Day Infected. IV

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Anton walks in behind Riala making sure not to get too close to her. "Make me sound like a burdun Corpral." He says sounding like an offical.

{Kirk got your message. Tell me what movies you want and I'll drop a fresh disc off for you.} Isaac radios Kirk.
Chuckling at her bout of rest at the computer, I set the bags down and frown as I take a closer look. While I wasn't any kind of linguist or biologist, I did know genetic code when I saw it and strange symbols too. What are you up to doc...

Holding my breath from the horrible smell, I hear a low, liquid growl. That does not sound good, I think as I activate my WSLAG on infrared and take a look through the wall.
I shake my head and chuckle dryly. "Sometimes you are. Such as you are interrupting the time I was going to spend out hunting for what ever wildlife left that'll be worth it."
William sees a large bloat that is shuffling outside the building.

"I didn't request a baby sitter, that is Kain's doing. As for the hunting part you can go ahead I don't really care." Anton says looking around the armory.

The symbol changes to another this time looking like a red sun symbol with a white fang in the middle of it.
"Well, we could go for some family friendly movies and then some action or comedies for the more mature audiences." I say, suggesting to Kirk.
Frowning further, I look around for some notes or something on it. What in the hell... Giving up, I take a picture with my helmet cam and store it on the hard drive and wait to see if it'll change again.
The symbol changes to a 3d model of the data disc Jor had picked up where the Dark templars had been put in the bio sacs. Dr.Schmitt slowly started to stir and looked up at Jake. "How did you get in here and how long have I've been out?" She asks. When Jake looks back at the screen its returned to the first symbol and the genetic code.

{Hey I do have a lot of older comedies like cone head or newer ones for kids like Buddy the friendly Bannling. } Isaac radios again.
"I got in through the front door and I couldn't tell you. I just got back from the scavenging hunt." Holding up the two bags of coffee, I set them down before indicating the symbol. "Now then, what's this about?"
Annabell looked up at Jake and smiled. "I would almost kiss you right now." She says before looking at the screen. "The genetic code there is for the silk worms still trying to figure out how they were made and why.. They're clearly zerg but don't hold the same genetic coding or links. I think they were a mistake to be honest. As for the symbol it was found in the tunnels. To be honest a lot of the Agent gear come from designs we have decoded but we only have fragments and not enough to figure out all of the codes.. I think an Alien race other than Zerg, Protoss or their makes the xel'naga lived on this planet."
Frowning, I think back to Jor's concern when he'd come out of his trance. "Jor-sha might know something. Want me to radio him?"

The bloated thing waddles across the barnyard outside the shed (OOC: It is still about midday, right?) and appears to not yet have noticed that the lights in the shed are on. It looks too big to take out with just one shot, and if its similarity to a baneling is any guide, I want to be at least thirty feet away when it dies, I decide, so I had better see what there is in here that I could jury-rig into a more powerful weapon. Lucky for me, the alpha zerg seems to have turned these loose to control other zerg. Otherwise, I would be dead already.

Looking around, all that there seems to be at first is tools, such as wrenches and screwdrivers, but then my eye lands on a spare canister of pressurized fusion catalyst and an unfinished animal water trough, and I remember seeing one of those things rocket around and then burst like a bomb in the Hyperion's armory.

I set the canister on the trough, and point the open end at the door. The bloat is about twenty-five feet away. It will have to do. I walk as far away from the canister as I can in the crowded workshop, take aim, and fire at the sealed end of the canister. The catalyst hisses out of the container and propels the container through the wall and into the bloat, where the sudden resistance combined with acid from the bloat set off an explosion form the canister. The bloat reels in a circle and then falls. It did not explode, so I take aim and shoot it in the head-twice.

Now it explodes, a wet, splashing detonation that sprays acid all over the barnyard and the side of the shed. The acid eats through the side of the workshop. Time to go, I think in a slight panic, and sprint out the door, pausing to grab my knife from the dead infected. A few more infected are emerging from the fields on either side of the house, but I can outrun them, since none are between me and the base. I take off at a dead run in the direction I came in from.
Was that too long?
"I might. Would be nice to have some actual meat instead of the crap from those MRE's." I say.

{We are not airing anything about banelings. We have enough problems with the Zerg as is. What other family movies do you have?}
OOC: Ok got to ask a few things one did you read the post about the infected and all? Idr if I posted them in the prp but will do it later date. I remember the area being more of a farm house and I don't recall a lot of farmers having fusion cansters. Please do not edit also don't do another post right after a post edit it into the first one.


"How would he know anything about that? I guess radio him in" Dr. Schmitt says looking at him in puzzlement

{Mostly things from the 1980-2000 lots of cartoons that kids would like and adults wouldn't mind.} Isaac radios to them.

"Come on lets grab your gear and we can head to an area I know of." Anton says sounding more like a tired solider than anything else as he walks to the door way. "Well coming or not?"
Nodding to the doctor, I take a moment to consider how to reach Jor before just radioing him. {Hey Jor, mind coming to the labs? Doctor Schmitt wants to ask you something.} Turning back to the doc, I scratch my chin. "I don't know for sure, but he did bring in the disk you're analyzing and he out before getting it."
"Shouldn't you be resting?" I ask Anton before looking back to Scarlet. "Oh and please make sure no one messes with the buggy I'll be back for it later today." I say before following Anton out of the armory.
"I should be but laying in a bed is not resting to me. I need to pick up my gun from my house." Anton says walking towards his home. "Now do you want to walk to this hunting place or want me to find a ride?"

"Disk? Wait what disk?" She says looking at the computer. It takes awhile before the 3d disk pops up again. "Tell him to hurry up that disk maybe the rosetta stone for us."
I nod and open the channel from my end again. {She asks that you bring that disk you got with you.}
I did read the infected post. I would have said acetylene, but then I thought of fusion cutters, so one step up to fusion welder, powered by fusion with catalyst. I figured acetylene would have been ancient history by now, otherwise I would have used it.

I got the idea from an A-Team episode.

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