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I don't even know what the response was last time...Let me check my notes.

Edit: I'm gonna say no for now, but will consider it for later.
You said it was still in dispute, before we started the last time.
04/24/2014 01:15 PMPosted by Zarkun
I'm gonna say no for now, but will consider it for later.

I need to reconfer with SB on what Lore changes we made.
Name: Taras Voltov
Faction: Spectre
Mech Name: Sumerki (painted black Cyмерки on mech) Translated: Dusk
Appearance: Pale skin, 7'1" (height as a result from the Spectre augmentations), very slim but still very strong. Taras wears the regular Spectre HES, but when he pilots Sumerki he wears a very light version of the suit. Less armor and different material, also areas where he can plug into the systems of the Mech to control it better. Taras has a thick Russian accent when he speaks and every so often he'll say something in Russian.
Age: 28
Mech Weapons: 2 Mech pistols, Nano-Steel Sword, Sniper rifle
Weapons on hand: 2 P-38 Scythe pistols, C-20A
Ties to other factions: Umoja, citizen of Umoja. Works as a hired gun for the Umojan Protectorate, who gives him equipment upon completing missions.
Backstory: Still going to work on this later.
Fighting Style: Agile, low armor. Uses stealth to his advantage, takes out dangerous or high value targets with the sniper, then moves in with his sword or pistols for close range. Another tactic is ambushing with rockets, then using his pistols to finish off the damaged and/or shocked foes.
Here's my sheet, so you understand what the one I have up means.

Name: Raven Hunter

Faction: Spectres

Mech Name: Draconum

Appearance: Dark brown hair, hazel eyes. Six foot five inches, muscular build, 185 pounds.

Weapons on Mech: Energy Blade, Combat Shield, Sniper Rifle, Missile Rack

OOM weapons(Weapons on Hand): Single edged long sword with a kite shield and twin Spitfire machine pistols

Ties to other Factions: Has a friend in the Dominion who can give him all their parts. Same with the Raiders. Has an Arms Dealer from Umoja.

Backstory: Raven and Gregor Hunter were born on the cusp of a changing era, when the mech combat suits known as Muscle Tracers, or MTs, were beginning to see wide use and adaptation to military and civilian use. One of the reason such suits became necessary is because of a great calamity that was known as 30 Years War. Humanity had ravaged itself and, in response, now lived underground cities to survive. By the time he’d come of age to begin piloting one, the technology had advanced to that of the Armored Core, or AC. Joining the mercenary group known as Raven’s Nest, he soon becomes the number two pilot in their ranks, surpassed only by his older brother Gregor. However, a few years after he joins, his brother is hired for a mission to the Korpulu Sector, where several Earth Colonies are supposedly rebelling. After two years, the agreed upon time it would take to get there, kill the Dominion leader, and return, he is marked KIA from not returning. At that point, Raven’s Nest was crumbling and powerful, but corrupt, corporations ran the world. Seeking to better the RN’s chances of survival and topple the corporations trying to shut it down.

After some time, the RN agreed to send Raven for help from the rebelling sector, seeing as the had few options left. Unbeknownst to them, the ace AC pilot was also searching for his brother, who he refused to accept as dead.

Fighting Style: He’ll pound you from afar until he can close the distance and finish you off. Has a target designator and missile interception system in his head for more explosive based enemies.
See, that weapons on mech thing was not in the app format, so this makes a bit more sense
Really? Maybe we removed that from the final draft...
Yeah... It makes a whole lot more sense with that one detail there.
Now you're good. Would like to point out that generalization is good as you will get upgrades as the RP continues.
That's what I assumed. Will have the backstory up... Whenever.
Bump of testing.
Interested, but there's no way I'd have time. Going to join KO's RP and try to keep up with that, but It'll be at least a few months before I could consider joining anything else.
Sorry, but life hasn't gotten any less busy. Now that Senior Project is done and over with, my teachers have decided to up the workload, again.

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