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I turn to Maverick, and smile. "Not a bad idea..... If I already wasn't partly Zerg." My flesh falls away, but regenerates, the microbots destroyed through an timeless classic: Acid blood, the same acid that existed within Scourges. It melts away the table and chair as I get up. I brush off a bit of goo from the chair, and pick Maverick up telekinetically.

"Gotta love psionics. Especially in this universe, where it IS stupidly powerful." I smile, then whistle. Several weapons teleport down, including an EMP gun and a Tesla Cannon. The eight weapons open fire, eliminating and overriding any shielding on Maverick. An Ultralisk then unburrows beneath him, but no, not just any Ultralisk..... A Carbot Ultralisk, drooling on the ground.

It lifts its blades, dismembering Maverick completely before burrowing once more. I then completely break his molecular structure down until he ceases to be usable as biomass, even to the Zerg. I turn to the continuing battle, and point to it, turning once more to face the burrowed Ultralisk. "Go fetch, boy!" I yell, and the Carbot Ultralisk unburrows, charging into the fray.

I glance back to where Maverick's body was, then sit down. I cycle the shields, then remove the generator, using psionics to create the new shield. "Another mistake by me. Using technology." I mutter.
The microbots are alloyed with an alkaline metal. I had planned for this eventuality.

*On board my ship*

one avatar has been destroyed
deploying another


I warp into the bar, drawing my twinblades, and proceed to soundly thrash Jester. Every time he attempts to use psionics, the Khaydarin crystals in the hilts of my twinblades flash and absorb them, as they did to his shields. Before long, he is reduced to unrecognizable red mush, which is consumed by my microbots.

(Since when have Carbot ultralisks been able to dismember things?)
A single revolver round passes through Maverick's skull as Jester remains unharmed. "You seem to think that's how Khaydarin crystals work, which is semi-accurate. While they store the energy of a Psionic, the Psionic has to intend for the energy to enter the crystal. As that is not Jester's intent, you're still once more thrown into a wall." The minigun's rounds are next, obliterating Maverick's body. "And that one was just cause."
Hey Maverick, perhaps you would like to purchase a delicious Kay-Oh! Healing Smoothie (KOHS). We have a variety of fruity flavors, and the best part is that you don't even need a mouth.

*glances at shreds of flesh*

Which is incredibly convenient in this case.
I grin at KO. "That's a nice thing. How much do they cost?" I ask.
I chuckle. "There are no shreds of flesh, I'm using kinetic/nuclear rounds. Not only is it cutting things apart, it's blowing them up."
"See. Now I don't even know what happened, so I'm just going to assume I was shot at." I say, looking at the ceiling for some odd reason. "And I am too lazy to go back and read."
KOHS are quite affordable at only 19.95*.

And Zarkun, just because something has been blown up doesn't mean there aren't shreds of flesh. I recall this one time when I sent Gnarled to try and sell some bio accelerators to a horde of Necromorphs...

That was an interesting day.
I hand him cash for twenty of the KOHSs, then carry them over to a spot, the psionic barrier dropping in front of me to grab the items. I toss the KOHSs into the air, and each is caught by a Queen, including a special Queen of my own design. "Absorb. Use." I yell, imitating Abathur, then glance at KO. "Sorry, stole your line."

The Queens burrow back down after consuming the KOHSs, and a massive Carbot Zerg hoard is unleashed into the bar. I grab a Carbot Mutalisk, and consume it, growing a twin set of wings, along with consuming a Hydralisk, growing a Needle Spine Shooter. I use the remaining mass to turn my other arm into a Bio-Plasma Cannon.

"And let the Swarm play once more!" I yell gleefully as the Carbot Zerg meet the general brawl. I turn back to KO, and hold out a sheet of paper to him with my signature.

"General gist of it is: When the battle in the bar is done, I'll undo using the KOHS-enhanced Transfusion. So you don't lose business. Who knows.... Maybe this might help raise sales." I say, and watch as a Queen pops up, regenerating a crowd of Zerglings from mush back into their playful forms before burrowing once more.
Meanwhile, on a very different world known as Vul'aan...

Takes a sip of some unidentified drink while sitting on a throne of bramble

And of course, there is a monitor in the bar so you can see.

"Well then, let's wage this war of 'attrition'." I say to an off screen voice.

5 Galactica Warships warp in, prepared to annihilate anything.

"Heh... Don't scratch the paint."
In response, four Blood Letter Juggernauts, twice the size of the Galactica Warships, warp in, launching fighters in preparations for skirmish and charge their weapons, locking onto the five warships. "Check." I had since switched from the minigun to twin scythes, the ones used by Jerus Jericho. Melee combat was far more satisfying.
I press a button on my gauntlet and my XB-540 raises from the ground outside the bar. It locks onto the first of the warships and blasts it out of the sky with a 20 kilo ferus slug traveling at 500 times the speed of light. "Yeah !@#$ goes boom while on the wrong end of my cannons. Don't have much point targeting the blood letters or Zerg. Zerg mostly cause they just have too many numbers."
04/24/2014 03:08 PMPosted by Jester
Maybe this might help raise sales.

*is holding a video camera*

That's the idea.

04/24/2014 03:48 PMPosted by Zarkun
twice the size of the Galactica Warships

Just how big are these things, anyways?
04/24/2014 04:02 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Just how big are these things, anyways?

Twice the size of a Loki, which is twice the size of a battlecruiser.. I think.

The Minor Cruisers are the size of battlecruisers though...


Warps back to the bar in a Neo-Quantum Exo Suit, wielding a shoulder mounted rocket launcher, a shoulder mounted Arcord Energy Carbine, and 2 plasma scythes....

"It appears all hell has broken loose. Let's break it some more."
So approximately two thousand two hundred and forty meters in length, slightly smaller than a Wraith Hive Ship.

Or almost exactly the same size as an Allegiance Class Star Cruiser.
I gesture to KO. "Hey, camera over here. Lotta Zerg dying." I point to a large pile of corpses. Several Queens erupt, and revive the Carbot Zerg, which jump back into the fight. They then turn, and revive the Nokar's dead, and I laugh. "Let's have some fun!" I clap, watching Carbot Zerglings lick Nokar to death. Or jump on top of them like evil plumbers.

Meanwhile, in orbit, over six hundred 22.5 km ships, extremely bulky and massive combat ships, arrive at the edge of the system, and wait.
04/24/2014 05:03 PMPosted by Jester
Meanwhile, in orbit, over six hundred 22.5 km ships, extremely bulky and massive combat ships, arrive at the edge of the system, and wait.

Add more and more...
04/24/2014 05:03 PMPosted by Jester
over six hundred 22.5 km ships,

I'm sorry, my +5 Suspenders of Disbelief get broken at more than a dozen ships the size of Spacing Guild Heighliners (Frank Herbert's Dune). You just materialized from nothingness six hundred ships a good mile longer each than a Heighliner.
That's OK, the largest Blood Letter ship is about the same size. Juggernauts ain't got nothing on the Blood Letter Harbinger.

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