minutes. "Kain, can I speak frankly about something?"
I nod but remain quite for the moment so as to not over load Kain.

I sit beside Saiko and listen waiting for a chance to speak up about the mission to the reactor.
"Short on man power once again. I'll contact Old Dogs and see if they can get to the shops. Jake if this has to do anything with Rebellion or Boris or the Raiders keep it to yourself." Kain says cutting him an angry look.
"Anyway, while we where in the tunnels we found what Dr Schmitt is researching now. Also there was a crystal that I brought back and gave to the protoss commander for her to examine. I presumed cross examination would be useful. We found all of that in the same chamber as the dark templar and the terran by the name of William."
"Yes Tealrath has already given me her report in the matter. Protoss Science and engineering personal are working with Schmitt to research into it. Jor you should speak with her after this mission. The dark templars you rescued have been debreifed too." Kain says still staring at his coffee.
Waking up I look at the alarm clock next to my bed. Noting that it is 8:10 I quickly get up and get dressed. Rushing to Kain's office I quickly open the door and rush to take a seat. "Sorry sir I forgot the alarm on my clock was busted." I quickly say as I take my seat.

(OOC: Sorry I haven't posed in a while, I had Finals all this week.)
I shrug. "It wasn't either really, but it would seem you're somewhat irritable, so I'll just sit quiet for now."
Kain looks at Bellator than the clock. "Right. Take a seat. How did the mission to the relay go? Did you get the message off?"
I nod. "Yeah we got the message off. Let's just hope we don't go to war with ourselves for a while."

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