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This article is to honour those heroes who perished in the battlefield of the StarCraft universe, those, considered by us as the foundations of the StarCraft lore. I will mention few details about every one, for the greatest ones do not need big biographies, their deeds made them well known. Feel free to come here and add details or more notable heroes. Make your visit noticeable, young prodigal!

(in no particular order)

Protoss Heroes

Male protoss, aged 397
Rank: Templar
Duty: Praetor of the Protoss Defence Forces

He is by far the most lamented death in the history of StarCraft warfare. Killed by the Queen of Blades in very coward way. His last stand hechoed through the stars, because after barely survived a one sided confrontation with the Swarm, he honoured his name and returned - from the ashes of a certain death - to front line combat inside the cold body of a Dragoon. The consequences of his death, are today felt.

Male protoss, aged 740
Rank: Judicator
Duty: Advisor to Koprulu Expeditionary Force

Not so loved by his followers nor by the Khala warriors, because his thought having basis in "the end justifies the means". He was really capable of sacrificing even his sons in order to defend the protoss community and Aiur, we was no Zealot but the motto "My life for Aiur" fitted more to him than to them. Killed by the Queen of Blades outside the bounds of combat. A disgrace for a protoss.

Male protoss, aged 356
Rank: High Templar
Duty: Former Executor of the Koprulu Expedition (You replace him)

More humane than the humans. He valued protoss and terran lives alike, and for that was demoted from his post. He is the only one in this list who willingly sacrificed himself to win the battle against the Overmind, and for that, his status is neither dead nor alive but eternal, because he is remembered for all people in the Koprulu sector. He dwarves even the omnipresent figure of Adun, for the new salute for the protoss in the military is "En Taro Tassadar" after him.

Female protoss, aged 1045
Rank: Dark templar
Duty: Matriarch of the Dark Templar tribes in Shakuras

She is the only one here, killed by an ally rather than foes. But that was in very unussual way: After being corrupted by the Queen of Blades, Zeratul knew by protoss designs that her only salvation was purification by fire or being killed with the Warp Blades of their kin. Thus is how Zeratul ended her, much to his irritation.
She is the first protoss female known by the terran, and she revealed that protoss - like humans - are mamals (Despite the fact they lack of any mouth at sight, due to this inconsistencies, protoss, are prooven to be a mistery)

Terran Heroes

Edmund Duke
Male terran, age 53
Rank: General
Duties: Former Confederate General, Supreme Commander of Dominion Armed Forces

He is not liked nor remembered by any other than the Dominion military. But, he was feared and admired by both friend and foe, his whole life style was "not a step back" and his modus operandi in battle more often was frontal assault rather than sneaky operations: Due to his gargantuan spaceship - Norad II - was not likely to sneak up to nothing, she made up this handicap for destroying anything standing in her way.

Gerard DuGalle
Male terran, aged 64
Rank: Admiral
Duty: Admiral of the UED's expeditionary force, and Mengsk warden

This man didn't need medals, ribbons or gallons to show off, his mere presence was enough. The only one in this list who took his own life, rather than being killed in combat. He was the only one capable to stop the Queen of Blades, and after being defeated by her in most terrible way, he simply didn't resist the pressure that that meant: after writting a letter to his wife, he shot himself.

Marshall Alexei Stukov
Male terran, aged 52
Rank: Vice Admiral
Duty: Second in command to DuGaulle

Also the best friend of the former, in a universe where the word "friendship" lacked almost totally of value. A battle in the brink of collapse, could only be reverted by putting this man in charge. With characteristic energy, he inspired his men to went through many dire situations. He was also the only one in the UED's fleet with the right to say "Negative" to orders coming from DuGalle himself.
He was constantly compared to DuGalle, and this was a compliment to him. Billions of people consider him a saviour, because he used a weapon of the ill-famed Confederacy against the Swarm with huge success. But this was discovered after his assassination under the hands of a Confederacy turncoat named Samir Duran*.

There are rumours indicating that his essence was took from his corpse (Launched in a coffin from the RSS Alexander) and used to revive him under zerg standards.

*He later join the ranks of the Swarm; today, his whereabouts remains a mistery.
General Warfield
Male terran, aged ~55, exact age undeterminable
Rank: Commander-in-Chief of the Dominion Armed Forces
Duty: Military Command and Advisement to Emperor Mengsk

Born to a family tradition of entering medical practices, he deviated and entered the Confederate military early. He was in combat in all wars, and transitioned easily into the Dominion, gaining high rank from his military successes, and received a career boost from the death of one Edmund Duke. Following Prince Valerian in his mission to Char, he and his forces were instrumental in breaking through to the main hive. After Kerrigan was deinfested and Mengsk Senior arrived, he returned to the Dominion fold. His victory, however, was short-lived, lasting only a couple of months before Kerrigan returned and overran his base. He was killed convincing Kerrigan to let his injured men and noncombatants escape.

Some speculate that he will be resurrected in similar manner to Stukov.
Arcturus Mengsk I
Terran male, age 45
Rank: Emperor
Duties: founder and leader of the Sons of Korhal terrorist group, founder and first emperor of the Terran Dominion

If there is any that is least deserving of being on this list, and least likely to have the moniker of ‘hero’ bestowed upon him, it is this man. Universally reviled by all those who actually know him for the man that he was, a name synonymous with betrayal, as many will attest, Arcturus Mengsk nonetheless deserves his place upon this memorial for the deeds he accomplished in his life, and for the infamous inspiration he provided for those who hated him, and for those that will follow.

Born into a wealthy and highly influential family, Arcturus’s early life was one of contradictions. He saw himself as someone of little importance, despite his slumbering dreams featuring him as anything but. He held relatively good relations with most of his family, but was characterized by a distinct lack of empathy. His origins and personal intellect could have had everything in life handed to him, and yet his eventual chosen profession as a prospector was driven by his desire to make his life by his own two hands. His background, particularly the influences of his father, was staunchly anti-Confederate, yet he served for quite some time in the Confederate military, bringing him into contact with the likes of Edmund Duke and Horace Warfield.

Mengsk’s descent into infamy began as many villains did; with several tragic events. In his case, the event that would initially set him on the path to glory was the murder of his family, following Korhal’s independence from the Confederacy. After taking up the mantle of leadership for the Korhal Rebellion, the second event was far more devastating and would cement the adult Arcturus Mengsk on his path: the nuclear bombardment of Korhal. After the planet was turned into a wasteland, Mengsk rallied the survivors who were off-planet at the time into the terrorist group known as the Sons of Korhal, a group that swiftly became the greatest threat to the Confederacy. It was through this group that Mengsk discovered two individuals that would eventually go on to shape the Koprulu Sector into its current form: Marshal James Raynor, the future founder and leader of Raynor’s Raiders, and former Confederate Ghost operative Sarah Kerrigan, the future leader of the Zerg Swarm.

Following the initial invasion of the Zerg and the destructive response by the enigmatic Protoss, the Sons of Korhal were successful in toppling the corrupt Terran Confederacy and erecting the Terran Dominion in its place, with the rebuilt Korhal as its central seat of power. In the process, Mengsk committed what would be the very acts that cemented his place in history, and demonstrating his absolute ruthlessness in the pursuit of his goals: by unleashing the Zerg Swarm upon the heavily populated world of Tarsonis, and abandonment of his most loyal follower, Sarah Kerrigan, to the Swarm. These two acts would create the rift between himself and Raynor, and create the infamous Queen of Blades, responsible for the murder of billions across the sector.

Mengsk’s four year reign would be unstable, faced with the series of events known as the Brood Wars, invasion by the United Earth Directorate Expeditionary Force, the dogged attacks by Raynor and his followers, and ever present threat of the Zerg Swarm, led by the vengeful and at the time psychotic Kerrigan. The two greatest blows to Mengsk’s rule were the public revelation of his involvement in the destruction of Tarsonis, orchestrated by a daring raid by Raynor’s Raiders, and the later invasion of Korhal by the Zerg Swarm. This latter event would end with his death at the personal hands of both Raynor and Kerrigan, following her short-lived return to human form and subsequent embrace of the Primal Zerg energies of Zerus.

Whatever your opinion of the man, there is no denying that Arcturus Mengsk was a great man. Engineering the fall of one corrupt interstellar government and the establishment of a second, only marginally less corrupt one, Mengsk was a master strategist and orchestrator of events that would change the very face of the Koprulu Sector. Equal parts revolutionary and tyrant, he is to be admired if only for the sheer scale upon which he acted. That said, there is at least one potential bright spark that has emerged from the sordid darkness and obsession that was Arcturus Mengsk.

Following his death during the Second Zerg Invasion of Korhal, it is assumed that Mengsk’s son, Valerian Mengsk, took his father’s place upon the throne. Despite having demonstrated cognitive ability and ambitions near to, if not equalling that of his father, the newly ascended ruler has also demonstrated markedly better empathetic ability. One can only hope that he does not follow in similar footsteps as his progenitor.
Thundercrash, what can I tell you? your article dwarfs mine )= haha anyway very good job, the descriptions you did were magnificent :)
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Thanks, Krieg, I just noticed that you were missing SC2 characters, so I decided to put one up.
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Some speculate that he will be resurrected in similar manner to Stukov.

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