redemption chapters 1 to 3

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this will never be cannon but fan fics allow to be vote for some thing and try out new ideas and see how community likes it
four mouths as pass since heart of the swarm.
chapter 1 rejection.
"Your coming has been foretold... You are part of the culmination. But not the end of it. You shall show the way, the path that must be taken, the realigning of old truths no longer valid. Yours is not the hand, but your very existence provides necessary instruction."

leviathan left char prepare to go a long trip for looking for amon. as soon they entered terran space.
A small bug like creature came close Sarah and said" you may look like the queen blades but your heart is terran. We zerg seek perfection. All races will be under our control and they will know that we are the perfect species in universe. Yet you let the terran live in freedom. You and the Primal zerg disgrace us. We zerg follow Amon for his heart is zerg."
Sarah said" Amon seek to destroy the zerg. How can his heart be zerg? He not even zerg. Why are even talking like that to me for I am the queen of blades"
the bug said" Amon seek to conquer all life. That is in line with the zerg want. We dethrone leaders before when they showed weakness. If Amon destroyed us then we deserved it, because the zerg were less than perfect.You have shown weakness to us therefore you most be dethrone"
Then explosions happen all over the leviathan. Sarah ran to a sac which like a ecspace pod. She was able get in and it lunched but it was badly damaged. the organs that control navigation were damaged. the sac crashed landed hard on a moon.
Sarah original plan to meet up with the hyperion. It was one of the things that Amon over looked believing that sarah cut all ties with terrans. How ever Amon knew that Sarah was soft on the terrans. He use to this to his advantage gain loyalty of the brood mothers. He also knew he must terminate sarah before she became what she meant to be. The hyperion found the debris field.
Matt Horner said" what happen here?"
Jim said" Amon. Sarah was so naive about zerg core nature. I can't blame her for she is willing block out all memories from what happen in brood war. She said to me don't worry jim the zerg will not turn on me, for I am queen of blades and no zerg has defeated the queen of blades. I keep telling her she was wrong. right here is why I wanted joint operations if anything went south I'll right here to save her. You know if she dies we are all going to be dead."
Matt said" I do not get it jim"
I'm said" With what I learned form protoss, that queen of blades felt that over mind was full of fear and weak and need to taken out. how ever the protoss kill the first before she was able to kill first one. Sarah block all that stuff out about the brood war and it only comes back to her in form of nightmares. With the Zerg it survival of the fittest and only there leader is the fittest. A race like that no leader is going rule the swarm forever. The swarm has mind of it own. I know because I fought the swarm."
Matt said"well I just believe that leader controls totally."
Jim said" in way. Amon birth the swarm zerg. They are his creation and as a result have his evil desires. I learn this form various protoss. I wanted to know what I was up against. the queen of blades created brood mothers which she could only control by being stronger than them. There fore, she was not in compete control. it why the Cerebrate existed but only the over mind could have full control of them. So the queen of blades kill them all."
Matt said" you know more than I. I found a blood trail and following it.
the hyperion follow the blood trail until it reach a small moon.
Matt said"it ends on that small moon."
Jim said" going down there. Sarah is there."
Matt said" very well"
Jim landed on the small moon and was in his armor. He found crash site. He found Sarah bad wounded to point were she was unrecognizable. he brought her back to the ship.

chapter 2 recovery.
Sarah awoke and found her self in something like hibernation chamber. the chamber door opened.
Ariel Hanson greeted her "Well this first time I seen you in person. you took quite a beating even for zerran. well if want to know what zerran stands for, it stand for zerg/human hybrid. You help make the name happen by giving some your dna to me, so I could make a cure. Well, I could only could come up with a half cure. By the way you very low on blood. There was zerran on broad so use her blood. once blood transfusion was done you started undergo metaphoric changes that most infested terrans go through when they are being deinfested. you bio heels are now gone. you skin color is more human color, compared to most zerrans. your eyes back to green. your hand back to normal. you still have your wings. Your armor on your arms and legs. your hair still zergish. This topical what is left over when terran is deinfested from the hybridization virus. I think the zerran blood has some of the virus in it. I was rushing to get it in to you, that I forgot to check. Your in a hospital gown. I had to cut holes for your wings. I got some shorts and special shirt that easier to put on than regular shirt because of your wings."
Sarah said" well this twice in row but this time it because you save my life. I did not expect that Amon would come after me but he did. I never ever expect that he would turn the swarm against me. I still dazed form what happen. I am sorry what I done to your people before I was deinfested. I had nightmares of what I did in the past. I guess that way zerg rejected me because I had guilt. when I got my revenge the rage left me. Now fill with regret. too many have died by my hands. "
Ariel Said" well over time I have forgiven you. You help me develop a semi cure by giving that dna sample to me. It not to late to redeem your self."
Sarah said" everyone want me defeat Amon. I though if became queen of blades again had full control of swarm I could defeat amon and save everyone. Now that Amon has turn the swarm against me I not a clue of how I going to defeat amon."

chapter 3 the wings of liberty
Sarah went to the hyperion Cantina. She said" can I get beer."
The bar tender said" sorry but Ariel made it clear that zerrans should not have alcohol because we not sure how effect them."
Sarah said" Very well coffee."
the bar tender said" come right up."
Sarah sit at a table. Jim came a sat near her.
Sarah said" I do not even want to hear jim. I know you told me so. It one of the things I never expected to happen. I would think it was a bad dream if I have not seen weird things happen already. I guess I miss the warning signs. I made the brood mothers follow who was the strongest which was mistake. A little bug told me my heart is not zerg. It so weird but it is right. I not same before. I can never go back to bing fully the queen of blades. the queen of blades is my alter ego. how ever I was playing the role when I became the primal queen. how ever more though about the character more I though good and evil and more got detach form character. The zerg were wondering why did not want to infest terran race so have more psionic units. I said that just be wrong thing to do. they then said why. I said it just unethical to do so and my zerg advisors look puzzled. Then they look at me if i not one them. they will not say it nor could I read there thoughts but it was clear through there body language to me what they were thinking. The queen of blades had logical reason for the four year peace. Sarah had ethic reason which the zerg can not understand. To them they have only one moral rule which survival of the fittest. With out the swarm in the control I can not defeat amon and be the savior you want me to be."
Jim said" despite your mistakes. You have united the terran race. The dominion is now a Constitutional monarchy with elected legislative branch. Of course Valerian Mengsk is head of the executive branch. There now freedom in the dominion. You are the wings of liberty. Maybe you are to save the terran race form extinction. I think maybe you can lead your own division. It be special force made up zerrans. I call this division the blade division. "
Sarah said" You saying I am the wings of liberty. Well that nicest thing anyone has said to me in long wile. I guess I give this idea a try."
Jim said" Good Because we do not have much time. It will not be long before Amon get the third over mind up and running."
Sarah said" Jim I think I was hybrid or zerran, ever since you deinfested me. "
Jim said" Well what all Ariel talk about zerrans to me. Yes not too long ago I realized that myself. It explains the zerg hair."

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