Unexpected Fatal Error on Surface Pro 2

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So the game loads fine. I click "continue" in the campaign screen and then the loading screen appears. When the loading bar is finished, Starcraft closes and it says FATAL ERROR HAS OCCURED.

I'm on the Surface Pro 2.
Everything is up to date.
I've disabled all my Avast shields.
Disabled unnecessary programs.
Changed DPI to 100
Changed DPI to 150
Switched over to faster ethernet
Upgraded my cable internet
Lowered graphics settings to low. (This is a top view RTS with little tiny characters and mediocre character modeling in cinematics, HIGH SHOULD WORK GREAT, WE'RE NOT TALKING BATTLEFIELD 4)

I've never run into this problem with a PC game. Blizzard has to see the dozens of error reports I send over. This error shouldn't be happening. It's constant.

I'm at the point where I'm staying away from all future Blizzard titles. I was really thinking about getting the expansion pack but heck no at this point. If this is permanently fixed, then I'll reconsider.
What was the error code it gave? That would do wonders for us to help you.

I'll give you some basic things you can do in the meantime until we can get the error code for blizz to help you.
Thanks for your reply. I would really love to get this working. Starcraft is the best RTS game out there and enjoyable to play.

This is the code the comes up:


I've also run the repair tool several times but that doesn't help.

Is there anyone else out there that has the Surface Pro 2 and run into this problem?

05/14/2014 07:57 PMPosted by TidalWarrior

Cool thanks :D, when/if a blue stops by then should be able to use that to help you.

Does this only occur in the campaign? Can you try to see what happens if you play a custom game? Have you tried creating a new campaign and seeing if it crashes there as well?
05/14/2014 07:57 PMPosted by TidalWarrior

This is referencing your Intel video drivers. Can you make sure those are up to date?

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Window's update won't let me go beyond version 10 for the Intel graphics drivers. Blizzard recommends version 15. But from what I've read, installing version 15 can be risky. Battery loss will be noticeable and I don't won't to risk heating up the Surface.

So basically, if I won't to play it safe, I'll have to wait on Microsoft to validate the drivers.

Just ridiculous that they are 5 VERSIONS BEHIND!

When I watch Youtube videos about Starcraft 2 on the Surface Pro 2, no one mentions needing to update the graphics drivers. Is there anything else that I can try?
Hi TidalWarrior,

I have exactly the same problem on my SP2.

I can't help, but at least you aren't the only one!

As you can imagine, I'm also interested in finding a solution for this problem; I'll keep a watch on this thread.

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