The Undermind: The Eternal Fury of The Swarm

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(NOTE: This topic simply explains my RP character in vivid detail, since I have incorporated this character into a RP before. If you do not want your brain to be filed with Zerg fanfic, don't read this topic. Also, I am not going to incorporate the Amon plot into this because 1) it's bull!@#$ and 2) The Undermind is not at all in the events in StarCraft 2, with 2 exceptions.)

The Undermind: The Eternal Fury of The Swarm

It all began on Zerus. After The Overmind assimilated the Xel'Naga, and before they departed their homeworld, The Overmind collected the primal essences from every Essence Pool, even the First Spawning Pool, and packed all of those essences within a Chrysalis. The Overmind believed that, after 1000 years of growth and evolution, the chrysalis would hatch, unleashing a Supreme Being that would benefit the Swarm in battle. As the Zerg consumed more and more species in their interstellar rampage, The Overmind added these genomes to the Chrysalis. Rather than assign a Cerebrate to watch over it's prize, The Overmind decided that it would watch over the Chrysalis itself. The Chrysalis continued to grow, and it finally hatched during a conflict known as the Swarm War (the basic rundown: 3 Xel'Naga survived the Overmind's attack, and decided to make a second Overmind with it's own swarm, giving it a primary directive to destroy the Zerg and peacefully merge with the Protoss, rather than assimilate.) The Undermind helped the Zerg destroy the False Overmind of the Xel'Naga Swarm, thus assimilating the second swarm into the original one. The Undermind was given 3 primary directives: to evolve the Swarm, to ensure the Survival of the Zerg species, and to assimilate the Protoss.

The Undermind had the ability to instantly morph into and Zerg unit or structure, like a changeling. It's preffered form was that of a Defiler, and it was The Undermind who invented the Defiler strain in the first place. At first, The Undermind resided within the depths of the Tiamat Brood, but it soon created it's own Brood. The Plague Brood had 2 primary directives: to evolve the Swarm and to produce more warriors. It would harvest as many resources as possible, spend all of them on units and upgrades, and then it would distribute the produced warriors evenly to all the other broods. Because it was made to provide reinforcement, the Plague Brood was more of an Industrial Brood than a Combat one. The Undermind constantly worked to further evolve the defiler strain, believing it's bio-plagues to be the most powerful weapon in the Swarm's arsenal. Though it was not like the other Cerebrates, The Undermind had the same power and intelligence of the Cerebrates, probably even more. The Overmind described the Undermind's strain as a Metamorph, a unique Zerg that could guide it's own evolution. When the Zerg arrived in the Koprulu Sector, The Undermind led the zerg invasion of Tarsones, and personally slaughtered the Confederate Council. The Undermind then continued to serve it's part in the Swarm, and was even re-born with the energies of the mythical Argus Stone. (see Starcraft: Retribution) The Undermind was the Cerebrate you play as for the last 2 missions of the Zerg Campaign, because the Cerebrate you played as in the rest of the campaign is with Kerrigan on Char during the Fall of Aiur. The Undermind then oversaw the manifestation of the Overmind, and then set out to assimilate the protoss. The Overmind was made manifest so that it could digest the biomass of the Protoss that fell on Aiur. This would make the Assimilation process easier. Though the Undermind did what it could to defend it's Master, Tassadar succeeded in destroying the Overmind. The Undermind was lost without it's father, and thus sided with Daggoth and the other Cerebrates, which Kerrigan called renegades for some reason. (she is the renegade who rebelled against the Cerebrates, not the other way around.) The Undermind believed that if Kerrigan succeeded to control the Zerg, then the Swarm would be doomed to extinction (he thought little of Kerrigan, believing her a "Stupid, filthy Human.") Unfortunately for The Undermind, his efforts were in vain. The UED invaded, and The Undermind's brethren were defeated. The Undermind himself is actually the last Cerebrate defending the New Overmind from the UED in the mission "to chain the beast." The Undermind then thought of a cunning plan. It disguised itself as just another Cerebrate, and pretended to be Kerrigan's pawn. The Cerebrate you play as in the Zerg campaign of the Brood War is The Undermind. During the interbellum, the four years of silence from the Zerg, Kerrigan ordered the extermination of the remaining Cerebrates under her command, but soon realized that they, and their Broods, had vanished without a sound. She was then contacted by The Undermind, but was unnable to locate the origin of the signal. The following is the conversation they had. This conversation is shown in the Zerg briefing room from SC1, and The Undermind is portrayed with a Defiler portrait.

Undermind: Hello, Kerrigan.

Kerrigan: What? who are you?

Undermind: I go by many names, little girl. You may best know me as the Cerebrate who "served" you during the Brood War. By the way, I will give you some credit. Your cunning was greater than what I thought you humans were capable of. But, I have been dying to tell you that your efforts to rule the swarm are futile.

Kerrigan: I see. And how do you expect to stay alive without an Overmind?

Undermind: You humans are so simple-minded and predictable. The Zerg adapt, The Zerg thrive. Like I said, your efforts are futile. One day you will be what you were born to be. The Overmind's little %^-*!.

Kerrigan: And what is to stop me from finding you?

Undermind: I have taken the majority of the Swarm from you. Even if you find us, you would be easily overcome by us. You don't seem to understand the situation your in right now. We will not be stopped. Not by you, or the Terrans, or the Protoss or anyone! We will revive the Overmind, and we will complete the Grand Experiment by assimilating the Protoss. You may search every nook and corner of the Koprulu Sector for even the slightest glimmer of our presence, it will do you no good. For I have seeded the Swarm on many, many worlds. You will not find a single one before we are ready. And when we are, we shall reap what we have sown......revenge.

*End of Briefing*

Since then, The Undermind has renamed his Plague Brood the Zerus Brood, and has named his Swarm the Primal Swarm. His Cerebrate brethren all pledge allegiance to him, and they are helping him consume and plunder new worlds in preparation for their return. Their swarm was in fact viewed on Aiur and on Haven. The Zerg than infested Haven's colonies were commanded by a Cerebrate, and all the Zerg on aiur are commanded by a large group of Overlords, which keep a constant psychic link with the Undermind himself. The Undermind has a spy among Kerrigan's Swarm: Abathur. The Undermind himself was the Giant Queen you fight in the WOL mission "Belly of the Beast", spawning an army to seemingly support Kerrigan, but to later overthrow her. However, his plans were foiled and he was temporarily slain by Jim Raynor. during and after the events of HOTS, the Underminds swarm is about 3 times larger than kerrigan's, and by far is more efficient and effective in combat. It is only a matter of time before the Primal Swarm returns to the Koprulu Sector. And because of the damage Kerrigan has done during HOTS. Korhal is vulnerable to attack, and would be a prime target.
Please share your opinion on my fanfiction. Feel free to ask questions if their is a part you don't understand.
Sounds good. I was going to comment about the discrepancies between what would have happened in the actual canon if this had happened, but then you said 'fan fiction' and that makes it all better. Good job!
Can more people view and comment this? Please?
An interesting concept. The Undermind's origins are fairly well thought out; it reminds me of the "Metamorph" strain that Kerrigan has supposedly been trying to create, a Zerg that can guide its own evolution.

(EDIT - I see that's what you were calling it, so nvm.)

There are one or two things that seem a little off, but they're mostly minor and can be fanfic'd away:

04/13/2014 08:48 AMPosted by TheUndermind
they, and their Broods, had vanished without a sound

04/13/2014 08:48 AMPosted by TheUndermind
during and after the events of HOTS, the Underminds swarm is about 3 times larger than kerrigan's

I believe there were no more than a handful of Cerebrates left at this time, the bulk of them killed during the Brood War. It's a bit of a stretch to say their numbers would be that significant, particularly if they were primarily living on worlds where Kerrigan couldn't find them. The only way they could avoid notice like that would be to infest resource-poor worlds, otherwise Terrans/Protoss/Kerrigan's Swarm would stumble across them.

04/13/2014 08:48 AMPosted by TheUndermind
You may search every nook and corner of the Koprulu Sector for even the slightest glimmer of our presence, it will do you no good.

04/13/2014 08:48 AMPosted by TheUndermind
Their swarm was in fact viewed on Aiur and on Haven

Two things here.

First: Kerrigan probably would have noticed the fact that the Zerg on Aiur were no longer under her control, since that's a pretty important planet (at least, symbolically speaking).

Second: You mentioned that the Undermind's Swarm...

04/13/2014 08:48 AMPosted by TheUndermind
by far is more efficient and effective in combat.

Yet those were two places where the Swarm was, if anything, weaker than when Kerrigan was commanding it. Not saying it's a bad idea, just saying those aren't necessarily the best planets to pick for that.

04/13/2014 08:48 AMPosted by TheUndermind
One day you will be what you were born to be. The Overmind's little %^-*!.

Again, two things.

First: Zerg do not curse.

Second: What happens when the Overmind gets resurrected? Will he remember it was his plan to die and leave the Swarm to Kerrigan? Or will it be a completely new Overmind like the one Daggoth created?

Otherwise, seems pretty well thought out. Not bad.

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