Day Infected. IV

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Jacks walked up to Jake and adjusted his sunglasses. "Retired on this planet and zerg invaded so we formed a militia. call ourselves old dogs. Everyone in here is retired from the confedrate army and settled down on ruusan." He says checking the store. "Rodger is in the cab of the truck still on comms. Thats salt on top with the gat. Crystal over there, she maybe old but she still a hell fire. I'm Jacks the sniper. Salt used to be our CO in B-company he is older than dirt."

"I heard that Jacks.. I'm only 68.... ish" Salt yells down.
I chuckle and offer a salute to the group. "I'm a former Confederate myself." My voice grows more bitter as I continue. "Left to die on a mining ship turned into a testing ground for Confederate attempts at controlling the Zerg and learn about them." Shaking my head, I return to my normal demeanor. "Sorry, I lost an entire unit on that ship. Still hurts, ya know?" Stepping back inside, I grab the jar of peanuts and step back out, grabbing some of the scrap metal around the store.

Once I was sure I had as much as I could carry, I turn to the others. "You heading back to base? Need to get this stuff to Scarlet, Schmitt and a team mate."
I find the schematics that I was looking and start working on making sure I had everything I needed and started to get to work on the device.
"Yeah. hop on." Salt says to Jake as he looks around the area. "Find anything good in there?"

There is a large knock on Jessica's area before a man and a woman walk in. "So this is Jessica."

"Yeah I think that her.. The spectre."

"What shall we do with her now that we found her, brother?"

"I don't know sister maybe we should do something bad."

"Well we did just enter her place so I guess we could."

"Well Jessica what do you say and don't even think about trying some psionic trick or go for your weapon." The man says grinning. Both of them were dressed in black tank tops with Dominion Symbols on them and black cargos pants.
"What do you want?" I say with one of the parts in my hand for the device and the bio-electric organ in my other. "And what do you mean by psionic trick and what is a spectre?" I ask still trying to keep some kind of a cover.
Climbing on board, I take a knee at the back with my rifle up, sweeping for any infected. "Some real coffee, soda and peanuts. It wasn't as picked clean as the front suggested, so there's still plenty of good stuff still there. Chips, more soda, candy, this place emptied in a heart beat if the store is anything to go by."
"Sounds good to me anything other then those MREs." Salt says scanning the area. The baby in the woman's arms starts to cry and she quickly trys to play with it to quiet it. "I can't stand those MREs they make me sick." The woman says.

"Oh now don't play dumb we know who you are." The man says

"Oh yes we do know you."

"Are you afraid or something?"

"You shouldn't be we are only here to drop off something for you. Kain been talking to those protoss." The woman says moving closer to her brother.
I look at the two curiously.
"And what would that be?"
"Trust me, ma'am, the military isn't fond of them either. I'll bring a larger group back and grab some of that stuff I left. I needed mainly the scrap metal this time. And I marked a few larger pieces of neosteel for pick up and use in the industrial complex they're building."
I nod and start up the engine. It doesn't start for a few moments and I frown. I deliver a sharp kick to the ignition and it starts right up with a soft roar. The generator kicks in and starts producing energy almost immediately after. "Well that's all working. The hydrogen gas should recombine with oxygen and create water during the combustion process. That should be mostly vapor but I've got a set up for putting that back into the water supply that'll be generating more hydrogen and oxygen gas." I say over the slowly running engine as I move it back against the wall and place another small device on it which cancels out its sound. "And that'll keep your armory nice and quiet. But don't go trying to replicate it with out my authorization cause its got FRM tech built in."
The woman walks over to Jessica and holds out a pendat for her. "This."

"Sounds good kid. Well we will be in base in about 5 minutes." Salt says to Jake as he continues to be on guard.

"Well sweety I can't wait to get brewing. Thank you so much anything else you want to take since you helped me out?" Scarlet asks looking at the jerry rigged heat system.
I look at the pendant curiously not sure whether or not to take it..
"Ok..... Who told you to bring it to me and did they say why?"
"You should be able to start the first batch within the hour. As for if I want anything else ... I could use some more tools and a work bench though i guess I could just build myself one out of scrap metal. If you have any tools that you can't repair or don't work properly I'll take 'em and fix em."

The heating system is simple-ish but effective. A vat of water is subjected to an electrical current which breaks the bond of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The resulting gases are collected in an air tight container and filtered. The hydrogen is pumped to the combustion engine and mixed with free air to burn. Water vapor and liquid are collected and returned to the vat. CO2 and other bi-product gases are blown out of the armory in a manor similar to a stove hood. The engine drives an older generator that has seen better days but is holding together nicely.
"Kain told us to bring it to you as a reward. As for the creepiness we couldn't resist." The woman says.
"Its our down side. Wouldn't mind a drink with you. As for knowing you well we work in the intel department here on Ruusan and well we used to be ghosts." The man says still holding the pendant.

"Well thank what you want honey and I'll start getting stuff ready to brew.. Should take about a week to distill the really good whiskys." Scarlet says moving to a large crate and looking around in it.

The truck pulls into base and the Civilians get out heading to the civ section of the base. "Thanks for the rescue." They all say to jake.

"Well sonny this is your stop, we still have other people out there to search and rescue. Mostly fools who wan't leave their homes and come to base." Rodgers says to Jake before throwing him a small square tin case. "Little something something as a reward for finding them." As soon as jake leaves the truck they pull off heading back outside of the base.
Watching them leave, I shake my head and head for the labs, reaching into the bags and pulling out the good Doctor's coffee. Walking in, I call out for her. "Doctor Schmitt, I've got two bags of real coffee here!" While I wait for her response, I message Jessica mentally. Meet you at my place in about an hour. I got that soda you wanted.
I set down the part and the bio-electric organ onto the workbench. I still cautiously take the pendant examining it quickly.
"A reward for what?" I ask rather quietly before looking up back at the pair.
"Well I'm sure that since you where both ghosts then you probably do know about Shadowblade. Forgive my paranoia but most people tend to look at Spectres as though they are all crazy and unstable, and most ghosts I've come across since my days in the Academy have tried to kill me or detain me."
Sounds good. Find anything else good?
I chuckle both physically and mentally. Chips, candy, more soda, peanuts, jerky, real food and lots of it in a store in the town I just came from. I intend to get a larger group later and go get the rest.

I jump through the door of the shed. The middle of the room seems to be well-lit, but there are many shadows around the edges. A CRASH sounds behind me, and I turn to find an infected practically on top of me. It had lurched into a workbench and caused a cascade of tools. I jump back, startled but not frightened, and trip over another workbench. The infected is walking toward me. It pounces, and I roll to one side and snatch my knife out of my boot. The infected turns and swipes at me, and I grab its arm with my left hand and stab the knife into the back of its neck.

I look around, and spot a lightswitch. I flip it on, and the room lights up with a glare. Blinking away tears from the sudden brightness, I immediately see that nothing was taken at all when the occupants of the farmhouse left. They probably got out with the infected right on their heels. Or... they did not get out at all.

I see many things that would be of use at base, but most of it is too heavy to take with me. Since most of the more valuable things are too bulky to take, I pick up tools and start putting them in my ammo bag. As I do this, in back I see a sheet of neosteel. Perfect; but it is too big to carry. I see a fusion welder and grab it. I turn it on and start slicing the neosteel into smaller pieces that could be stacked in my munitions satchel.
Dr. Schmitt had fallen asleep infront of the computer moniter. On it seemed to be genetic codes and a strange symbol.

"Yes sorry we understand but don't worry, we are low psionic ghosts plus Kain keeps us on intel work only. He said the reward was for getting the reactor in the clear and doing the missions how he wanted." The woman says smiling in a friendly manner. The man smiled too before talking again. "Also about the spectre thing even the dominion stil uses them just makes sure not to show it as much. We know Spectres aren't crazy... well lest most of them."

William could hear a low gargling sound outside the door and could smell a strong rot that would make him gag.
"Thanks. This'll give me something to do while I'm guarding Anton." I say selecting several tools that are damaged.

Hi Isaac. This is James Kirk from Omega Squad. Saiko and I are setting up a movie night and we're wondering if we can borrow some movies that you have appropriated for yourself.

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